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Armed forces again demand resolution of pay ‘anomalies’ with 7th Pay Commission

NEW DELHI: The armed forces want at least five “core anomalies” in their salary structures to be resolved to establish the “correct baseline” for recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), whose term has now been extended till December 31 by the government. 
While the heat and dust over one rank, one pension (OROP) is yet to settle, with a section of veterans rejecting the “diluted” version announced by the government on September 5, the serving personnel have their own deep-seated grouse over their eroding “status, parity and equivalence” as compared to their civilian counterparts. 
The armed forces top brass have made several representations to the government, including the defence and finance ministries, on the core anomalies over the last one year. But have received no assurance till now. With the 7th CPC’s term being extended by four months, they are now making a last-ditch attempt to get the anomalies rectified. 

One of the main demands is the grant of NFU (non-functional upgradation) for officers denied promotions due to the lack of vacancies in the steeply-pyramidal structure of the armed forces. “IFS and IPS officers, as also those from organized Group A civil services, now get NFU after the 6th CPC like IAS officers. But the armed forces have been kept out of it,” said a senior officer. 
“This adversely impacts the morale of serving military officers. It also creates command, control and functional problems because even organizations that work closely with the military like DRDO, Border Roads Organisation, Military Engineer Service and the like get NFU,” he added. 
Another demand is the placement of all Lt-Generals in the HAG+ (higher administrative grade) pay-scale like directors-general of police. “As of now, only 33% of Lt-Gens are in the HAG+ scale. The status of all Lt-Gens with that of DGPs must be restored,” he added. 
The other anomalies deal with the grant of “uniform grade pay” and proper “initial pay fixation” of Lt-Colonels, Colonels and Brigadiers. There is also the need for all JCOs (junior commissioned officers) and soldiers to get “common pay scales”, in the backdrop of the ones recruited before January 2006 not getting them. 
“Successive CPCs have given a raw deal to the armed forces compared to the bureaucracy. Virtually all IAS and IFS officers, for instance, reach the apex pay scale before their retirement due to NFU. They, therefore, get OROP through the backdoor. It’s high time the historical and traditional parity was restored,” said another officer. 
The civilian bureaucracy, however, is not impressed. It feels the armed forces keep on making “more and more demands” when they already get a lot of privileges from free rations to hugely-subsidized canteens. “Military officers and jawans already get ‘military service pay’ for their tougher working conditions. The demand for NFU is unrealistic,” said a senior bureaucrat.
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    (a) Please, scrap the authority of the Indian Military to Court Martial the Jawans on false and biased implications and arrange to employ a Civil Judge for every trial of Major Offence with provision of experienced lawyer for the convicts.

    (b) Please modify the extant form of Annual Assessment for Jawans with inclusion of self-assessment and transparency to free their minds from gruelling apprehensions.

    (c) Please, form a Cabinet Committee to study the Organizational Structure and Pay and Pension ratio of Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers/Enlisted Soldiers of US Military and modernize our Military in the same order to bring up the status and confidence of the Jawans who have never failed in sacrificing their lives for the nation.

    (d) Please, stop the extant colonial system by which the combatant soldiers are used as personal servants of Commissioned Officers and their wives as 'Sahayak/Sewadar' in Army. Also, please, Stop the Naval Commissioned Officers from using the Sailors (except mess waiters and cooks) for petty services (serving liquor and washing dirty plates) in their parties.


    (a) Only the Jawans (JCOs, NCOs and ORs) retire at an early age and the pension of JCOs and ORs is too less to bear the familial responsibilities and to live a respectful life. The pension of only JCOs, NCOs and ORs was reduced from 70 percent of Maximum Pay to 50 percent of maximum of pay scale for 33 years service in 3rd Pay Commission which needs immediate restoration (to 70 percent of Maximum of scale). The Commissioned Officers received their 50 percent pension as earlier and the pension of the Civilian Central Government employees was increased from 30 percent of Pay to 50 percent of Pay.

    (b) There are no valuable Pre-Release Courses for Jawans and most of the the courses offered are useless for re-employment. Most of the jawans either remain unemployed or work as security guards at small private establishments for meager wages.

    (c) During service, the living condition of Jawans is much harsher than the living condition of the officers and the Jawans are ordered to work as SEWADAR/SAHAYAK (personal house servants) of Commissioned Officers and their wives and children to keep them comfortable.

    (d) Only the Jawans (JCOs, NCOs and ORs) live away from their families due to service requirements and only the wives and children of the Jawans face the difficulties and the pain of separation. The Commissioned Officers are allowed to keep their wives and children comfortably even at China and Pakistan borders where the Jawans work as their house servants.

    Sir, your Jawans (JCOs, NCOs and ORs) have full confidence on you and your government and request you for your immediate intervention. Your Jawans are, at least, as patriot as the most honest commissioned Officer. We, the Jawans, have the same responsibilities for our families, children and old parents as the Commissioned Officers have for theirs. We, the Jawans, face more harsher conditions during our service but we get the least concern from every government.

    Thank you and best regards.


    (a) Please, pay the pension of next higher rank to the Jawans on completion of 16 years as every Major (Commissioned Officer) placed at PB 3 by 6CPC is paid the pension of next higher rank and higher pay band – PB 4 after completion of 21 years service.

    (b) Please, consider full pension for the widows of Jawans to support and help them bear their responsibilities to their children and old in-laws.

    (c) Please, pay equal MSP (Rs. 6000) to the Officers and the Jawans (JCOs, NCOs and ORs) without discriminating on 'class' since the living and working conditions faced by the Jawans are much harsher than the living and working conditions faced by the officers. It is greatly disheartening that Rs. 6000 p.m. MSP was considered to benefit the retired Maj. Generals and Lt. Generals in their pension, but no such beneficial action was considered for the poor Jawans.

    (d) Please place every Havildar in PB-2/7CPC Scale 4 and place the JCOs in PB-3/7CPC Scale 5, 6 and 7 and allow the Jawans to override the Officers' pay scales up to the rank of Major (as is applicable for the civilian CG employees) after fixed time periods as is stated in (1) PAY AND PENSION above.

    (e) Please, place the Diploma Holders at PB-2 (Rs. 9300 with Rs. 4200 GP); at par with Diploma Holder Junior Engineers employed by the Central Government w.e.f. 01 january 2006 and, place every Jawan in a single group in 7 CPC. Please, Remove this disparity in economic and social justice. For Jawans, the 6CPC caused a big irrevocable loss in starting pay of Rs 4900/ p.m. plus DA by placing the 'X' group in PB 1 with Rs. 2000/ GP– (9300 + 4200) – (5200 + 2000 + 1400) = 4900 + DA.

    (f) Please, restore the pension of JCOs, NCOs, and OR at 70 percent of Maximum Pay (as was before 3CPC). Only Jawans' were treated as scapegoats after winning 1971 war for the then prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi in which more than 4000 Jawans lost their lives. For their sacrifices in winning the war for the nation, the Jawans were rewarded by reducing their pension from 70 percent of Maximum Pay to 50 percent of maximum pay for 33 years service in 3rd Pay Commission. Whereas, the Commissioned Officers received their 50 percent pension as earlier and the pension of the Civilian Central Government employees was increased from 30 percent of Pay to 50 percent of Pay.

    (g) Please, pay the "Pension of the Last Rank Held" to every Jawan w.e.f. 01 January 1996, since the stipulation of 10 months' service was removed by GOI vide letter No.B/39013/AG/PS-4 (a c)/131/A/D (Pen/sers) dated 9th of February 2001 (Annexure A2). The said letter is also quoted by ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL REGIONAL BENCH, KOCHI in its decision on O.A.No. 20 of 2012 WEDNESDAY on 20 March 2013 (and several other decisions by AFTs).

    (h) Please, correct the OROP in favour of JCOs, NCOs and ORs by correcting their pay as stated in paragraphs (a) to (f) above.


    (a) Please, reduce the existing huge gap to the ratio of 2:1 between Lowest ranking Commissioned Officer (Lieutenant) and the Lowest Ranking Jawan (Sepoy) and, the ratio of Highest and Lowest Pay (General: Sepoy) to 5:1.

    PB1- 7CPC Scale

    i- S1- Trainee, Recruits

    ii- S2- Sepoy

    iii- Abolish the rank of Lance Naik

    iv- S3-Naik (3yrs)

    PB2- 7CPC Scale

    (i) S4- Havildar (6 yrs.)

    PB-3- 7CPC Scale

    i- S5- Naib Subedar (10 yrs.) and Lieutenant

    ii- S6- Subedar (14 yrs) and Captain

    iii- S7- Subedar Major (18 yrs.) and Major

    PB4- 7CPC Scale

    i- S8- Honorary Lieutenant, Honorary Captain and Lieutenant Colonel

    Please, abolish the tradition of awarding Honorary Commission in 7CPC.

    ii- S9- Colonel

    iii- S10- Brigadier

    iv- S11- Major General

    v- S12- Lieutenant General

    vi- S13- General

  • It is highly disgraceful that the PAY and PENSION of Subedar Major, the Jawan at highest rank, after 33 years of service is not only less than the pay and pension of a Major, but also less than the pay and pension of a Lieutenant, the most junior commissioned officer retiring at the lowest rank after 21 years of service.

    The ratio in Minimum and Maximum PAY and PENSION in military, which was 2:1 for the Lowest Rank of Commissioned Officers and the Lowest rank of Jawans up to 3rd CPC, has gone up to 3.5 (65000):1(18000). in Pay and much higher in pension and other post-retirement facilities.

    In the pay chart the armed forces of USA for 2015, the ratio in Pay is 2:1 for Officers (2nd Lieutenant to Lt. Colonel) and Enlisted soldiers and, 1:1 for the Officers up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Warrant Officers (equivalent to the JCOs in India). The pay of Sergeant Major is equal to the pay of Colonel.

    Sir, if the Pay Commissions keep on moving on their adopted track, the difference in pay and pension will lead to uncontrolled discontent and frustration among your ORs, NCOs and JCOs.

    We, the retired ORs and JCOs from the Jawan fraternity, request you to intervene and set the trend on right track by considering our following request-

    It is very strange that the military takes the Diploma Engineers as its recruits and spoils their life due to high availability vs. low employment in market. The Diploma Engineers may join the armed forces without cheating them in advertisements where a relatively better than actual salary and life is shown. The real diploma engineers are taken in, trained for almost other three years and are rewarded with a FAKE Diploma from the MILITARY INSTITUTES. .
    Same goes with the Pay Commission when it says, “….X group whose minimum qualifications are held EQUIVALENT to a diploma”. Now, what is this EQUIVALENT without a value?
    These EQUIVALENT certificates from military institutes are not worthier than a fake one purchased from the market. These certificates and the words therein are so horrific and meaningless that it is better to leave them for Military Chiefs than to hang in the drawing rooms. If the Military cannot pay for this qualification from its own institutes, who else would pay?
    The continuous reduction in Jawan’s Pension has thrown the MEN in a pitiable condition. A Havildar, after 20-24 years in Fauj, gets between Rs. 10000 to 12500 after deduction of installments for commutation. Without a job, he finds himself in a strange condition in which he cannot decide whether he should spend the last left over money to purchase a plot or keep it for his children’s education. Today, the minimum fee in good Institutes is so high that his total saving and receipts at the time of his discharge would be enough to send only one child for a degree in Engineering or Management. In addition, he has to pay rent in city and take all other responsibilities. The position of the JCOs also is not much better. A better salary could only make better saving during service, a better return at discharge and a better pension after leaving the Services. Most of the JCOs are working as security supervisor for Rs. 4000 and most of the Jawans are getting Rs. 3000 as security guard at private hospitals, factories and colleges. This was the case of post 2006 pensioners; the condition of Pre-2006 pensioners is indescribable in suitable words.
    To avoid the misinterpretation by pension disbursing authorities in future, Please remove the implication of 10 months service in same rank for pension of PRE-2006 PENSIONER JCOs/NCOs & ORs, by endorsing it in 7CPC report. The persons effected by this implication are very few since some of them have already won it from courts. It won’t be a big burden on the government.

    The worst curse for Jawans’ was the 5th CPC which had smitten them in dust. It became the cause for their getting turned into filth in 6CPC. Let us take a simple example of Diploma Holders in Air Force, who completed their training in almost five years in 70s, before their physical and psychological conversion to a MAN, a true Fauji. They were placed at the starting salary and Grade pay of a Lower Division Clerk (LDC) (5200+2000) with 1400 'x' group pay in 6CPC. The central government recruited the Diploma Engineers at PB 2 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 (9300+4200). Since the Civilians retain all of their fundamental rights to shout & strike against the true as well as false discriminations and injustice, the LDCs were, later, gifted with a higher grade pay of Rs. 2400 with time scale pay up-gradations. The Jawans, who have/had no one to sympathize and whose mouths are always SHUT for reasons unknown were left HIGH and DRY. The 6CPC report reads (p.83):
    “……diploma in engineering are placed in the grade pay of Rs.4200 that corresponds to the pre-revised scale of Rs.5000-8000 and is being merged with the scales of Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500. The grade immediately lower (Rs.4500-7000) carries the grade pay of Rs.2800. IN THE DEFENCE FORCES, some of the posts in X group whose minimum qualifications are held EQUIVALENT to a diploma in engineering are being placed in the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.4500-7000. The element of X group pay will, therefore, need to be sufficient to cover the difference in grade pays between the pre-revised pay scales of Rs.4500-7000 and Rs.5000-8000.”
    If we leave the question of status attached to the Grade Pay aside, I have some questions here:
    1. Does 2000+1400 make 4200? OR; Does 2400 (Corporal) +1400 make 4200?
    2. How was the difference of Rs. 4100 between the Basic Pay of Rs. 5200 and Rs. 9300 settled?
    3. 2800+1400 (Sergeant) makes 4200. But again, there remains a difference or Rs. 4100 in basic Pay.
    An Engineering Diploma becomes equivalent to a Degree in Engineering and the civilian Diploma Engineer gets promoted, at least, to the position of Assistant Engineer or Engineer in 10 to 12 years before a corporal is promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In Fauj, the Diploma Holder (Engineer word is reserved for Officers) gets promoted to the rank of Sergeant (Havildar) in 12 to 18 years and gets the Grade Pay of Rs. 2800.
    The non-technical trades were insulted in the same fashion. The MT Drivers (Operators) are trained to operate many complicated vehicles and attached equipment and machineries in peace time practices as well as in war time. The clerks are not the simple clerks sitting in their offices from 9 to 5 but they are the soldiers trained in military activities with liability to work for 24 hours. In the times of emergency, everyone, irrespective of his trade and rank, becomes a soldier ready to kill or get killed. If anyone argues that we are given free food and clothing, he does not understand the difference between a ‘sheep for sacrifice’ and a ‘soldier ready to sacrifice.’ In addition, getting transferred and staying at home for one’s whole life has a difference in astronomical units of measurement. The transportation allowance may be sufficient for the shifting, but the disturbance and the psychological impact received from changing the places frequently cannot be compensated by that one-time payment. When one is transferred, he sells his utilities for negligible amounts or leaves some of them as waste.
    The best solution would be merging of all trades in a single group after reasonable settlement of the salary of X group.

  • There was clear indifference and negligence in fixing of Pay and pension from 3rd to 6th pay commission. ALL Governments PRACTICALLY left the cannon of REGRESSION MODEL by weakening it in each successive Pay Commission. The NOTION to bridge the gaps between the Pay of OFFICERS and the MEN died a silent death. The continuous reduction in gap was cunningly changed to continuous enhancement in gap between the pay of OFFICERS AND JAWANS.
    If the Officer, A, at the lowest rung was paid Rs 100 in 1970 and the JAWAN, B, at the lowest rung Rs. 20, sticking to that ratio will result in salaries of Rs. 50000/ and Rs. 10000 in 2015. If we look at the market index, Rs 10000 is not enough to run a family with children and dependent parents. The saving of B will be NIL besides his difficulties in dealing with a number of other problems and responsibilities such as education, marriages, repairs, old parents, clothing, festivals, sickness etc.
    The Basic pay of a corporal was Rs, 350 and of Sergeant was Rs 420 after 3CPC, the salary of the Officer at lowest Rank was Rs. 700 (Pilot Officer). Today, at that ratio, a corporal should get HALF of the total salary of the Officer at the lowest rung (Lt.) besides the grade pay, food and other military allowances. The Regression Model would have brought both of them still closer, as was in principle in India and is in practice in the developed countries. That day is not far off when the present trend in Pay Fixation will make all future Jawans homeless. The Jawan has lost his love and respect for Fauj after losing his respect in society. After some years the Jawan will be treated as a stray animal in the streets.

  • Certain allowances and privileges like MSP and free rations are in tune with the special service conditions in the military. MSP is only a tiny gesture to compensate the combatants for the exceptional danger and austerity they are routinely exposed to. Unit location, 24-hour officer-jawan involvement in training, operations and administrative matters necessitate provisions like free rations, team cooking and catering – not so much as a privilege but as an occupational necessity so alien to the South Block mandarins to comprehend.

    Military should be seen as a national asset rather than a liability. It is the ultimate instrument of State Power that forms the basis of national security and existence. Soldiering is, however, a tough job and, sadly, a job that is fast falling from the preferences of our youth. A nation should do all in its power to make this Profession of Arms attractive enough for the fittest and the best of the youth to join it. Almost all armies of the civilised world enjoy an edge over all other government services in pay, pension, perks and status. More than anything else, it is the self-esteem and public image that inspires soldiers to dare the fiercest of dangers, imperil his life and even lay down his life fighting to defend the country. Our Netas and Babus should seek answer from their conscience to the prime question "What are we doing to inspire the youth to opt for military as his first choice and then to motivate him to voluntarily go through the difficulties and dangers whenever called upon to do so?"

  • Sidhu Mangta 9 years ago

    The quality of ration for troops (PBOR) is not upto the mark, CSD stores are purchased direcly from manufacturing companies on discount they pay VAT on the items purchased. Where as huge subsidized food are served to highly paid…The day is not far when soldiers will not encourage their children to join the forces. Even strength of wards of officers is decreasing day by day. One candidate for MLA had sold his house land worth 50 Lac but denied ticket. Just think how will he compensate his family and seen crying on camera………..Mera Desh Mahan

  • If paying of MSP is sufficient for the fighting troop instead of NFU then let the government consider a Civil Service Pay for the bureaucrats instead of NFU. More over keep the steep pyramid formation for the civil services. First create the base and fill the top in accordance with the strength below the structure. If this is strictly implemented there won't be any problem.

  • Everyone got their right to ask for their due. It is up to the CPC to look into it. Who are these bureaucrats to refuse? Let them have all further concessions by back door along with crore of corrupt funds from all the ministries.

    • Pls note 7 cpc is led by bureaucratic team only. Govt can't function without them . Most of ministers are not well qualified so they get guided by these people. These people take full use of Army personnel knowing fully well that we are a disciplined force.

  • Most of the civilians think that all items sold in the Military Canteens are Heavily subsidized. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Military Canteen known as CSD(I) buys depot wise items worth crores direct from manufacturers thus eliminating commissions earned by All India Distributor, State Distributor, Dist & retail seller.This process plus huge purchases are given Quantity Discounts too. Thus what costs Rs 100 in open market, costs 30% less for the Military personnel.They pay excise & VAT too.Just visit any Canteen Depot manager or ask under RTI details & this is what you will get. I remember an IPS couple (MR & Mrs) from Lucknow had lodged a complaint on this & I had to guide them to the nearest Depot Manager for better insight.