Change of nomenclature of posts of LDC & UDC-Pundicherry Association writes to DOP&T

Change of nomenclature of posts of LDC & UDC-Pundicherry Association writes to DOP&T

(Affiliated to the Puducherry State Govt. Employees Central Federation)

No. MEA/KKL/VII-RC/2015/

Karaikal, 18th September 2015


Shri Parminder Singh
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
New Delhi 110016. E-mail:- [email protected]

Respected Sir,

Sub: MEA,KKL – Change of nomenclature of posts of CSCS/CSS – Proposal – Submitted.

Ref: F.No.21/12/2010-CS.I(P), dt. 17th August, 2015 of the Under Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions(Department of Personnel & Training), New Delhi.
With reference to your circular cited, We, the Ministerial Employees Association based at Karaikal District of the Union Territory Government of Puducherry and affiliated to the Puducherry State Govt. Employees Central Federation, submit the following suggestions for changing the nomenclature of the CSCS/CSS cadre. Since the Ministerial employees of the UT of Puducherry follows the cadres structure of the Government of India, we submit our suggestions for your kind perusal and favourable consideration.
The Government employees suffer from a culture of neglect, characterized by low and unequal pay, minimum scope for promotion, minimum monetary benefit on promotion, least increment value, lack of appreciation for the good work done, lack of performance based incentives, and high levels of demoralization. A number of such problems are besetting the Government service.
The roots of neglect run deep.While the evidence suggest that the impact of modernization of the offices on the workforce and their pay and conditions have been largely negative, the ministerial employees of the Government of Pundicherry have continued to demonstrate high levels of commitments to their public service as well as their Government. The talent of our workforce has been extended particularly in office automation and computerization. Most of the employees welcome their extended roles and show enormous commitment and dedication in executive their services.
At this juncture, the proposal to change the nomenclature of the ministerial cadre in CSCS/CSS is a welcome move and a step in the right direction which is long due. Though the pay structure of the ministerial staff needs a thorough overhaul, Such a new approach to the treatment of employees and significant investment in capacity building at all levels of the ministerial cadres, will improve their performance and to some extent reduce the growing demoralization and discontent among the ministerial employees.
We propose the following change in the nomenclature of the CSCS/CSS cadre that may be extended to the ministerial cadre of Government of Puducherry.

S.No. Existing Designation Service
Proposed Designation
(i) Superintendent CSS / Govt. of Puducherry Assistant Secretary to Government (ASG) (or)
Administrative Officer (AO)
(ii) Assistant CSS/ Govt. of Puducherry Executive Officer (EO)
(iii) UDC CSCS/ Govt. of Puducherry Senior Executive Assistant (SEA)
(iv) LDC CSCS/ Govt. of Puducherry Junior Executive Assistant (JEA)

The Junior Executive Assistant may be made the feeder cadre and all other posts be filled-up by promotion. The minimum entry level education may also be changed to (i) Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University in 10+2+3 pattern (ii) Higher Typewriting 45 wpm (iii) working knowledge in Office Automation. It is re-iterated that in the Government of Puducherry the ministerial employees are an integral part of the government machinery and its management. And with their active participation only the governments’ services are delivered to the public of Puducherry UT and they act as indispensable bridge between the policy makers and its beneficiaries ie., Government of Puducherry and its citizens.
We took the recommendations of the Vth CPC wherein the concept of introducing the Executive Assistant in the ministerial cadre / administrative structure was first recommended. We welcomed the introduction of Desk Officer / Multi-functional Executive Assistant concept and we were in favour of implementing the same on trial basis in Government of Puducherry administration. Though this concept is yet to be implemented, the Government of India may while considering the change of nomenclature of the ministerial cadre, may consider the above nomenclature suggested by our Association.

We wish to highlight that:

“Investment in Government Employees is the best investment Government will ever make. It will not only improve the Government, but also will improve the lives of all those around”


Yours faithfully,
For The Ministerial Employees Association, Karaikal

Source: http://aiamshq.blogspot.in/2015/09/c-hange-of-nomenclature-of-posts-of-ldc.html

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  • "Junior Executive Assistant (JEA)" should be replaced by "Executive Assistant (EA)"