Preparation of railway reservation charts: Commercial Circular No. 62

Preparation of railway reservation charts: Railway Board Commercial Circular No. 62 


New Delhi, dated 14.10.2015

No. 2009/TG-I/20/P/Chart 

The Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways.

(Commercial Circular No. 62 of 2015)

 Sub: Preparation of reservation charts.

As per para 626 of Indian Railway Commercial Manual Vol. 1, reservation charts should be displayed at the main entrance of the station and/or on the platform from which the trains are scheduled to leave as early as possible but not less than 2 hours before the scheduled departure of train. To ensure this, instructions have been issued from time to time for timely preparation of reservation charts. A provision had also been made in the computerised PRS to extract the information regarding the locations where reservation charts have been prepared late. However, instances are still being brought to the notice of this office where reservation charts are being prepared late. 
2. A proposal is under consideration of this office that after preparation of reservation charts, the facility of reserving available vacant accommodation in the train or to cancel the already booked ticket, which at present is available only at current counters of train originating station/identified road side station, up to a specified time before departure of train, shall be made available on internet and also at other PRS centers. With a view to ensure successful implementation of this scheme, it is desired as under:- 
(i) Reservation charts of the trains should be prepared at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train without fail. For this purpose, wherever required, the timings for release of emergency quota can be adjusted accordingly. 
(ii) Zonal Railways should ensure that supplementary charts indicating the booking made after preparation of reservation charts and up to a specific time before departure of train should be invariably taken out and handed over to the train staff, if not being done earlier. 
3, Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned accordingly and compliance report indicating the implementation of the above said provisions should be sent to this office by 30.10.2015
(Vikram Singh) 
Director Passenger Marketing 
Railway Board

Source:-  http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/traffic_comm/Comm-Cir-2015/CC_62_2015.pdf

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