Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities from open market regarding.Railway Board Order

Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities from open market regarding.: Railway Board Order

New Delhi, dated 29.07.2013

The General Manager(P)
All Zonal Railways/PUs,
Chairman/RRBs & RRCs.

Sub: Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities from open market regarding.

Attention is invited to this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 17.09.2007, 18.02.2011, 27.04.2012, 25.09.2013 and 18.10.2013 regarding guidelines for providing concessions/facilities including scribes to persons with disabilities (PWDs), while conducting examination for their recruitment from open market. 
Consequent to issuance of O.M. No. 16-110/2003-DD.111 dated 26.02.2013 by Department of Disability Affairs, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, the Board has now decided that: 
1. The assistance of Scribes can also be allowed to be availed by candidate with one arm/ muscular weakness apart from Visually impaired candidates/those candidates whose writing speed is affected by Cerebral Palsy (para 2(ii) of Board’s letter of even number dated 17.09.2007 stands modified to that extent). 
2. Para 2(ii) (e) may be amended and the word “extra time” should be changed to “compensatory time” and the same should not be less than 20 minutes per hour of examination for persons who are making use of scribe assistant. All the candidates with disability not availing the facility of scribe may be allowed additional time of minimum of one hour for examination of 3 hours duration which could further be increased on case to case basis. 
(This disposes off RRC/Eastern Railway’s letter No. RRC/ER/Exam(0113)Misc/2015 dated 26/29.06.2015)
(Lily Pandeya)
 Director Estt. (N)11 
Railway Board. 
Source:-http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/ENG- II/2015/RC2_290713.pdf

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  • Scribes can be avoided and voice recorder can be provided and answer be recorded and evaluated.Because the scribe may write his own answer.