Redressal of grievances received from Taxpayers by email at Aayakar Sampark Kendra

Redressal of grievances received from Taxpayers by email at Aayakar Sampark Kendra


ARA Centre, Ground Floor, E -2, .Ihandewalan Extension,
New Delhi – 110055

F. NO. DGIT(S)/DlT(S)-V/ASK/2015-16 /1972.
Dated: 20/10/2015
All Pr. Chief Commissioners of Income Tax
All CslT (Admn. & CO)
Ahmedabad /Bangalore /Bhubaneswar /Bhopal /Chandigarh /Chennai /Kochi /Guwahati /Hyderabad /Jaipur /Kanpur /Kolkata /Lucknow /Mumbai /Delhi /Patna /Pune /Nagpur.


Subject: Redressal of grievances received from Taxpayers by email at Aayakar Sampark Kendra – Reg.

Please refer to the above mentioned subject.
2. Aayakar Sampark Kendra (ASK) is one of the initiatives of the Income Tax Department to provide Taxpayer Information and Services to the taxpayers across the country. At present five call centers of Aayakar Sampark Kendra (One NCC at Gurgaon and four RCCs at Jammu, Jangipur, Kochi and Shillong) are functioning to answer queries related to the status of PAN & TAN applications, procedure of filing of Income tax & Wealth tax returns, downloading of calls and other genera-I queries. Taxpayers have also been provided a facility to register grievances through email through the call centers of ASK. At present the grievances are received by e-mail at ASK call centers on following e-mail ids:-
(iii) refunds@i‘ncometax.gov.in
3. The nat-u re of grievances received at ASK is broadly as below:-
  • PAN Correction/De-duplication
  • TAN Correction/De-duplication
  • Pending Refunds
  • Refund Adjustment against Demand
  • e-filing Rectification / intimation u/s 143/154
  • Payment of taxes under OLTAS etc.

4. In order to provide quick resolution of taxpayer’s grievance, wherever action is required to be taken by the officers in field formation, the Aayakar Sampark Kendra should forward the email to concerned ClT (Admn.& Co) for onward transmission to respective Jurisdictional Pr. CClT/CClT/Pr.
ClT/CIT/Assessing Officer for necessary action. The taxpayer may also be informed so that he may do further correspondence with the concerned officer.
5. This issues with the approval of Pr. DGIT (Systems).
Yours faithfully,
(M. Barnwal)
Joint Director of Income Tax (Systems)-5
Source: http://irsofficersonline.gov.in/Documents/OfficalCommunique/110272015124923.PDF

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  • MUTYA SOMAYAJULU 9 years ago

    Tax payers grievance should be at the place where Tax Payer is paying Tax instead of at Bangalore or E mail as all may not be in a position to know. Further it is addition of expenses to the Tax payer to approach another person.