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Scheme for setting up of Gymnasium in the Ministries/Departments: DoPT Order

Scheme for setting up of Gymnasium and augmentation/replacement of equipment of existing Gymnasium in the Ministries/Departments.

No.145/ 1/2015-16/CCSCSB

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated:- 30th September, 2015


Sub:-Scheme for setting up of Gymnasium and augmentation/replacement of equipment of existing Gymnasium in the Ministries/Departments.

The undersigned is directed to say that the Department of Personnel & Training has prepared a Scheme for setting up of Gymnasium and augmentation/replacement of equipment of existing Gymnasium in the Ministries/Departments (Copy enclosed).
2. It is requested that comments/suggestions if any, may kindly be forwarded to the Department of Personnel & Training by 20th October, 2015.
(Abhay Jain)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


With increased involvement of Government in various activities for the benefit of people at large, the workload of Government employees has increased manifold. Their sedentary behaviour can have many detrimental effects including an increased likelihood of developing illnesses. As an employer it is necessary that steps are taken to ensure health and well being of the employees so as to enable them contribute more effectively in the discharge of their official duties. One way to improve the physical fitness of the employees is to invest in a gymnasium at workplace.
1.2. Gymnasium at workplace will make it easier for employees to find time to exercise and improve their health and well-being which can have significant impact such as increased productivity. Constant work stress and frustration can lower productivity, so giving employees a convenient means through Fitness programmes such as Gym result in decreased absenteeism and reduced usage of sick leave etc which is beneficial to both the employees and the organisation.
1.3. Healthy employees are happy employees. A positive and energetic work force collaborates better and is more appealing to customers, which means investing in gym will improve the functioning and image of an organisation.

2. Scheme:

As a staff welfare measure and considering the above, it has been decided that Grants-in-Aid for setting up of a Gym/augmentation of infrastructure of existing Gym by way of replacement of equipments may be provided to Ministries/Departments of Central Government located in Delhi.

3. Physical Infrastructure and Service Delivery

3.1 The place within the office premises where Gymnasium would be set up must have a carpet area of at least 500 sq ft for 500 employees and 1000 sq ft for 1000 employees. However, Ministries/ Departments may consider lesser area depending on the needs. The place should be clean, well lighted with adequate ventilation. Fans/AC5 for summer should also be installed. The place must also have clean toilet and sanitation facility nearby. There should preferably be adequate space for moving around within the Gym. The safety norms including fire fighting should be strictly adhered to.
3.2 The Ministries/ Departments may at its discretion decide on the functioning of the Gym. However, trained and experienced Gym Instructor need to be engaged for guiding the users and teaching them how to use various equipments. The trainer would also instruct on the significance and utility of various equipments installed in the Gym. Remuneration to be paid to instructor may be decided by individual Ministries/Departments. The payment may be made from their own budgetary
provision or from the fees to charged from users if any. For women employees a separate time slot should fixed for their exclusive use and a women instructor would need to be engaged.
3.3 Purchase of eguipment for setting up of Gym and upgradationl replacement, of existing Gyms:
In case of existing Gym, individual Ministries/Departments may consider up gradation/replacement of the existing equipments. Purchase of equipment etc for setting up Gyms, upgradation/replacement of Gyms equipment should be made strictly in accordance with the provisions of GFR 2005. A period of 5 years is considered appropriate for replacement for equipments.

4. Sustainability and user charges

The use of Gym facilities by employees may be allowed after office hours. The Gym should be run on self-sustaining financial model and Ministry/Department at its discretion can decide on the fee to be charged from the users.

5. Monitoring of Gyms

For effective running of Gyms, individual Ministries/Departments shall monitor the Gyms under them at periodic interval and ensure that all basic elements of the scheme reach the beneficiaries. A Committee under Director/ DS in charge of the Administration having a representative from the women employees requiring Gym facility should be formed for supervision and smooth running of the Gym.

6. Funding pattern:

6.1 Subject to availability of funds, Department of Personnel and Training will provide assistance in the following pattern:
Ministry/Department having upto 500 employees and space
atleast 500 Sq. Ft.
 Rs. 5 Lakh
Ministry/Department having atleast 1000 employees and
space 1000 Sq. Ft.
Rs. 10 Lakh
6.2 The remaining amount for setting up Gyms and for replacement/upgradation will have to be borne by the individual Ministries/Departments. The financial assistance will be provided for non-recurring expenditure on first come first serve basis and will have to be utilized by 31.03.2016. No more funds for non-recurring expenditure will be provided.

7. Procedure for submission of application

Application in the prescribed format with the concurrence of Internal Finance Division may please be forwarded to Secretary, Central Civil Services Cultural & Sports Board, Department of Personnel and Training, 3rd floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi latest by 30th November, 2015 (Annexures- A and B).

8. Conditions for grants

Based on the requests made and after due scrutiny by a Committee constituted for the purpose, grants will be released to the individual Ministries/Departments in a single instalment. Utilization certificate shall be furnished in the form attached at Annexure- C latest by 30th April, 2016.
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