Immovable Property Return: Terms ‘Same as previous year’ or ‘no change’ not accepted- CGDA

Immovable Property Return: Terms ‘Same as previous year’ or ‘no change’ not accepted- CGDA

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-l 10 010

File No: AN-I/ l479/IPR/2014


(i) All Principal Controllers/Controllers
(ii) All Principal IFAs/IFAS
(iii) All IDAS Officers
[Through Website)

Subject:- Submission of Immovable Property Return by Group ‘A” officers for placing in public domain.

Reference:- This office most important circular no.AN-I/1479/5/IPR dated 22/11/2011

It, is observed from the immovable property returns for the year 2015 submitted by the officers that IPRs for the year 2015 (as on 01.01.2016) of some officers did not reflect the complete details of the property and reflected terms such as ‘Same as previous year: or ‘ No change’.
2. In this connection it is pertinent to mention that in compliance of DOP&T order no.11013/3/2011-Estt.A dated 11/04/2011, Immovable Property Returns of all Group A officers are required to be placed in public domain, by respective cadre controlling authorities.
3. It is therefore, requested to furnish Immovable Property Return (IPR) for the year 2015 (as on 01.01.2016) on or before 31.01.2016 specifying details of the property so that the same may be scanned and uploaded in the website of this office. In case no immovable property is owned then ‘Nil’ is required to be made against the relevant column of the proforma and ‘No change’ or ‘Same as
Last Year’ will not be accepted.

(S.C. Bansal)

Source/View/Download: CGDA Order

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