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7th CPC implementation- Minutes of the Meeting of Nodal Officers held on 2-2-2016 – 2 Weeks time for further action

7th CPC implementation- Minutes of the Meeting of Nodal Officers held on 2-2-2016 – 2 Weeks’ time given for further action



A meeting of all the Nodal Officers Of various Ministries/DepartmentS, who have been appointed to interact with the Implementation Cell in connection with the processing of the recommendations of the Central Pay Commission, was held on 02.02.2016. Joint Secretary (IC), Department of Expenditure, presided over the meeting

2. While explaining the background and the context in which the meeting of Nodal Officers was held, it was brought Out in the meeting that after the receipt of the report Of the 7th Central Pay Commission on 19.11.2015, Ministry of Finance initiated a proposal to setup an appropriate mechanism to process the recommendations Of the Commission. With the approval Of the Cabinet. an Empowered Committee Of Secretaries (E-COS) headed by the Cabinet Secretary has been set up on 27.1.2016 to screen the recommendations and to firm up the conclusions for approval Of the Cabinet. An Implementation Cell (IC), as a dedicated and focused wing in the Department Of Expenditure (DOE) has been created to work as the Secretariat for the E-CoS.

3. AS the recommendations Of the Commission relate to various Ministries/ Departments, their views/comments would be essential to process the matter for submitting the same before the E-CoS. JS(Pers), D/o Expenditure wrote a D.O. letter to the Secretaries Of various Departments on 21.11.2015, wherein all the Departments were requested to formulate their views/comments on the recommendations of the Commission pertaining to them after taking into account the representations of the Staff Associations and also to nominate a Joint Secretary level Nodal Officer for interaction with the Implementation Cell. While a number Of Ministries/Departments have sent their comments and nominated their Nodal Officers, the comments received from some Ministries are simply in the nature of forwarding the representations of the Staff Associations without their comments.

4.In the above background, JS(IC) explained that there was a need for all the Ministries/Departments to furnish their comments in a structured format so that their collation and analysis could be placed before E-COS in a systemic manner. Accordingly, JS(IC) impressed upon the following action points to be acted upon by the Nodal Officers to enable an expeditious processing of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission:

(i) Departments who have not yet nominated a Nodal Officer, should do it within the next 2 days.
(ii) To be ensured that Nodal Officers are not changed midway, unless extremely unavoidable.
(iii) Nodal Officers may get acquainted with the recommendations of the Commission as specifically applicable to their Departments. Nodal Officers to find out which Wing/Office (attached or subordinate or UT) is concerned with the recommendations of the Commission. The mechanism of Nodal Officers should also be put in place in attached/ subordinate/lJTs so that the comments of such offices could be properly coordinated at the level Of the Department concerned without any further delay.
iv) The comments Of the attached/subordinate offices/UTs should be compiled by Nodal Officers at the Department level itself.
(v) Nodal Officers to take note of any representation or demand Of the Staff Association under the administrative purview Of their Department, Nodal Officers to ascertain the views/comments of the concerned Office on the recommendation Of the Commission in the light Of the representation /demands raised by the Staff Association.
(vi) In case, there is any need for consultation with the Staff Association at the level Of the Department, the same may be done as per the assessment Of the Department.
(vii) Thereafter, the formal views/comments of the Department should be sent to the Implementation Cell (IC) on the recommendations of the and directly related to that Commission, which are specifically Department.
(viii) In case, the Department is of the view that any recommendation which are specifically related to their Department. need any modification, adequate justification in clear-cut terms should be brought out while sending the comments to the Implementation Cell (IC),
(ix) In case of any modification, the extra financial implications (per annum) over the recommendation Of the Commission should be Clearly indicated.
(x) If no modification Of the recommendations Of the Commission is suggested, approval Of the Secretary of the Department should be Obtained before sending the recommendations to the Implementation Ceil (IC). If, however, any modification is suggested, approval of the Minister should be obtained.
(xi) While the views/comments of the Departments on the recommendations Of the Commission directly and specifically applicable to that Department are mandatory. a Department is free to offer views/comments on the recommendations which are Of general nature or concerning other Departments.
(xii) Besides sending the comments/views of the Department in the running format, the same should also be sent to the Implementation Cell (IC)in the ‘prescribed proforma’ within two weeks. The soft copies of the same should also be sent through email. The email id of JS(IC) is : jsic- cpc@nic. in
(xiii) Nodal Officers shoud regularly keep a watch on the website Of the Finance Ministry at the link ministry/dept expenditure/notification/7cpc/index.asp. E-mails Should also be checked regularly for the purpose. The updates/further action to be taken shall be posted there to facilitate quick action.
5. Apart from the above action points, it was also felt that sub-groups may be formed after the receipt of comments from the Ministries/Departments to accord focused consideration to certain specific issues, if necessary.
6. Besides above. after detailed deliberations, the Nodal Officers also agreed to the following ‘
(i) Even if the Department has no comments, it should send a response, saying that it has ‘Nil Report’.
(ii) While certain Departments have already given their comments, these comments would be sent again in the ‘prescribed format’ and in accordance with the points brought out in para 4 above.
(iii) Nodal officers would ensure that the comments of their Departments on all the recommendations Of the Commission and also on the representations received so far from the Staff Associations are forwarded to Implementation Cell (IC) in the prescribed format in a consolidated fashion and not in piece-meal within next two weeks.
(iv) If a representation was made by a Staff Association before the 7th Central pay Commission and the Commission after due diligence has not accepted the demand made therein, the same matter should normally not be considered at this stage. However, if Departments consider that the issues are of such nature that they require consideration at this stage also, then they may give their comments with full justifications to the Implementation Cell (IC).

7. With the above discussions, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


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  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    pl solve a anomalies were created by 6cpc. EXample:two indl were apptted on Dec 04 (1gen category &1. SC) gen category indl 10 yes past no promotes hence macp has been granted & GP gtd from 1900 to 2000 But SC category indl has been promoted under 10 yes service the GP has been gtd from 1900 to 2800 Why? You are requested pl give under promotional hierarcy so that his gradepay 2800 can be fixed

  • Sir
    Subject:- Request for mitigating indiscrimination to Pre 2006 retirees

    It is requested that the internation heaped to Pre 2006 retirees regarding formula adopted to fix their pay by sixth CPC may addressed by granting them increments in the new pay scale of sixth CPC and fixing basic pension wet 1/1/2006 may be completed first before calculation of their basic pension as was allowed in respect post 2006 retirees, which was a big loss to the pre 2006 retirees, which has given them lot of heart burning and this needs immediate mitigation, before their cases are dealt with for fixation of their basic pensions , which will go a long way to mitigate their financial sufferings.

    (b) The pensioners residing at stations not covered by CGHS health care , are still being treated as inhumanly, leaving them without medical care, without any Cards of CGHS health care scheme and are still covered under CCA(MA ) rules of 1944 put in Rule Books , stating that Medical Care after retirement not being eligible " and putting them in their own arrangements, which has been clearly a case of violation of Fundamental Rights being an Indian Citizen and their numerous Judgements of the Apex Court Of India has explained have gone against this maltreatment of pensioners as treating as in humans, but still this policy is being pleaded by the legal cells of the GOI in almost at all stages of Different Courts in al out all cities and states ignoring the Honourable Apex Court of India, and all and one ,in all cities not covered by CGHS Health Care Scheme, some of these types of cease are still in Courts, specially putting out pensioners of Department of Posts and Telecommunications, out from this Scheme and are denied Health Care after retirement with dignity and honour. This point has also been recommended by the 7th CPC and requires immediate implementation by merging all scheme like the CGHS and ECHS, so that all the retired serving personnel of Defence forces as well as Civilians retirees may get medical cover at all the health care facilities , which are nearest to their cities of residences , irrespective of being retired from Defence or from the Civil of GOI. All the Health Care facilities from the retirees should be able to go proper medical care from the nearest centres, without any discrimination with honour and dignity, when they need it most, when they are their last leg of their life span. This is most important and necessity of pensioners and should have dealt with promptly without any further delay. In my view these are the most important points to ponder over by the authorised Committee, notified by the GOI , which will go a long way in not dragging majority of pensioners to get their fundamental rights. Thanks.

    Kuldip Singh Virk, Genl Secy , P & T Pensioners Welfare Association, Patiala . Punjab
    Contact No 9417923380

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Sub: A prayer for implementation of OLD PENSION SEHEME for all with necessary rectifications abolishing New Pension Scheme (NPS).

    With great honour and humble submission I, Shri R.P. Das, working over Indian Railway from the part of the employees working under New Pension Scheme (NPS) beg to state that Pension for Govt. employees is a burning issue of today’s India. So, OLD PENSION SCHEME with following rectifications may be implemented/restored discarding New Pension Scheme as soon as possible.

     Pension should be given only to the retired employee and after his demise his widow wife should be given pension only.

     No dependent (such as handicapped son/daughter, divorcee daughter, unmarried daughter/ sister and so on) should be allowed pension.

     A retired defence personnel gets double pension if he joins in Central Govt. or State Govt. job. This type of double pension should be stopped. Only one pension should be allowed to him in accordance with his own choice.

     In case of compassionate ground appointment, pension and appointment both are given. It should be taken into consideration whether both should be allowed or not (i.e it should be either pension or appointment in accordance with the choice of party).

    It is very unfortunate that a man serving 20 to 30 years in a Central Govt. Organization will not get pension after his retirement and his life will hang in the balance. Sir, it is to say with deep regret that after retirement a man's life will become insecure without pension.

    It is also very unfortunate to a Country like India where a Members of Parliament who work for the country only for 05 years without having any obligatory educational qualification get pension for the rest of his/her life. But, Alas ! a Central Govt. employee i.e working nearly 20 to 30 years in Indian Railways on the pattern of Indian Army will not get pension.

    There will remain always tension without pension in the mind of a Govt. employee for which the employee will never concentrate his mind to his designated job as the Govt. servant joining after 2004 always feel insecure for his retired life. So, old pension scheme should be implemented with necessary rectifications with the abolition of new pension scheme as early as possible.

    You are, therefore, earnestly requested to pay heed to the matter and make an arrangement for implementation of Old Pension Scheme with necessary rectifications scrapping New Pension Scheme at the earliest for all of them who joined in Central Govt. Service after 2004.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Long pending demands for parity of pay of stenographers between Zonal Railways and Railway Board should be resolved in the 7th CPC as working status of stenographers of Zonal Railways and Railway Board are same. In spite of this ,stenographers of Zonal Railways have been depriving of their actual due for a long time. Sir, we the stenographers of Zonal Railways earnestly requested you to solve the matter so that stenographers of zonal railways are not deprived further.
    Thanking you.