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One Rank One Pension: Tables & Orders issued on various matters

Collection of Orders/Circular/Table issued on various matters on One Rank One Pension

PCDA Circular No. 625 – One Rank One Pension to the Defence Forces Personnel: Amendment in Appendix ‘X’ of Circular No. 555

One Rank One Pension to all Pre-01.06.1953 Defence pensioners and their families: PCDA Circular No. 622

One Rank One Pension to the Defence Force Personnel Corrigendum Tables: DESW letter dated 17.10.2018     Corrigendum Tables for EC/SSC Officers (Other than AMC/ADC/RVC) and
PCDA Circular No. 609

Revision of pension under ‘One Rank One Pension’: PCDA Circular No. 566

OROP Implementation PCDA Circular No.557: Amendment & Clarification on Circular 555

Implementation of ‘One Rank One Pension’ to Defence pensioners: PCDA Circular No. 555

One Rank One Pension to the Defence Forces personnel Index of Tables published on 03rd February, 2016:-

No. 12(1)/2014/D(PEN/POL) – (PART-II)
Dated 03 February, 2016

Click here for One Rank One Pension to the Defence Forces personnel- DESW Circular

OROP Table for Commissioned Officers of AMC/ADC/RVC Click to view

OROP Table for Regular Commissioned Officer (Excluding Officers of AMC/ADC/RVC/MNS/TA/EC/SSC) Click to view

OROP Table for Commissioned Officers of Military Nursing Services Click to view

OROP Table for Commissioned Officers of Territorial Army Click to view

OROP Table for EC/SSC Officers (Other than AMC/ADC/RVC) Click to view

OROP Table issued for EC/SSC Officers of AMC/ADC/RVC doctors Click to view

OROP Table for JCOs/Ors Including Honorary Commissioned Officers Click to view

OROP Table for JCOs/Ors of DSC in receipt of 2nd Pension Click to view

OROP Table for JCOs/Ors of Territorial Army Click to view 

OROP Table for Pre 01.06.1953 Discharged Personnel Click to view

Implementation of One Rank One Pension Scheme to Defence pensioners: CGDA’s instructions to PCDA

Previous Orders related to Ex-servicemen’s Pension 

Important Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) with model calculation by PCDA (Pension)

OROP Clarification For Pre-2006 Commissioned Officers – PCDA Circular No. 525

Circular No. 520 dt 24-12-2013 – Clarification on Circular 500 & 503

Circular No. 517 dt 08-11-2013 – Clarification on Circular No. 501

Circular No. 514 dt 26.06.2013 – Clarification on Circular No. 501 & 502

Circular No. 512 dt 26.06.2013 – Clarification on Circular No. 501 & 502

Circular No. 554 dt 14.01.2016 – Clarification Revision of pension in respect of Pre-2006 Commissioned Officer, JCOs/ORs and Family pensioners

Circular No. 562 dt 13.06.2016 – Revision of Service Element of Liberalized Disability Pension/War Injury Pension in r/o Pre-2006 Commissioned Officers/ JCOs/ OR pensioners.

Revision of Pension in Respect of personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) Discharged prior to 01.01.2006: DESW Circular dated 01.08.2016

Revision of Pension in Respect of PBOR Discharged prior to 01.01.2006: PCDA Circular No. 577

Sl. No. Short Description of Order
MoD Order
Pr CDA (Pen) Order
1. Minimum Guaranteed pension to pre-2006 Commissioned Officers pensioners/family pensioners No1 (11)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

No.1 (11 ) 2012/D(Pen/Policy) dt. 25th November, 2014 [click here]

No 1(04)/2015(l)-D(Pen/Pol) dt. 03.09.2015 

Circular No. 500 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No – 511 dated: 18.04.2013

Circular 536 dated 05.02 2015 [Click here]

Circular 24 dated 11.09.2015

Circular No. 548 dated 11.09.2015

2. Revision of enhanced rate of Ordinary Family pension in respect of pre2006 Armed Forces family pensioners No 2(1)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 16.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 494 dated 19.03.2013 [click here]
3. Grant of dual Family pension from Military as well as Civil employment

No. 1(05)/2010-D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 504 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 15 Dated: 04.03.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 513 dated 19.07.2013 [click here]

Clarification Circular No. 514 [click here]

4. Improvement in pension of JCO/OR retired/ discharged/ invalided out of service prior to 1.1.2006 No.1(13)/2012-D(Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

No.1(13)2012/D(Pen/Policy) dated 25.11.2014 [Click here]

No 1(04)/2015(II)-D(Pen/Pol) dated 03.09.2015 [Click here]

Circular No.501 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No.509 dated 16.04.2013 [Click here]

Circular No.533 dated 21.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 547 dated 11.09.2015 [click here]

Circular No. 549 dated 30.09.2015 [click here]

Circular No. 551 dated 29.12.2015 [click here]

5. Enhancement of Ordinary Family pension in respect of pre-2006 JCO/OR family pensioners No. 1(14)/2012-D (Pen/Pol) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

No.1(14)2012/D(Pen/Policy) dt. 25-11-2014 [Click here] 

Circular No. 502 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]

Circular No. 510 dated 16.04.2013 [Click here]

Circular 537 dated 05.02.2015 [Click here]

6. Pension/Family pension of PBOR discharged from service on or after 01.01.2006 No 1(15)/2012-D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular 506 dated 18.01.2013 [Click here]
7. Improvement in Casualty Pensionary awards for pre-2006 Armed Forces Officers and JCO/ORs and equivalent No. 1(16)2012/D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 503 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] [Amended Table-1]
8. Grant of family pension for life to handicapped children of Armed Forces Personnel No.02(03)/2010-D(Pen/policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 505 dated 17.01.2013 [Click here]
9. Revision of provisions regulating Casualty Pensionary awards for post-2006 JCO/OR No. 1(17)/2012/D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 [Click here] Circular No. 507 dated 18.01.2013 [Click here]
10. Amendment Table 1 – Improvement in Casualty Pensionary awards for pre-2006 Armed Forces Officers and JCO/ORs and equivalent Circular No. 508 dated 19.02.2013 [Click here]
11.  Dual family pension continuance of family pension to mentally/physically disabled children after their marriage and withholding of 10% gratuity Circular No. 106 dated 18.03.2013 [Click here]

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  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    I was retired from Army on 01 Jan 1994 on rank of NK (TS) after completion of normal tenure of 15 years regular service.
    i would like to request to send me the complete eligible pension table for category "D" pensioners as per 7th OROP.

    Appreciated your early response.

  • Sir,
    Those retired from Army before 1986, why not issue wightage to OROP fixed ?.

  • Srinivasan R 7 years ago

    In view of GOI MOD Letter No.1(2)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dt.30-09-2016 on de-linking of Qualifying Service of 33 years for revised Pension, which is given effect from 1.1.2006, the OROP revised w.e.f.1.7.2014 should also be revised without any Pro-rata reduction of pension even if the rendered Qualifying Service is less than 33 years at the time of retirement/Invalidment in terms of the above said GOI MOD Letter dated 30.09.2016 as per the full terms of engagement of the individual without any pro-rata reduction of Pension before giving effect of the 7th CPC revision of pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

  • why only ex-servicemen are not being paid pension and arrears as per vii cpc, this is the first time that a cpc is not being paid to veterans along with other cgpensionerts. is this govt. insulting veterans,

  • Note to Major General Satbir Singh: Now that the Union Cabinet has given its ex-post facto approval to the diluted version of the OROP adamantly for the veterans, it is time to approach the SC for remedy. The Reddy Commission's recommendations will be a lame duck in remedying our concerns as the things go. There is much time lost in getting our dues and this peaceful movement must at the earliest be taken to the SC for an early redressal. If we fail there too, we must resign to the gun pointed at us by this government.

  • Sir,
    I was retired as on 30.04.1994 after completion of 17 years 6 month 18 days as naik rank how much arrears will be issued. kaeshwar prasad.

  • Sir I had retired on 30 Apr 1994 as naik rank after completion 17 years 6 month 18 days.How much arrears will be issued?

  • and add " this anomaly may please be rectified in the 7th Pay Commission Reportas a special case. Posted by Subedar Major (Hony) Sreenivasan P.

  • All honorary rank holders fro Naik to Capt except Subedars granted honorary rank of Sub Maj have been granted pension less Re 1 or equal pension of the rank.

  • respected sir

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    I, Cpl, Swaraj Kumar Mukerji, S/No; Retd. 265853,Joined I.A.F May1965, discharged on completion of Regular Service -July 1974. Under Med. Category CEE, since1971, now Life time Disability Pension holder.
    Denied Service Element till dt.- " LIBERALIZED PENSION FORMULA TO PENSIONER. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE JUDGEMENT OF SUPREME COURT, " Circular of Def. Pension liaison Cell Dt. 18 Oct 2004 Para- 2C states – " the benefit of liberalized Pension Formula has been extended to all pensioners who were in receipt of any type of pension (as under) as on 01 Apr 1979 of the three Services :- C)- " Service Element of Disability Pension.Sir, Request, kindly do something to remove the injustice meted out not only to me but same injustice will be meted out to my Souse after my demise.

  • Sir,
    I want to know that How OROP will be calculated. I mean, An Army Pesonnel served 30 years with 10 years service in JCO Rank and another Army Personnel served 30 years with 15 years service in JCO Rank then what will be the criteria for calculating the pension in OROP ?

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    I am an EX-SGT retired from IAF ON 30th April 2001 on completion of 20 years of service and held in the rank for 10 years (09 years 11 months). Now I would like to know whether ACP/MACP is applicable/consider while calculating my pension since the same is effected on post 2006 retirees.

  • Dear sir, please let me inform, about DA 100% wef 01/01/2014 is going to payment to the Ex-s pensioners.

    Thank for your Reply.

    Ex- HAV A.I. Oza (ASC).

  • sir, I was retired from army by 30 Apr 2008 after completing 24 years 27 days. Can I get benefit of ACP.

  • Sir, I was retired on 30 Apr 2008 after completing my 24 years 27 days service , pl let me know can I get benefit of ACP.

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    Sir , No extra payment for HONY Sub Maj is giving ,which was given by the President of India. If there is no financial benefit giving the rank to HONY Sub Maj ia null & void.

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    how one come to know about orop effecting date and arrears to be paid

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    how one can come to know about orop effecting date and amt of arrears

  • There is nothing here regarding those JCOs/ORs who did not complete 10 months in their last rank held and are in receipt of pension of lower rank. The affected JCOs/ORs should get the arrears from 01 January 2006, as is the case and decision of SC for officers on "Minimum Pension guarantee".

    All top notch Babus in Military and PDAs should ascertain for correct fixation.

    I do not know how long one has to wait to get these pennies after this "improvement".

    RS Sahni
    Junior warrant Officer (IAF)

  • When will the OROP arrears be released??

  • It is an eyewash not OPOR. The JCOs have not been included in POBR or Commissioned Officer list. This is not an improved Pension for Exsmn. It is on par with civilians i.e. 50% of pay last drawn. It is way how exsmn are cheated by the Bureaucrats.

    • Anonymous 11 years ago

      I fully agree. These circulars are just eyewash produced by ignorant Babus

  • sir pleas tell me orop amount wan will be give

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    decision is not justified to JCOs and its equs

  • Pankaj Singh 11 years ago


  • Prakash Kulkarni 11 years ago


    Why only JCOs have been denied the revised benefits? The commission must have clarified about this in his report.

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    ARE you taking it as OROP ? It is the rectification of the recommendations of 6th CPC,ie; minimum pay in the pay band corresponding to pre- revised pay scales , mis-interpretation by the babulog.
    rgds, Capt Gurdas Singh

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    I can at this stage flow little tears upon it. By a retired JCO

  • Anonymous 11 years ago