DOPT Guidelines for applying for LTC – Block Year, Advance, Claim, Time Limit etc.

DOPT Guidelines for applying for LTC – Block Year, Advance, Claim, Time Limit etc.

Central Civil Services (Leave Travel concession) Rules, 1988


1. Please ensure that you have applied for leave and submitted the self-certification form to your Administration before the LTC journey is undertaken.

2. Please check your eligibility before applying for LTC. LTC to Home Town can be availed once in a block of two years and LTC to Any Place in India may be availed once in a four year block. If not availed during these blocks, the LTC may also be availed in the first year of the following block.

3. Please note that the current two year block is 2016-17 and the current four year block is 2014-17.

4. In case of fresh recruits, LTC to Home Town is allowed on three occasions in a block of four years and to any place in India on the fourth occasion. This facility is available to the fresh recruits only for the first two blocks of four years applicable after joining the Government service for the first time. (For details, please refer to DoPT’s O.M. No. 31011/7/2013 -E stt. (A-IV) dated 26.09.2014 available on www.persmin.nic. in’ << `OMs & Orders'<< ‘ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on LTC entitlements of a Fresh Recruit’)

5. A Fresh recruit may at his option choose to avail LTC under the normal LTC rules as applicable to other Government employees. In this case he/she will not be allowed to avail other LTCs as admissible to the fresh recruits in that block of four years.

[Click here to view No. 31011/10/85-Estt. (A) dt. 03/05/1988 Central Civil Services (LTC) Rules, 1988. PDF(English)(395 KB) PDF(Hindi)(519 KB)]

6. The retiring Government employees are eligible to avail LTC as per their entitlement provided that the return journey is performed before their date of retirement. LTC is not allowed after retirement.

7. The Journeys on LTC are to be undertaken in the entitled class of the Government servant in public/Government mode of transport.

8. Travel by private modes of transport is not allowed on LTC, however, wherever a public transport is not available, assistance shall be allowed for the private transport subject to the certification from an Appropriate Authority that no other public/Government mode of transport is available for that particular stretch of journey and these modes operate on a regular basis from point to point with the specific
approval of the State Governments/Transport authorities concerned and are authorised to ply as public carriers.

9. If a Government servant travels on LTC upto the nearest airport/ railway station by authorized mode of transport and chooses to complete rest of the journey to the declared place of visit by ‘own arrangement’ (such as personal vehicle or private taxi etc.), while the public transport system is already available in that part, then he may be allowed the fare reimbursement till the last point where he has travelled by the authorised mode of transport. This will be subject to the undertaking from the Government employee that he has actually travelled to the declared place of visit and is not claiming the fare reimbursement for the part of journey performed by the private owned/operated vehicle.

10. Government Servant may apply for advance for himself and/or his family members before the proposed date of the outward journey and he/she is required tickets within ten days of the drawal of advance, irrespective of the date of commencement of the journey.

11.Reimburseme under LTC scheme does not cover incidental expenses and
expenditure incurred on local journeys. Reimbursement for expenses of journey is allowed only on the basis of a point to point journey on a through ticket over the shortest direct route.

12.The time limit or submission of LTC claim is :

• Within dire months of completion of return journey, if no advance is drawn;
• Within one onth of completion of return journey, if advance is drawn.

13. Government employees entitled to travel by air are required to travel by Air India only Class at LTC-80 fare or less unless permitted to do so by any is provision.

14.Government employees not entitled to travel by air may travel by any airline,However,reimbursement in such cases shall be restricted to the fare of their entitled Class of train/transport or actual expense, whichever is less.

15.In all cases whenever a Govt. servant claims LTC by air, he/she is required to book the air tickets ither directly through the airlines or through the approved travel agencies viz: M/s Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd/ M/s Ashok Tours & Travels Ltd/IRCTC. Bookin of tickets through any other agency is not permissible.

16.Travel on tour packages is not allowed, except in the case of tours conducted by Indian Touris Development Corporation (ITDC), State Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) and Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). In such cases, only the fare component shall be reimbursable provided ITDC/STDC/IRCTC separately indicate the fare component and certify that the journey was act I ally performed by the Government servant and his family members for which he/sh claiming the Leave Travel Concession.

17.Please ensure that your LTC claim is as per the instructions to avoid rejection of your claim.

“Have a pleasant journey and a happy holiday”

1. Leave Travel concession Rules, 1988 – Fulfillment of Procedural requirements.

2. Proforma for self-certification by the Government employee – Procedure of Processing of LTC claims

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  • Unknown 5 years ago

    I am due for superannuation retirement in feb 2019.whether I am entitled for four year ltc any where on India for block 2018-2021

  • harish chandra shah 5 years ago

    निवेदन यह है कि मै एक सरकारी कर्मचारी हूँ मुझे यह जानकारी चाहिए की मैंने 31 मार्च 2012 को joining किया था और मैंने अभी तक एलटीसी 2 बार लिया है पहली बार 2015 all india मे और दूसरी बार 2017 मे गृहनिवास को परिवर्तन करके all india लिया था| महोदय सिर्फ मै यह जानना चाहता हूँ कि 2019 मे मै all india के लिए पात्र हूँ | या नही | कृपया करके सूचित करें |

    धन्यवाद सहित
    हरीश चन्द्र शाह

  • Unknown 5 years ago

    Can a new appointee avail Ltc after completion of 2 years of regular service?

  • Unknown 6 years ago

    I had availed LTC Anywhere India in May 2016 for the block 2014-2017 and also availed Leave Encashment. Further, I availed LTC Home Town in May 2018, for the Block 2016-2017 in the extended period available till 31.12.2018 for which also I requested for Leave Encashment. Am I not eligible for Leave Encashment? My HQ is not giving requisite Leave Certificate for Encashment.
    Please share any info or OM in this regard.

  • Rajinder Mahajan 6 years ago

    Sir I Rajinder Kumar avail the LTC in Feb 2018. In which block year this LTC will come. Whereas the block year 2014-17 is running.

  • Hello Sir
    Extension order of Block 2014-2017 OM please.
    Our Administration is rejected our LTC block 2014-17 in year of 2018. Hence kindly provide the OM

  • i have not availed LTC for the block year 2014-2017(any where in india) & 2016-2017 (home town). Is it possible to avail both LTC's in the first year of the following block year ie 2018.

  • The current four year block for LTC is 2014-2017. Can an employee be sanctioned LTC for the block 2018-2021 if he applies in December 2017 and if he is due to superannuate on 31.01.2018?

  • Pawan Kumar 6 years ago

    sir any circular regarding extension of one year for the LTC block year 2014-17 upto 31.12.2018 is availabe

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    If I am travelling in the month of February 2018, can that be accounted for the LTC in block period 2014 – 2017 and claim exemption for the financial year 2017 – 18?

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Date of joining 10-12-2008
    Ltc entitlement for two individual block of four year ie First three home town and fourth all India. If individual complete the service of eight year then regular ltc apply.
    LTC CALCULATION for fresh recuit according to doj 10-12-08 ,say nil ltc in year 2017.
    Dopt gudieline say fresh recurit has the option option to select ltc for fresh recruit or regular ltc as other Govt employee have.
    I have availed nil ltc neither fresh or regular ltc.
    First time applying under regular ltc.
    Admin reject ltc stateting tht I have completed 8year and ltc as fresh recuit I have nil ltc in 2017.and regular block will start next year ie 2018-21
    I had option for regular LTC 2016-17
    In that too rejected stateing that I have completed eight year of regular service and hence making option for regular ltc can not be exercised.

    My point is that I have never taken LTC either fresh ltc or regular ltc .
    Sixth pay commission made fresh ltc as additional type of ltc.
    Is It mandatory that every employee who join after 01-09-2008 with be accounted in fresh ltc and time frame of eight year will be restrictions for making option for taking regular or fresh ltc.
    When fresh ltc entitlement is not claimed withing eight year why lt is calculated in fresh recuit rule.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    refering to point no 2 of the article here, sir i want to know, if one doesnot avail of any ltc in 2014-17 block can he avail ltc ( any place in india) permissible for 2014-17 in the year 1stJan 2018 to 31st Dec, 2017

  • anis alam 7 years ago

    I have not availed any LTC during block year 2014-17. Can I avail both Home town as well as All India LTC in this year i.e. 2017 ?

  • Sir I have availed home town LTC in April 2016 for block year 2016-17. Can I avail all India LTC for block year 2014-17, in year 2017?

  • Sir my joining is 2006 which is my 4 year block

  • Sridevi Badami 7 years ago

    i took ltc all india for the block year 2014-2017 in june 2016.
    can i convert home town ltc 2016-20417 to jammu and kashmir?

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    sir my joining is 2008 so which my 4 year bolck ?

  • Sir I have availed tour LTC for block year 2014-2017 during Apr 2016.can I availe home LTC during Apr 2017 for the block year 2016-2017?

  • leo kumar 7 years ago

    If no LTC taken for block 2014-17 (since 2014) what will expire on 31st Dec 2016?
    Hometown or AllIndia?
    What should be availed before 31st Dec 2016 (home town or allIndia)?

  • Hi sir if I am covered under new LTC I.e. every year LTC, and proceeding on LTC to port Blair, but my return journey extending till 2nd January of the new year. Is it covered under LTC rule. Please reply

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    I am entitled to air. So if I purchase air tickets of air India less than ltc-80 to port blair, will I get the reimbursement??

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    I am entitled to air, so if I purchase air tickets by air India less than ltc-80 to port blair, will I get the reimbursement?

  • Now Link of OM dated 05 May, 1988 shared in the post, please check.

  • Kindly provide the orders with respect to point 5 above.

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous 6 years ago

      As the department says and dopt answer to fresh RECRUIT one need to exercise the selection within 8 years from the date of joining.

  • D. Gupta 7 years ago

    Please provide the OM no. related to point 5 as mentioned above

  • D. Gupta 7 years ago

    Can you sight the order no. with respect to point 5 as mentioned above?

  • Sir can you clarify that i took my parents on LTC in 2013-14 and i also paid rent to my parents in the year 2011-12 and 2012-13 to save my income tax, can government recover my LTC, as I never paid rent to my parents during 2013-14 when i took my parents on LTC

  • Unknown 8 years ago

    please provide DOPT OM No. for above guideline.