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Implementation of OROP Scheme to Defence pensioners: CGDA’s instructions to PCDA

Implementation of One Rank One Pension Scheme to Defence pensioners: CGDA’s instructions to PCDA

Office of the Controller General of Defence
Accounts, Ulan Batar Road, Palam,
Delhi Cantt – 110010

No 5699/ AT-P/ OROP/Vol-IX

Dated: 4th February, 2016


Dr. G. D. Pungle, IDAS
Principal Controller
Office of the Pr.CDA(Pensions)
Allahabad – 211014

Subject: Implementation of One Rank One Pension Scheme to Defence pensioners-reg.

Government of India, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare have issued orders for implementation of One Rank One Pension Scheme to Defence pensioners and family pensioners vide their letter No 12(1)/ 2014/ D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 3rd February, 2016. The order contains 101 pension tables and the same is available on the website of MoD, Deptt of ESW at URL <www.desw.gov.in>.
2. The above said MoD letter dated 3rd February, 2016 may please be downloaded and circulated to all concerned along with necessary implementation instructions. A copy of the same may also be forwarded to the PDAs viz. CMDs/CPPCs of Banks/Directorate of Treasuries etc. through email, where the same is available at your end. The Government orders together with its implementation instructions may also be uploaded on your website for easy accessibility of all concerned.

[Rozy Agarwal]
Joint CGDA(Pen)

Source: www.cgda.nic.in

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  • ….but who is going to see that these instructions are followed. All these babus are just post offices.

  • It is most disappointing that ESM pension payment is left at the Mercy of PDAs who take it very easy. Arrears wef 01.01.2006 is still not paid. Many WAR WOUNDED and WIDOWES have died without enjoying Gift of the GOI. There is no one to care. GOD BLESS ESM !

    • All the ESM under-estimated the bureaucratic delay technique supported by the PM, FM and rage DM. Firstly they delayed the orders on OROP, then they implemented a judicial commissioner with no clear terms of reference, lastly they ordered the PDAs who are the commission agents who are not happy with the responsibility of disbursing even the normal pensions for paltry commission amounts to take the responsibility to give OROP to us without giving clear data about each and every pensioner. Whole of the exercise is a bogus. Modi's transparent governance is too open now.