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सातवें वेतन आयोग की रकम किसानों को दे सरकार: नाना पाटेकर

Nana Patekar Demand Seventh Pay Commission Amount For Farmers,
सातवें वेतन आयोग की रकम किसानों को दे सरकार: नाना पाटेकर


उस्मानाबाद: सरकारी कर्मचारियों को मिलने वाले सातवें वेतन आयोग की रकम किसानोंं को मिले यह कहना है अभिनेता नाना पाटेकर का। नाना के हाथों नाम फाउंडेशन की ओर से जिले के अणदुर गांव में सूखा पीड़ित किसानों को आर्थिक मदद दी गई। क्या कहा नाना ने…  

  • – नाना ने अपने भाषण में कहा कि, सातवें वेतन आयोग में सरकारी कर्मचारियों को मोटी रकम मिलने वाली है।
  • – कर्मचारियों को यह पैसे बिना मांगे ही मिल रहा है। इसलिए यह पैसे किसानोंं को मिलने चाहिए। 
  • -जिसको जरूरत है उसे सरकार पैसा नहीं दे रही है। अमीर लोगों की संपत्ति पर एक प्रतिशत अधिभार भी लगाया जाना चाहिए।

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  • Nana Sir, The Central Government employees have got sufficient harassment from this government by not giving interim relief, not implementing 7th pay commission, not giving deserved pay hike and by projecting Central Government employees as biggest looters of the nation (Even you too believe the false propaganda of Government, then what about the common man). It is so pathetic that the so called model employer of our country is doing this to its employees through whom all their activities are implemented,even the money which the government is saying will give to the employees is generated by these employees. Now there is no more space for receiving any more harassment, the government has done sufficient during the past one year. If you really wish to help the farmers, tell the government to implement the 7th pay commission in a justifiable manner so that the employees may earn sufficient livelihood and they may be able to purchase agriculture products, which only will benefit the farmers.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Nana Sir, koi moti rakam nahi milne vali. Paper me sab ulta pulta likha hota h. Ek to Govt kuch de nhi rhi, dusra aap log keh rhe h kisaano ko do pay commission ka amt. Govt itna chahti h to kisaano ke liye ek or commission banao, or fir fund do unko…

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Great idea, Sir ji. By the way, have u heard of Vijay Mallya ?

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Nana sahib, Its ok then they will have more to shell out on marriage event. Thereby suicide will increase among them. I will suggest we all must actively think about to curb marriage related expenses to the minimum. Though event management sector may face little problem. Dont mind it is a newly originated.