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7th Pay Commission: who is going to benefit from pay hike!

7th Pay Commission: Guess who else is going to benefit from central govt employees’ pay hike!
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7th pay commission implementation benefit news
7th Pay Commission Benefit News
It is not just Central government employees eagerly anticipating implementation of the 7th pay commission and take home higher monthly pay package.

Your next-door real estate agent, car dealer and consumer durables seller are also seen gaining from the pay commission hike. According to reports, almost 3.4 crore individuals (employees and pensioners) will witness increase in their incomes, resulting in a multiplier effect on a couple of professions. 
Real estate agent: Realty sector is expected to eventually succeed in shaking off the sluggish demand and witness spurt in the sale of houses in tier 1 and tier 2 cities as more than 80 percent of Central government employees lives in these cities
As a result of the foreseen demand, the Reserve Bank of India expects sharp, quick and continuous spurt in the housing index.
Car dealer: With implementation of the 7th CPC, your next door car or two wheeler dealer may rejoice too. The industry expects double digit increase in automobile sales especially two-wheeler, the mini and the compact hatch back segment. 
Consumer durables seller: The increase in disposable income will no doubt boost the disposable income leading to increased demand for consumer durables goods like refrigerators, TV etc
Banker: Of course, peaking demand for automobiles, real estate and consumer durable will create demand for consumer loans. The consumer loans section of banks and NBFCs will vie to get the larger share of the indirect gain from the 7th CPC salary hike.
The scenario of crores of potential customers and falling interest rate will announce a win win situation for the banks and consumers both.
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  • Siv Vaidhyanathan 8 years ago

    When you don't have a privilege of wage revision, you can be smart to combat inflation, see how

  • SC to govt: Give plan for welfare of elderly

    Respected Sir.

    1)Babu's do not care & Netas have no time
    2) At least SC has concern.
    3) Exempt senior citizens from income tax
    4)Medical treatment is costly. Senior Citizens are affected & worried lot. Provide free medical check up & 60% discount on Hospitalisation plus medical treatment & care.
    5)Provide 50% concession on all type of domestic transportation .
    6) Provide 50% concessions on international flights for meeting children & medical treatments
    7) Provide Health Insurance irrespective of age & no restrictions on joining time with age.

    Col Lamba ( one man army )
    Sunday, April 10, 2016

    SC to govt: Give plan for welfare of elderly

    Apr 09 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)

    The Supreme Court on Friday expressed concern for the over 10 crore senior citizens in the country ,a majority of whom are deprived of love, care and respect by their kin in a fast-paced world. The SC asked the Centre for a roadmap to provide them basic facilities like shelter, food and healthcare.The concern of a bench of Chief Justice T S Thakur and Justices R Banumathi and U U Lalit was palpable as former law minister and Congress leader Ashwani Kumar, who personally filed the PIL, narrated the pitiable condition in which the aged find themselves.
    “We are a trillion dollar economy and yet the central government allocates just Rs 25 crore for welfare of the aged. Of this, more than half does not get spent. Mohini Gi ri's report on welfare of senior citizens was given in 2011. It is yet to be acted upon,“ Kumar said.
    “At present, India has a population of 10.38 crore senior citizens. Their number is going to increase to 14.3 crore by 2021. It is my personal experience that their children neglect them the most to the extent that in some cases, they are dependent on neighbours for food…“ he added.
    Kumar said there were several welfare schemes for the elderly but successive governments' lack of concern and lethargy towards this section of the population had rendered these schemes nonoperational and defunct over the years.

    The court asked Kumar whether any funds were being allocated by big companies under the corporate social responsibility head.

    The petitioner said not a single penny had come forth for this purpose.