Grant of TA-DA Advance Claims while more than two advances are outstanding

Grant of TA-DA Advance Claims while more than two advances are outstanding: PCA(Fys) Circular

10-A, S.K. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA – 700 001.

No. T/1/72/Circular – 31

Date: 31/03/2016


1. The Secretary, OFB, 10-A, S.K. Bose Rd, Kol – 1
2. All Sr. General Managers / All General Managers
3. Ordnance / Equipments Factories
4. All Group Controllers & Br. Accounts Offices.

Sub: Grant of TA-DA Advance Claims while more than two advances are outstanding.

In cognizance to the issues on the subject, attention is invited to GID (1) below Rule 50 of GFR wherein it is stated that “Second advance may be sanctioned to undertake the journey soon after the completion of earlier one. – In cases where a Government servant is required to proceed on tour frequently at short notice and under emergent circumstances, necessitating the undertaking of a journey soon after completion of earlier one, thus leaving little time for the official to prefer his T.A. bill, a second T.A. advance may be sanctioned by the competent authority subject to the following conditions being fulfilled:
(i) The second journey is required to be undertaken soon after the first one, i.e., within a week after completion of the first tour.
(ii) The bills for the advances drawn should be submitted latest within a week after completion of the second journey.
(ii) In any case, not more than two advances should be allowed to remain outstanding at a time.
In view of the above, it is impressed upon all concerned to comply with the aforesaid directives strictly. In case of non-compliance of the ibid rule, this Office would not be able to process the same and would be required to return the TA Advance Claim unactioned.
Kindly ensure maximum / wide publicity of the above Rule to all concerned within your jurisdiction for effecting compliance.

C ofA (Fys.) has seen.

Jt. Controller of Accounts (Fys.)

Source: PCA(Fys)

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