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Retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC & pending issues of Railways Employees: NFIR writes to RB

Retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC & pending issues of Railways Employees: NFIR writes to Railwya Board
National Federation of India Railwaymen
No. II/95/Part VIII
Dated: 13/04/2016
The Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,

Sub : NFIR’s Charter of Demands – reg

Ref: (i) NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/7th CPC/CORRES (R.B.) dated 11/01/2016
(ii) NFIR’ s letter No. IV/NJCA(N)/2014-Part I dated 23/01/2016
(iii) NFIR’s letrer No. IV/NFIR 7th CPC/CORRES (R.B) dated 12/01/2016
(iv) NFIR’s letter No. II/95 Part VIII dated 12/02/2016
(v) NFIR’s letter No. II/95/Part VIII dated 14/03/2016.
(vi) NFIR’s lefferNo. IV/NFIR/7th CPC/CORRES (R.8.) dated 11/04/2016.
(vii)Railway Board’ s letter No. 2015/E(LR)/I1/1/8 dated 08/03/2016
(viii) Railway Board’s letter No. 2016/E(LR)II/2 dated 14/15-03-2016.
Kind attention is invited to the references cited above on the pending issues of Railway employees as also the issues arisen consequent upon retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC.
During the. meeting of Empowered Committee of secretaries held on 1St March 2016 under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary, the JCM (Staff Side) Members have explained on 26 point Charter of Demands and “Strike Decision” in the event negotiated settlement is not reached. After hearing the JCM (Staff Side) Members, on each issue listed in the Charter of Demands, the Cabinet Secretary said that adequate time is needed to facilitate inter-departmental consultations to crystallize the issues to be processed further. Responding to the suggestion of Cabinet Secretary, the “strike date” has been deferred, hoping that there will be a negotiated settlement on the demands by the end of May 2016.
There are many Railway specific issues which were discussed at the level of CRB & MS on 23/08/2013, 07/02/2014, 20/07/2015, 01/10/2015, 04/02/2016 & 08/02/2016. Consequently, records note of discussions were circulated. In this connection, kind attention is invited to Railway Board’s references No. 2013/E(LR)-IU1/15 dated 02/09/2013, 2013/E(LR)II/1/17 dated 18/02/2014, 2015/E(LR)IU13/3 dated 07/08/2015, 2015/E(LR)II/1/8 dated 27/10/2015, 2015/E(LR)II/1/8 dated 30/11/2015, 2015/E(LR)II/1/8 dated 08/03/2016 & 2016/E(LR)II/1/2 dated 14/15-03-2016.
It is however noticed that commitments given by the Board pursuant to discussions are yet to be implemented. Some issues dealt in the Fast Track Committee meetings and Running Staff issues discussed in the Joint Committee Meetings are yet to be resolved satisfactorily. Orders for stepping up of pay of Loco Inspectors inducted prior to 01/01/2006 have not been issued yet even though SLPs were dismissed by the Apex Court.
The delay in finalizing the pending issues is contributing serious unrest among staff of various categories. Added to this situation, the negative and retrograde recommendations of the VIIth Central Pay Commission have generated anger and frustration among Technicians, Technical Supervisors, Running Staff, Safety categories staff, Supervisory Officials, Railway common categories staff etc.
You are aware that in the interaction meeting of Empowered Committee of Secretaries held on 30th March 2016 under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary, the Federations have explained the uniqueness of Railways and complex and difficult nature of working of Railway employees and the need for modification of 7th CPC recommendations and also rectification of VI CPC anomalies by implementing the agreements reached with the Railway Ministry. The need for exemption of Railways from National Pension System (NPS) and the communications sent by Hon’ble Railway Ministers to this effect to the Hon’ble Finance Minister have also been apprised to the chairman of the Empowered Committee of Secretaries on 30th March, 2016.
As the time is running out, the NFIR once again requests the CRB to kindly take special initiative towards resolving the issues through negotiated settlement at the earliest for preserving industrial peace in the Railways.
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

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