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Parity of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners with Post-2016 Pensioners in 7th CPC: RSCWS writes to Cabinet Secretary

Railway Senior Citizens Welfare Society has submitted a memorandum to the Cabinet Secretary with regard to parity in pension of pre-2016 pensioners with post-2016 pensioners

(Estd. 1991, Regd. No. 1881 – Under Registration of Societies Act),
Head Office: 32, Phase- 6, Mohali, Chandigarh -160055
Website Email: [email protected]
Identified & Recognised by DOP&PW GOI under Pensioners Portal

No.RSCWS/ CHD/Memo/2016-9

Dated: 06-06-2016

Cabinet Secretary, Government of India &
Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 004
CC to: [email protected]

Dear Sir,

Subject:- Parity of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners with Post-2016 Pensioners – as per Recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission. Reference: Para 10.1.67 of Seventh Pay Commission Report

1. We are deeply anguished and shocked to learn from the Secretary Staff Side, JCM, that you had indicated in the meeting with the representatives of JCM Staff Side on 26-5-2016, that the Departments of Pension and Defence were of the view that the first option recommended by the 7th CPC to bring about the parity with the past pensioners is unfeasible and impracticable – due to the non-availability of the requisite records.
2. Denial of Parity to Past Pensioners is going to cause a major financial loss to the Past Pensioners and would naturally agitate them seriously. The issue, therefore, needs reconsideration especially in view of the following points:
i) Service Records are protected documents and cannot be destroyed without specific orders of the competent authority.
ii) The views of the DOP&PW & Defence about the non-availability of the requisite records are too vague, unfounded and unjustified;
iii) Even if the Service Records of some of the Pensioners were not available, the same can be reconstructed/recast as per prescribed procedures and as per directions of various courts issued from time to time in such cases.
iv) All the Past Pensioners cannot be made to suffer heavy financial loss due to some missing records – which can in any way be reconstructed as stated above.
v) 5th & 6th Pay Commissions had recommended for grant of Modified Parity to past Pensioners. The orders were implemented on the basis of service records.
vi) Fifth CPC while evolving the norm of modified parity had mentioned in its Report that further improvements could be brought about by future Pay Commissions. It is after 20 years that 7th CPC taking a step in this direction recommended consideration of number of increments earned in that level while in service. The recommendation cannot be set aside on the plea of non-availability of record.
vii) Recommendations of the 7th CPC in Para 10.1.67 (option 1) for Parity of Pension of Past (Pre-2016) Pensioners were based on legal and Constitutional grounds and, as such, the same may please be implemented.

3. It is, therefore, requested that:

a) Recommendation of the Seventh CPC regarding option I for fixation of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners may please be implemented – keeping in view the above submissions.
b) Pay Matrix may please be modified so as to give equitable rise at all levels through same Index for fixation of Pay & Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners.
c) Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners who were senior and retired in higher Level of Posts may please be revised at par with the junior Post 2016 Pensioners who may get higher pension due to merger of Pay scales or having longer years of service in lower scale.

Yours truly,
(Harchandan Singh)
Secretary General,


  • It is only a lame excuse that old records are not available to deny the benefit accorded by the 7 CPC to pensioners. Normally one expects more benefits over and above what has been recommended by pay Commn,whereas in this case the bureaucrats want to spite the pensioners. Only the PM can save the situation.