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One Rank One Pension to Ex-servicemen: Notification issued by the Judicial Committee

Notification issued by the Judicial Committee on OROP

Date: 02.08.2016
New Delhi

Government of India in Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-Servicemen, constituted through is order dated 14.12.2015, a Committee to examine and make recommendations on references pertaining to the implementation of OROP scheme, framed by them. A public notice was issued on 13.04.2016, inviting representations from Defence forces, Pensioners/Family Pensioners, Defence Pensioners Associations by 29.04.2016 regarding anomalies, if any, in implementation of the scheme. The date of receiving representations was extended upto 15.05.2016.

    Taking into account, the various representations that were received in response to the public notice, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence referred the following questions to the Commission, through their letter dated 20th July, 2016.
(i) Whether the benefit of OROP is to be extended to Reservists.
(ii) Whether the decision to grant benefit of MACP under OROP only to Pensioners who have actually earned requires any modification.
(iii) Whether pension tables for more than 33 years of qualifying service are to be prepared.
(iv) Whether the methodology followed for fixation of pension under ORRP in the absence of actual retirees in the same rank and same qualifying service for the below mentioned categories requires any modification:
(a) Regular Lt. & Capt. Getting same pension as Honorary Lieutenant & Captain.
(b)Doctors of AMC/ADC/RVC for the rank of Lieutenant, Captain & Major under OROP getting same as Hony Lt & Hony Capt.
(c) Doctors of AMC/ADC/RVC for the rank getting lower than the regular commissioned officers of the rank of Major.
(d) TA personnel for the rank of Captain/Major and Lt Col getting the same pension.
(e) Lieutenant/Captain and Major in MNS category where data is blank.
(f) Rank of Major in Regular Commissioned Officers getting less than Major in EC and SSC category.
(V) Whether the methodology followed for fixation of pension under OROP for invalidated out war injury pensioners and liberalized family pensioners requires any modification in pension fixation formula.
(VI ) Whether in the case of JCO/ORS, the pension is to be paid on the basis of the last rank held instead of last rank pensioned under OROP.
3.  The Commission proposes to have the benefit of the views of Defence Forces pensioners, Family Pensioners, as well as the three service Headquarters of Army, Navy and Air Force, to enable it to submit a report on the questions referred to it.
4. With a view to facilitate and enable the Ex-servicemen to make the representations at places easily accessible to them, it is proposed; to hold the hearings at the following places where the density of ex­servicemen /pensioners is high; and on the dates indicated below:

S.No. Place of Visit Date of Visit
1 Chandigarh 17.08.2016
2 Jammu 18.08.2016
3 Delhi 19.08.2016
4 Bengaluru 22.08.2016
5 Chennai 23.08.2016
6 Kochi 24.08.2016
7 Visakhapatanam 26.08.2016
8 Pune 29.08.2016
9 Ahmedabad 3.08.2016
10 Jaipur 31.08.2016
11 Yol Himachal 02.09.2016
12 Dehradun 06.09.2016
13 Lucknow 07.09.2016
14 Patna (Danapur) 08.09.2016
15 Guwahati 13.09.2016
16 Kolkata 14.09.2016
17 Gopalpur/Balasore Bhubneshwar 15.09.2016
18 Bhopal 20.09.2016
19 Hyderabad 21.09.2016

Such of the
Ex-Servicemen/Associations who intend to appear before the commissions
to make representations, may avail the facility at the stations
mentioned above nearest to their places of their residence. The timings
of the sittings at each place and the venue will be informed shortly
before the sittings at the concerned place.
(Justice L. Narasimha Reddy)

Source : desw.gov.in


  • GEORGE CYRIAC 8 years ago

    Check with bank is he in x or y group?

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Sir I am a retd n/sub taking premature retirement on jul 2015. Am I eligible for OROP? at present a Nb sub who retired in jan 2014 having less qualifying service then me (he is also permature retired) is drawing more pension then me . my basic is fixed at Rs 10100/- and his basic after OROP is fixed at10400/. as the OROP WAS DECLARED IN 2016 WE SHOULD ALSO BE COVERED IN OROP

  • Darshan Singh 8 years ago

    "One Rank One Pension" means the defence person served in the same rank for the same duration has same pension, whereas due to creating two groups "X" & "Y" this statement goes wrong because the person of same rank and same duration of service are getting different pensions. Hence to keep the true sense of the said statement there should be no groups and pension must be equal.

    Darshan Singh

  • Darshan Singh 8 years ago

    Yes. There should be only one group to make a sense of "One Rank One Pension" statement in its true perspective. The statement "One Rank One Pension" means the person who served in the same rank for same duration of service. That's it. If there are two groups of the same rank and duration of service then this statement goes wrong because there are two types of pension i.e. one for "X" Group and one for "Y" Group. Then this statement becomes "One Rank Two Pensions". This anomaly in pension must be rectified.

  • GEORGE CYRIAC 8 years ago

    1. Orop means one pension to one rank in certain number of years service.

    2. In this case what is meant by gp x and y? It itself makes two stage in one rank?.
    (A) when x and y groups are made the I st group has remained as X and the remaining Gp. II , Gp.III, Gp.IV and Gp.V has become Gp. Y.

    (b) what is the justification in keeping First groups as X and the remaining as Y abolishing the Z group? , by previous pay commissions. Is it to humiliate second to forth groups and fell them downtrodden infront of others?
    (c) , Ok, now x, y & z are made as x & y, it means three stage ranks are made into two stage ranks.
    (d) it clearly means second group personnel are down trodden than all other groups, third group personnel are down trodden than IV,V th. Groups and IV Gp. Is humiliated to V th group.
    (e) please clarify what is the speciality for the Ist. Group? Did they serve more than all other group people during their tenure of service?
    No, never! For a defense person first is station duty and then section duty, then why this discrimination. They are paid for their higher aptitude by their basic pay and other emoluments when they served. Is it not? Like wise every group during theirs tenure of service.

    Then why this disparity of X & Y ?.
    Make all as ex service men in a unique group, say A or Z as you fell like. At least it will make one rank to all. ( a defence person dose not perform any trade duties after his discharge ( it is to keep the youth ness of defense) unless during the reserve period?.

    (f) Most IMPORTANT, those who accepted reserve period during their discharge , those number of years are to be added to their qualifying service of pension as they were not permitted to go abroad to work for a better carrier.
    Hence reserve period must be included for calculation of pension as length of service.

  • pradyotkumar Deb 8 years ago

    What will be the OROP policy about DSC is not clear

  • Darshan Singh 8 years ago

    This is a point for consideration that a person retired as Honorary Subedar Major from the army is not getting any benefit of this rank. At least there should be a benefit in pension to this rank. Honorary Subedar Major should be granted pension equivalent to regular Subedar Major.

    This point has not been included in the agenda points which may kindly be included.

    Thanks & Regards,