Air Travel – Accounting and payment by PAO: CGDA Order

Air Travel – Accounting and payment by PAO: CGDA Order

Government Of India
Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Delhi Cantt-110 066
(Defence Travel System, E-Ticketing project)





Subject: Air Travel – Accounting and payment by PAO.

Reference:HQrs office letter no.Mech/EDP/861/E-Ticketing/Phase-III dated 21.12.2015.
It is intimated that under the e-Ticketing system-wherein Rail Tickets are being booked in lieu of warrants, an Air Travel module has also been launched in collaboration with Balmer Lawrie to cover all types of moves like Temporary Duty, Permanent Transfer, LTC all India and LTC Home Town. Air tickets are being booked through DTS since 11 September 2015 by various units across Services under different PAOs. The Payment procedure as agreed between CGDA and Balmer & Lawrie is post payment.
2. All PCsDA/CsDA/PCA(Fys) along with this HQrs office has been issued two set of tokens/login-id for this purpose.
(a) One set of Token/Login-Id for DAD Employee:- For booking of Air Tickets i.e. Master Booker Tokens and Competent Authority Approval Tokens for booking of Air Tickets for entitled DAD officers (already issued during training in the Jan, 2016).
(b) PAO tokens for generating and downloading of system generated booking details/Bills and invoices of air tickets booked for DAD entitled officers for payment. Such Tokens (Issued recently) cannot be used for booking of Air Tickets.
3. Process of Booking of Air Tickets: As mentioned in para 2(a) above, one set of Token/Login Id has already been issued for DAD employee for profile creation of all officer/staffs entitled to travel by Air and booking of Air Tickets.
Air Tickets. Initially, profiles of all the officers/staffs working under jurisdiction of each PCsDA/CsDA and PCA(Fys) need to be created for booking of Air Tickets. The creation of profile is a onetime process and need not be done again. When an officer/staffs will be transferred from one PCsDA/CsDA to another, in such case his profile need to be “Transferred out” by the old office and accordingly his new office will perform the activity of “Transfer in” of such officers/staffs. All such activities like profile creation, editing of profile, Air Travel Booking request and cancellation request are performed by master booker/Booker token. At the same time, Approval/Approving token is used for approval of all such request as forwarded by the master booker token through DTS system. Accordingly, once travel request is approved by Competent Authority/Approving Authority, Master Booker/Booker Token can book the Air Ticket as per Travel Regulation and Movement Sanction.
4. Process of Payment of Air Tickets to Balmer Lawrie & Co.: As mentioned above, the booking of Air Tickets has been launched in collaboration with Balmer Lawrie, the payment procedure as agreed between CGDA and Balmer & Lawrie is post payment. Following steps are involved in processing of payment of Air Tickets to Balmer Lawrie & Co.
(a) Online Accounting and Payment Module for Air Travel: As mentioned in para 2(b) above, Air Ticket booking details and voucher for Air Ticket booked during a particular period can be generated by logging in to the PAO Module for further processing of payment to Balmer & Lawrie Co.
(b) Preparation of Punching Medium: After generation of the voucher by logging-in to the PAO Module, PCsDA/CsDA will prepare Punching Medium to compile under respective code head as per classification hand book.
(c) Payment Through NEFT: After preparation of punching Medium and Daily payment Sheet, PCsDA/CsDA will make payment of the due amount through NEFT or through any other process is being followed in their offices.
(d) Voucher Settlement: After payment, PCsDA/CsDA will log-in to the PAO Module and will mark against each invoices as payment done.
(e) Voucher Acknowledgement: All payment will be acknowledged by Balmer & Lawrie through System and PCsDA/CsDA will be able to download Receipt voucher of payment from the system.
4. Claim submission: As the Air Ticket booked through system is given to the officer is as good as advance to the officer/staff serving in the PCsDA/CsDA officers, traveler will submit his final claim within one month after completion of the journey along with original boarding pass and a coppy of the Air ticket booket thrugh DTS
5. In this regard it is intimated that PCsDA/CsDA who are not having PKI tokens (One set of Booking Token with two tokens (One for Master Booker/Booker Token and another for Approval Token) for booking of Air Tickets through DTS and one PKI token (PAO Token) for generation of voucher and processing payment are requested to intimate to this HQrs office for issuing of the same. PCsDA/CsDA/PCA(Fys) offices in possession of one set of PKI token (One for Master Booker/Booker token, another for approval token) are requested to start booking of Air Tickets through DTS immediately.

Jt. CGDA(IT&S) has seen.

Deepak Kumar

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