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7th Pay Commission: Committee on allowances to submit report this week, revised allowances from 1st Oct – Zee News Report

7th Pay Commission: Govt employees to get revised allowances from Oct 1; committee to submit report this week

New Delhi, Monday, September 12, 2016  : Government employees will have a real festive bonanza this year. As per media reports, central government employees will get the revised allowances as per recommendations made by 7th Pay Commission from October 1.
The Committee on Allowances under the chairmanship of Union Secretary, Finance (Expenditure) had on September 1 met with representatives of the Central government unions.
The committe is expected to give its reports on revised allowance to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley this week.

On July 22, the Committee on Allowances was set up to decide on revision of allowance as Justice A K Mathur panel had earlier recommended abolition of 51 allowances and subsuming 37 others.
“The 7th Pay Commission examined a total of 196 existing allowances and, by way of rationalization, recommended abolition of 51 allowances and subsuming of 37 allowances. Given the significant changes in the existing provisions for allowances which may have wide ranging implications, the Cabinet decided to constitute a Committee headed by Finance Secretary for further examination of the recommendations of 7th CPC on allowances,” a press release issued by the government after the Cabinet approval to Pay Commission recommendations had said.
The government has notified a 2.57-time hike in basic salary for 1 crore government employees and pensioners as per the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. The pay hike has been made effective January 1, 2016.

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  • This govt. is making the Govt. employees fool and trying to crush them by announcing diwali gift or huge hike in salary. a lower class employee is still trying to manage his day to day need including food for the family, specially of Grade pay from 1800 to 2800.
    Justice A K Mathur panel had deed injustice with the govt. employee by recomending this superfluous pay hike.
    further, the order for implementing 7CPC for autonomous body is still awaited due to which they are being paid old salary where as rate of each item of daily need goes very high on the name of Pay hike.

    • Anonymous 7 years ago

      Country has to see it's finances before giving pay commission. So demand at a much higher multiplication factor is not possible.However the multiplication factor should be at least 2.67 times of basic taking into present inflation.

      Similarly HRA is decided on the basis of population which is in correct in the present context.With introduction of smart cities state capitals are much costlier and are compatible with metro cities.All state capitals needs to be placed in X category cities.

      Allowance on transportation needs to be same on all cities.Transportation in state capitals are compatible with that of metro cities.So transportation allowance on state capitals may be made equal to that of metro cities.