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7th CPC and other issue: Parliament March on today by Employees & Officers

7th CPC and other issue: Parliament March on today by Employees & Officers

Central H Qrs, New Delhi
Chalo Delhi

Massive March to Parliament by Central Govt. Employees & Officers


  • Increase in Minimum wage & Fitment factor
  • No Reduction in rates of HRA
  • Ensure five Promotions/ Upgradations in career
  • 5% Increment and two Increments on Promotion
  • Extend VII CPC to Gramin Dak Sevaks; Employees of ‘Autonomous Bodies under Central Government’.
  • No Privatisation/Outsourcing of Govt. functions
  • Remove ‘VERY GOOD’ Benchmark for Promotion/MACP/Increment
  • Extend option-1 for Revision for Revision of Pensions etc.

Participate in Large numbers & Make a grand success

KKN Kutty
M Krishnan
General Secretary

Source: Confederation


  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Why Mr KKN Kutty is not asking Mr Shigopal Mishra about the deferred strike of NJCA?

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    These marching leaders are silent about the silence of their beloved leader Shivgopal Mishra and the NJCA.It is sure that they have secret understanding with Mr Mishra.Otherwise they will not announce a unilateral agitation without NJCA .No employee with spine and self respect will participate in the strike drama of the Confederation.Dear employees,please go through the articles posted in the site of the Confederation at the time of withdrawal of the strike of July.At That time they told that ShivGopal Mishra is a great leader and we should obey his decision.Now,where is that great leader?He just betrayed all CG employees and the Confederation supported him for that betrayal.

  • Nice Move. Wishing all the best.