LTC Rules Clarification regarding journey by private transport/own arrangement

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LTC Rules Clarification regarding journey by private transport/own arrangement

CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 – Fulfillment of procedural requirements – Clarification  regarding journey by private transport/own arrangement: DoPT Order
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment A-IV Desk

North Block, New Delhi-110001

Dated February 9, 2017
Subject:- Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Fulfillment of procedural requirements – Clarification reg.
The undersigned is directed to refer to para 8 and 9 of the Guidelines enclosed in this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 18.2.2016 on the above noted subject and to say that the issues have been revisited. It has been decided that the cases where a Government servant travels on LTC upto the nearest airport/railway station/ bus terminal by authorized mode of transport and undertakes rest of the journey to the declared place of visit by private transport/ own arrangement (such as personal vehicle or private taxi etc.), may be dealt with as follows:-
(a) In all such cases the Government servant may be required to submit a declaration that he and the members of the family in respect of whom the claim is submitted have indeed travelled upto the declared place of visit.
(b) If a public transport is available in a particular area, the Government servant will be reimbursed the fare admissible for journey by otherwise entitled mode of public transport from the nearest airport/railway station/bus terminal to the declared place of visit by shortest direct route.
(c) In case, there is no public transport available in a particular stretch of journey, the Government servant may be reimbursed as per his entitlement for journey on transfer for a maximum limit of 100 Kms covered by the private/personal transport based on a self-certification from the Government servant. Beyond this, the expenditure shall be borne by the Government servant.
(d) Furnishing of false information will attract disciplinary action under the CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965.
Note: For the purpose of these rules, the expression ‘Public Transport” means all vehicles, including trains and airplanes operated by the Tourism Development Corporations in the Public Sector, State Transport Corporations and Transport services run by other Government or local bodies.
(Surya Narayanan Jha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Connected Order : Leave Travel concession Rules, 1988 – Fulfillment of Procedural requirements.

Source: LTC Clarification DoPT Order Click to view/download the PDF


  • Subramanian 6 months ago

    whether charges made to car arranged by Balmer & Lawrie (a Govt of India undertaking) is admissible if there are no public transport especially in places like Ladakh, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, etc

  • Ajay Suri 1 year ago

    Can govt employee travel by own car for ltc purpose

  • P s Chaturvedi 4 years ago

    Sir I visit bumla pass tawang arunachal Pradesh in October i travel delhi to guwahati by air which is my entitlement pay matrix 9 and then guwahati to tawang by arunachal tourism operator as private hired taxi(by certificated no Conveyance operated by government of arunachalPradesh) and then bumla pass by other Conveyance total distance covered 1o70 km. In both side.but how I taking reimbursement claim and what’s circular plz guide me as soon as possible

  • Unknown 6 years ago

    Sir if an employee under pay matrix level 8 performs air travel in private airlines for the purpose of home town LTC then he will be reimbursed 2nd class AC train fare or not, if yes then kindly send me the order.
    With Regards,

  • Unknown 6 years ago

    Sir i am journey performed HTLTC long route due to shortage route not suitable from my destination. Can I admit the claim. .. Give any direction or information.

  • In the case round journey performed by private vehicle due to non availability of government mode of transport, so in this case
    100 K.m. X Rs. 10 Per K.M. = 10000 X 2 for Return Journey = Rs.2000/-
    this calculation is correct or not.

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    I have claim for LTC-80 for J&K, as per DOPT’s OM No. No.31011/3/2015-Estt.(A.IV) dated 09.02.2017,i have claimed fare for journey by private transport/own arrangement under which visited places during LTC tour. I have claimed for visit Leh to Nubra Valley (320 Km Return) and Leh to Pangong Lake (290 km return), but my deptt. rejected my claim asking reason that, the claim for only 100 km permissible as per above OM. Plz. guide me urgent as my claim will be resubmitted at the earliest.