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7th CPC Pension Revision: Roll out of e-Revision utility of CPAO in all Delhi based PAOs

7th CPC Pension Revision: Roll out of e-Revision utility of CPAO in all Delhi based PAOs
New DELHI-110066
CPAO/lT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/26 
03.05. 2017
Office Memorandum

Subject: – Roll out of e-Revision utility of CPAO for 7th CPC revision of pension in all Delhi based PAOs.

In continuation of CPAO OM No.. CPAO/lT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2015-16/248 dated-08.02.2017 followed by oM No. CPAO/lT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-Ill/2016-17/254 dated-27.02.2017 regarding pilot implementation of e-Revision utility of CPAO in 46 PADS, it has been decided to roll out e-Revision utility of CPAO to all the remaining Delhi based PAOs w. e. f. 15/05/2017. A training on this utility for these PAOs is being scheduled between 15/05/2017 to 19/05/2017. In the first phase, CPAO would train three officials of each PAO of Ministry/Department selected for the use of this utility. The Ministry/Department wise schedule of training will be communicated separately.
2. Digital Signatures of the FAQs and their registration on PFMS website are prerequisites to process the pension revision through this utility, therefore, all the FAQs who do not have digital signatures are required to procure the same and get them registered on PFMS before start of training.
3. In view of above, all concerned Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAS are requested to instruct their pension processing PAOs located at Delhi to start use of new e-revision utility to process Post-2016 pension cases under 7th CPC from 15/05/2017 and arrange the digital signatures for those PAOs who have not yet procured the same. They are further requested to nominate three officials at the level of PAO/AAO for the proposed training at INGAF, Delhi. A step by Step User Guidance along with login details of PAOs is also enclosed for the facilitation of the FAQs on the new utility.
This issues with the approval of competent authority.
Encl-As above.
(Subhash Chandra)
(Controller of Accounts)