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7th Pay Commission Allowance: Why arrears from January 2016 should be provided?

7th Pay Commission Allowance news: Why arrears from January 2016 should be provided to Central Government employees
Although 15 days have been passed the Committee on Allowances’ has not made its report public.
New Delhi, May 10: Almost 18 months have passed and a large number of central government employees are eagerly waiting for arrears on allowances. The National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), the joint body of employee unions, believe that the demands made by central government employees on arrears on allowances from January 2016 is genuine. Shiv Gopal Mishra the NJCA convenor while speaking to said: “As the 7th Pay Commission was scheduled to be implemented from January 2016, it is the right of central government employees to seek arrears from specified date”.
On being asked whether the government is delaying the arrears as it may adversely affect the exchequer the NJCA chief “The employees wait for pay commission hike, for ten years. If this government had failed to implement the 7th pay Commission recommendations on the scheduled dates then they must at least release the arrears to address the resentment among the employees.ष्‍
“For an ideal employer, it is necessary to revise the wages and allowances on the specified date. Government of India is also an ideal employer. Although it has failed to implement the 7CPC on its slated date, it is now bound to provide arrears. 
The NJCA chief had also dismissed the concerns raised by RBI and a few days ago its convenor said to that “The delay has been done by the Lavasa committee, why must employees pay the price. If RBI thinks that it would cause an adverse impact on inflation, then they should think of an alternative method to control inflation.”
Earlier this week, Shiv Gopal Mishra while speaking to said, “Arrears would mostly be provided to the employees”.
Although 15 days have been passed the Committee on Allowances’ has not made its report public and the Finance Ministry said, “Modifications have been suggested in some allowances which are applicable universally to all central government employees”.
Meanwhile, the committee is also looking for the suggestion of the 7th Pay Commission which has called for abolition of 52 of the 196 existing allowances, apart from subsuming 36 smaller allowances.
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