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7th CPC Notification of Army Pay Rules, 2017 in respect of PBORs

7th CPC Notification of Pay Rules, 2017 in respect of PBORs of the Defence Force (Army)

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (Department of Defence) 
New Delhi, the 3rd May, 2017 

SRO ________. In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the Constitution, the President hereby makes the following rules, namely: 
1. Short title and commencement.- (1) These rules may be called Army Pay  Rules, 2017. 
(2) They shall be deemed to have come into force on the 1st day of January, 2016. 
2. Application.- 
(1) Save as otherwise provided by or under this rule, these rules shall apply to  Honorary Commissioned Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned  Officers, and Other Ranks of the Army, Defence Security Corps (DSC), Territorial  Army (TA) [when embodied], and Army Postal Service (APS), who were on the  effective strength of the Army, DSC, TA (embodied), and APS, as the case may be.

7. Fixation of pay in the revised pay structure.- Click here to view [Fixation of pay in the 7th CPC revised pay structure: Army Pay Rules 2017 ##eye##]

8 There shall be stepping up of pay in pay matrix of a senior if a
junior promoted after 1st January, 2016 draws more pay in
pay matrix.- 
Click here to view [Stepping up of pay in pay matrix – 7th CPC Army Pay Rules 2017[ ##eye##]

9. Regulation of stipend of a recruit undergoing training and fixation
of his
pay after successful attestation or mustering.- 
Click here to view [7th CPC Army Pay Rules, 2017- Stipend of a recruit and fixation of his pay ##eye##] 

10. Regulation of increments in the Pay Matrix.– Click here to view [Increments in the Pay Matrix – 7th CPC Notification of Army Pay Rules, 2017 i.r.o. PBORs ##eye##]

14. Overriding effect of rules.-
The provisions of the Pay and
Regulations (Junior Commissioned Officers/ Other Ranks), Army 1979, as
from time to time, and existing instructions and regulations shall not
save as otherwise
provided under these rules, apply to cases where pay is regulated under
these rules,
to the extent they are inconsistent with these rules and these rules
shall supersede
Special Army Instructions 1/S/2008 except as respects things done or
omitted to be
done before such supersession.

15. Power to relax.– Where the President is satisfied that the
operation of all or any of the provisions of these rules causes undue
hardship in any particular case, he may, by order, dispense with or
relax the requirements of that provision to such extent and subject to
such conditions as he may consider necessary for dealing with the case
in a just and equitable manner.

16. Interpretation.
– If any question arises relating to the
interpretation of any of the provisions of the rules contained in this
rule, it shall be referred to the Central Government for decision.

[See rule 6(2)]

[F. No. 1(9)/2016/ D (PIS)

Explanatory Memorandum.-
The Seventh Central Pay Commission has been
implemented with effect from the 1st day of January. 2016. Likewise. the
Defence Personnel of the Union of India are eligible for Seventh Central
Pay revision with effect from the 1st day of January. 2016. Accordingly.
these Rules have been given retrospective effect with effect from the
1st day of January. 2016. It is hereby. certified that by giving
retrospective to these rules no one will be adversely affected.

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Source: [Download Original Notification from MoD Website Click here ##download##]