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7th Central Pay Commission and Pensioners: Petition to Prime Minister of India

Petitioning Prime Minister of India

7th Central Pay Commission and Pensioners

By Venu Gopal India


The 7th Central Pay commission in its recommendations have suggested that Pre-2016 pensioners should be compensated for the number of increments they were drawing in their retiring pay scale by giving 3% of basic pension per increment. This is a very beneficial step as far as pensioners are concerned because they will get increased pension. The increments in the retiring pay scale is earned as a result of a life time of service, 35 or 40 or more years of service in government posts. 
The cabinet had generously accepted this recommendation of giving 3% per increment to the pensioners. Then one government official had pointed out that the necessary data for implementing this is not available. This is not true. all the relevant information of the pensioner is recorded and replicated in at least four places. In the original Pension Payment Order issued to the pensioner, in the head quarter of the office from which the pensioner had retired, the Central Pension Accounting Office, New Delhi and the Central Pension Processing Cell of the bank from which the pensioner gets the pension. An injustice is done to all the 52 lakh pensioners by denying them the benefit of the increments that they have earned by a life long service in Governement establishments. 
Hence it is requested that the Option 1 of the 7th CPC which takes into account the increments while fixing the pension be implemented and justice is done to the 52 lakhs Central Government Pensioners.
This petition will be delivered to:
Prime Minister of India


  • Vinay Nanda 6 years ago

    I'd request with due respect to the honourable Prime Minister of India to review implementation of Option 1 for all pensioners recommended by 7 CPC & accepted by the Government.There should not be any parity among past & present pensioners.

  • Vinay Nanda 6 years ago

    This is not understood why the Govt is creating termoil in the minds of pensioners. In the 5th CPC the pension was fixed on the basis of avg.of 10 months emoluments. In 6CPC, the pesion was fixed based on 1o months avg.& last pay drawn whichever is benificial to th pensioners & now in 7th CPC the same will now be fixed as per the incements earned by the pensioners at the time of retirement.I think the Govt.should not play withe the sentiments of the pensioners & treat everyone as equal.Hence pension should be fixed for all pensioners as per the option 1 accepted by the Govt.