Endorsing of Aadhaar Number on Referrals : ECHS Order dated 03.10.2017

Endorsing of Aadhaar Number on Referrals : ECHS Order dated 03.10.2017

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03, Oct 2017

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1. Further to our letter No.B/49779-Outsourcing/AG/ECHS dated 20 Sep 2017.

2. Based On number of representations received from various Regional Centres, the following modifications in the referral generation process will be carried out:-

(a) Under exceptional situations if the OIC Polyclinic is convinced that even in the absence of Aadhaar Card, a referral is required to be issued, the OIC Polyclinic will endorse his remarks justifying the issue of referral without Aadhaar Card and referral may be generated.

(b) However, it shall be the responsibility of the OIC Polyclinic to ensure that Aadhaar numbers is entered in that claim ID within next 30 days of issue of such referrals and in no circumstances next referrals and in no circumstances next referral to such individuals will be issued without Aadhaar details.

(c) UTI-ITSL to ensure that a trail of such referrals is maintained and a check box is created which can be selected by the OIC Polyclinic for issue of referrals even in the absence of Aadhaar details. UTI-ITSL to guidelines enumerated above for OIC Polyclinic and Systematically ensure that Aadhaar details are captured as per above mentioned instructions.

3. In addition, UTI-ITSL to create following exceptions in the referral generation module:-

(a) Nepal Domicile Gorkhas (NDG) are exempted from submitting Aadhaar details.

(b) Polyclinics under RC Guwahati and Polyclinics under RC Jammu (in the state of J&K) are also exempted from submitting Aadhaar details till further orders.

4. These guidelines be implemented with immediate effect.

5. This has the approval of MD, ECHS.

(BR Salgotra)
Lt Col
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)
for Dir (Stats & Automation)
endorsement of aadhar number on referrals

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