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Discussion with CRB: Issues- 7th CPC up-gradation of pay Scale in Railway, MACP Benchmark, Compassionate Appointment etc.

Brief on the discussion with CRB on date 01.12.2017: Issues- 7th CPCup-gradation of pay Scale in Railway, MACP Benchmark, Compassionate Appointment etc.
All India Railwaymen’s Federation
Dated: December 1, 2017

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Comrades!

Sub: Brief on the discussion with the CRB on date

I met the CRB in the forenoon on date and had discussion on the following issues:-

1. Benchmarking for financial upgradation under MACPS consequent upon implementation of VII CPC – I explained the CRB that, prior to implementation of VII CPC recommendations, benchmarking for financial upgradation under MACPS, and that for regular promotion had been similar. With the implementation of higher benchmarking for financial upgradation under MACPS, there is serious resentment among the Railwaymen as majority of them is deprived of this legitimate benefit. The CRB assured to look into the matter on priority.

2. Appointment on Compassionate Ground of the wards/widows of the Railwaymen either died in harness or medically incapacitated – With the direct recruitment qualification for open market recruitment in erstwhile GP Rs.1800 having been upgraded to High School + ITI or Course Completed Act Apprenticeship, appointment on Compassionate Ground to those wards of the Railwaymen who are not in possession of this qualification is being denied. I had, therefore, raised this issue and the CRB has assured us that this issue shall also be dealt with on priority and the provision as existed earlier, i.e. placing them in -1S pay scale would be considered.

On the issue of Compassionate Ground Appointment, in general, the CRB said that, it would continue on Indian Railways on 1:1 basis.

3. Implementation of upgraded pay scales as recommended by the VII CPC to certain categories of Railwaymen – I had also discussed this issue with the CRB, explaining that the VII CPC has recommended upgraded pay scales to certain categories of Railwaymen, viz. SSO(A/Cs)/Sr. Travelling Inspector(A/Cs)/ Sr. Inspector(Stores A/Cs), Chemical & Metallurgical Asstt., Chemical & Metallurgical Supdt., Asstt. Chemist & Metallurgist, but the same are yet to be implemented, and the Ministry of Railways have unnecessarily referred the issue to the DoP&T, which is quite unfair and urged upon the CRB to implement the same without further delay. He also assured a positive action in the matter.

4. Absorption of Course Completed Act Apprentices in the Railways – AIRF has raised this issue many times, wherein we have requested that, the Apprentices who have completed their course before making quota of 20% should be regularized without subjecting them to any RRCs examination as has been done earlier with paper screening. The CRB assured that he would definitely do the needful and would try that this skilled workforce should join the Indian Railways at an earliest.

5. Improvement in the condition of Railway Quarters and Colonies – Regarding complaints pertaining to maintenance of railway quarters and colonies, I suggested the CRB to think on the subject out of the box. He appreciated the sincere suggestion given by me that, old railway colonies should be demolished and replaced with multi-storey railway colonies, equipped with lift, CCTVs, boundary etc., so that, the employees and their families, living therein, should feel secure. I also mentioned that, till they get proper railway quarter maintenance, the staff should be paid “Maintenance Allowance” for petty repairs, whitewash and painting etc.

This is for information and wide publicity.

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary