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KV Teaching Staff: Grant of senior/selection grade after 12 years instead of MACP

MACP for Teaching Staff 

ANSWERED ON: 06.08.2018 

MACP for Teaching Staff 

Tejpratap Singh,Yadav 
Will the Minister of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT be pleased to state:-
(a) whether Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) has not been extended to teaching staff of Kendriya Vidyalayas which has already been implemented in Central Government and if so, the reasons therefor; 
(b) the details of criteria for grant of senior/selection grade; 
(c) whether due to restriction of 20% of vacancy and other conditions, only few teachers are eligible for grant of senior/selection grade; 
(d) if so, the details of eligible teachers during the current year, post-wise; 
(e) whether the representations have been received for removing all conditions for granting senior/selection grade, if so, the details thereof and the action taken thereon; and 
(f) whether there is urgent need for formulating any other alternative policy/measure like time scale promotion, in place of MACP to teaching employees of KVS to compensate loss of two years and if so, the details thereof ? 
(a) One of the conditions for grant of Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) is that the earlier ACPS should have been implemented / adopted by the autonomous / statutory body. Since Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) had themselves chosen not to opt the earlier ACPS for their teaching staff, MACP has not been extended to the teaching staff of KVS. 
(b) Senior Scale is granted to the teaching staff of KVS after completion of 12 years service in the respective cadre and Selection Scale is granted after completion of 12 years service in the senior scale. However, the number of posts in the selection scale for the teaching staff has been restricted to 20% of the number of posts in the senior scale of the respective cadre. 
The Senior Scale and Selection Scale is given after screening regarding their satisfactory performance by an appropriate Departmental Promotion Committee. 
Selection scale is granted to Primary School Teachers (PRTs) and Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) subject to their attainment of higher qualification laid down for TGTs and Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) respectively. However, this condition has been waived off for the miscellaneous categories of teachers of KVS. 
(c) All the teachers are getting their Senior Scale in time, though some teachers may not eventually get the Selection Scale due to non-fulfilment of the prescribed criteria for the same or their retirements preceding the date of eligibility. 
(d) Having regard to the prescribed criteria for grant of selection scale, the details of eligible teachers during the current year, post-wise, is as under:-

Name of the Post For grant of Senior Scale For grant of Selection Scale
PGTs 198 366
TGTs 190 544
PRTs 46 641
Misc. Categories of teachers 25 296

(e) KVS has informed that representations had been received from recognized staff associations for waiving off the condition of 20% for grant of Selection Scale to teachers and these representations have been considered and disposed off from time to time. No representation in this regard is under examination at present. 
(f) No Madam. The Government of India Time Scale Promotion Scheme, i.e Senior Scale and Selection Scale Scheme is already in vogue. 
Source: Lok Sabha


  • Unknown 5 years ago

    I have a reservation on the govt/ kvs decision that kvs association moved an option to opt for ACP instead of MACP. R in fact before opting ACP the concerned office (permanent) bearers must had to call CEC meeting to discuss the matter whether ACP or MACP is to be opted. If it is not done why only one person's option has taken into consideration on behalf of all employees that to options moved be a temporary/ incharge member. This is injustice to thousands of employees. It it is the collective decision paper like call for CEC meeting, agenda aof ACP and MACP, proceedings of meeting in the form of minutes, discussion taken in the meeting.
    Moreover, options are called from each members and not from association as it is done in case of implications of pay commission's report. But in this case individual persons' options are not called. It is cheating with the teachers, it smells something else on part of the potion mover and authorities.
    The matter may please be reviewed and I may please be informed whethermy opinion is stands right or not.
    Mahesh Chandra Sharma, PART
    Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

  • Unknown 5 years ago

    Sir, asper govt letter selection scale is not related to qualifications for the teachers than why only miscellaneous trs are exempted from qualifications and not the Parts, Thats and PGTs? What's the base behind it. In case PART is to be granted selection scale only without any promotions than he/she has to teach only primary Classes than logic behind attaining the qualifications is not seems to be four what is the reason behind it.