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Review of guidelines for issue & review of Inspection Report of Post Offices/Mail Offices/other Offices – Department of Posts

Review of guidelines for issue & review of Inspection Report – Department of Posts 
F.No. 17-01/2018-Inspn. 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts 
(Inspection Division) 
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg 
New Delhi, dated 05.10.2018 
All Heads of Postal Circles 
All Directors. Postal Twining Centres 
Director, RAKNPA 
Army Postal Service Directorate, New Delhi 

Subject: – Review of guidelines for issue & review of Inspection Report. 

In supersession of all previous orders on the subject issued from time to time, the following guidelines will be followed with immediate effect for issue and review of Inspection Reports:- 
Inspection Reports of Post Offices/Mail Offices/other Offices should be issued by strictly observing the following periodicity:- 
S.no No. of days mandated for inspection/verification of an office Period within which IR should be issued from the date of commencement of Inspection
1 1 day 15 days
2 2days & below 8 days 30 days
3 8 days and above 45 days
The inspections mandated for more than one day should be completed in one spell and should not be staggered over days. 
S.No Office inspected by IR reviewed by Period of review from the date of commencement of Inspection and intimation to the office reviewed Period for initiation of compliance of in-charge/Head of the office inspected & reviewed from the dateof intimation of review remarks by higher authority
1 IP
Next higher authority viz.  Asstt. Suptd. (Dn.)/ Asstt. Suptd(HQ)/Dy.
60 days (a) For HO/GPO – 45 days
(b) For all other Offices – 30days
2 ASP Next higher authority viz. Dy. Suptd. /Divisional Head 60 days
3 Divisional Head Next higher authority viz. DPS/PMG/CPMG 90 days
4 DPS Next higher authority viz. PMG/CPMG 90 days
5 PMG Next higher authority viz. CPMG 90 days
i) The Reviewing Authorities of Inspection Report/Verification Report vis-a-vis the Inspecting Authority shall be:- 
  1. The previous IR shall be reviewed at the time of annual inspection by the immediate Inspecting Authority. 
  2. The IRS of Heads of Circles need not be sent to Dtte. for review. Compliance on these IRs will however be personally monitored by the Head of the concerned 
  3. The cycle of inspection of an office should be complete with action taken for compliance latest, by 4 1/2 months from the date of commencement of inspection of that office. 
3. By 28th/29th of February of the year following the inspection calendar year, all Heads of Circles will furnish a certificate in the following format to Directorate:- 

“This is to certify that all the inspections allotted for the year ______ have been completed by Inspecting Authorities of ____ Circle and Inspection Reports thereupon have also been issued by all Units in the Circle.” 

The above certificate will be taken as one of the targets for APAR writing. 
4. Orders for submission of all other reports i.e. quarterly, half yearly, annually etc to the Directorate issued from time to time related to completion of inspections/IR issued is hereby discontinued. However, Circles may continue to monitor timely completion of inspections Si issuance of IRs of all the offices under its jurisdiction. 
5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.