Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. employees – Agenda Item 47th NC (JCM) Meeting

Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. employees – Agenda Item discussed in 47th NC (JCM) Meeting

[Part of the Minutes of the 47th Meeting of National Council (JCM) held on 13th April, 2019 issued by DoPT vide OM No. 3/1/2019-JCA dated 13.06.2019]

M/o Health and Family Welfare

Item No. 16/19/NC-47 – Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. employees.

Staff Side stated that M io H&FW vide OM No.S.11016/1192-CGHS(P), dated 29.10.1992 have issued instructions for grant of Medical Advances, and vide OM No. 812015/3/93- CGHS_(P) dated 30.12.1993, a clarification was issued thereafter on limit of advance. Even though 90% of the estimate can be given as advance, the amount is restricted to Rs.10,000/- only for those diseases which are not covered under packages (conservative treatments) and this ceiling limit fixed during 1992 with no revision thereafter may be revised to 90% of the estimated amount.

Reply of the Official Side:

The guidelines regarding grant of medical advance for Central Government Employees have been revised vide OM No. S.14025/18/2015-MS/EHSS, dated 17.10.2016. As per the said OM, serving CGHS and CS(MA) beneficiaries may be granted 90% medical advance of the approved CGHS package rates for all indoor treatment, irrespective of major or minor diseases. Chairman advised that a copy of relevant OM may be shared with Staff Side.
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