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Scrap NPS, Revive JCM, Ceiling on Compassionate Appointments, Ensure 5 Promotion etc.: Action Taken Report of Standing Committee Meeting

Scrap NPS, Revive JCM, Ceiling on Compassionate Appointments, Ensure 5 Promotion etc.: Action Taken Report of Standing Committee Meeting

[GoI, Min P,PG & P, DoPT’s OM No. 3/1/2018-JCA dated 08.07.2019]

Subject: Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 07.03.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) – reg.

5. Staff Side also raised the discussions on the Action Taken statements (ATS) on the minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting, which was held on 03/05/2017 :

iii) Item No.7: Scrap PFRDA Act and re-introduce the Defined Benefit Statutory Pension Scheme:

Staff Side told that they reiterate their stand in that, the NPS should be scraped and the Defined Guaranteed Pension under the CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 should be restored to the employees, who were recruited on or after 01/01/2004. They also demanded that GPF facility may be provided to the NPS governed employees on an optional basis.

Chairman desired that the Dept. of Pension may consider the demand in reference to GPF of the staff side.

iv) Item No.10: Revive JCM functioning at all levels as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of demands of the Central Govt. employees:

Staff Side complained that inspite of repeated instruction from DOP&T meetings of the Departmental Council (JCM), the meetings by Union forums/federations are not taking place as per time schedule, resulting in accumulation of unsettled grievances and increase in court cases on service matters.
Staff Side demanded that it may be made mandatory, that all the Departments shall hold minimum two meetings of the Departmental Council(JCM), even though the scheme provides for 3 meetings in a year.
Chairman agreed and reiterated that the instructions on these lines, relating to the concern of the Staff Side should be looked into by all the Ministries/Departments.

v) Item No.11: Remove the arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointments.

Staff Side placed the following views:-
  1. The 5% ceiling may be increased to at least 10%.
  2. Dependants of employees who dies/medically incapacitated while performing his duty; eg. like accident on workplace etc., should be granted immediate appointment on compassionate grounds, as a special case without including the same in the 5% ceiling limit.
  3. In the MoD, compassionate appointment to the service personnel are granted within the 5% of Civilian vacancies which is not justified and their appointments may be adjusted from amongst the vacancies of the service personnel.
Chairman agreed to consider the above proposal of the staff side.
vi) Item No.12: Ensuring five promotions in the service career:
Staff Side stated that many of the cadres are not even getting 3 promotions in their service career. This problem will be resolved to some extent if the MACP is granted in the promotional hierarchy, instead of hierarchy levels in the pay matrix.

Official Side stated that the matter is subjudice, as the case is pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court.