Railway: Compassionate Ground Appointment in Level 7 as Sr. Section Engineer (SSE) – (RBE No. 217/2019)


Railway: Compassionate Ground Appointment in Level 7 as Sr. Section Engineer (SSE) – (RBE No. 217/2019)

Railway: Compassionate Ground Appointment in Level 7 as Sr. Section Engineer (SSE)

RBE No. 217 /2019


No. E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31

New Delhi, dated 30.12.2019

The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/ Production Units
(As per Standard Mailing list)

Sub: Compassionate Ground Appointment as Sr. Section Engineer (SSE).

Consequent upon temporary ban on direct recruitment of SSE vide Board’s letters No. E(NGT)II/2018/RR-1/31 dated 25.10.2018, Board had clarified vide letter dated 06.03.2019 that this temporary ban on DR intake of SSEs dces not apply to Compassionate Ground Appointments (CGA).

2. In the ongoing JE recruitment conducted by RRB, lakhs of B. Tech graduates have applied. Earlier recruitment data also suggests that though Diploma is the minimum qualification for DR intake into JE through RRB examinations, a majority of those eventually selected on merit were indeed B.Tech candidates. In such a competitive milieu ,therefore, it would be adequate and reasonable for B.Tech qualified CGA to be generally not considered for grades higher than JE in GP 4200/Level-6, if found suitable for the same.

3. While SSE is the most common post in the grade of GP 4600/Level-7 to which CG appointments, whenever approved in the grade of Level-7, are made, there are other posts like CLA/Public Prosecutor, Staff Nurse, Teachers in this grade too where DR exists and where CGA can, therefore, be offered as per extant provisions. DR intake into these categories has not been stopped.

4. In view of the above, the need for restricting CGA into Apex Group ‘C’ Level-7 (GF 4600) for SSEs and all such categories has been considered carefully by Board. Balancing the objectives of the need for compassion to deceased employee’s family to extend to a reasonable Level with the need for quality intake at senior supervisory levels and the fierce level of competition in open market recruitment to these categories, it has been decided that :-

(a) CGA into SSE grade to be ordinarily avoided.

(b) Wherever CGA into SSE is being recommended in rare cases (such as where candidate has graduated from premier institutions such as IITs or NITs); the case be recommended to HQ for consideration by an SAG Committee nominated by GM. Papers to be set to be of adequate technical standard.

(c) Recommendation of any case as at (b) above, is contingent to the candidate passing the general qualifying examination for lower Group — ‘C’ posts, along with other CG applicants, and in the first attempt.

5. Analogous procedure / protocol as cited at para-4 above be followed for considering CGA into Level-7 into the other eligible categories where DR is permissible, including those categories mentioned at para-3 above.

Joint Director, Estt.(N)
Railway Board

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