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BSNL: Instructions regarding Payment of VRS dues—Validation & Compliance

BSNL: Instructions regarding Payment of VRS dues—Validation & Compliance

(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
Corporate Accounts Section
1st Floor, Corporate Office
Harish Chander Mathur Lane
Janpath New Delhi- 110001

F.NO. 500-163/2019-20/CA-III/BSNL

Dated: 08.04.2020


CGMs and IFAs
All Territorial and Non-Territorial Circles,
Sr GM Estt, PGM Pers & DGM R&P BSNL CO

Sub: Instructions regarding Payment of VRS dues—Validation & Compliance

In continuation of even numbered letters issued on the cited subject, following instructions are issued for strict compliance:

i. Notwithstanding the position that the amount of ex-gratia and leave encashment payable to the retirees of BSNL VRS – 2019 scheme, has been verified by the circles, it is requested to do the checking of the master data of the employees towards eligible service, eligible number of leaves, their vigilance clearance status etc once again duly keeping in view the PPOs issued by CCA and underlying information thereto.

ii. It is required to prepare (and keep in records) a proper statement of the amount recoverable, and recovery made on account of dues (towards Loans, advances, Pay and allowances recoveries, other recoveries etc) from the BSNL VRS-2019 retirees against the Ex-gratia, and Leave Encashment payout. The amount recoverable and recovered should be duly validated for any errors and omissions.

iii. Establishment section has already communicated the SOP for BSNL VRS 2019, with the format of report to be submitted to DoT on Ex-Gratia. Kindly ensure that the reports/compliances in the Format given in Annexure A, B & C of the DOT letter No. 1/VRS/BSNL/2019/Accounts/TA-I/170-198, dated 16.01.2020 are duly submitted to the respective CCA.

iv. The second/subsequent instalment of the Ex-Gratia shall be paid as and when further funds and instructions are received from DoT. Therefore, you may please do the necessary preparations, well in advance so that the payout can happen without delay, as and when the funds are received in this regard.

v. May kindly note that the activity needs to be completed by 14.04.2020.

This has been issued with the approval of the competent authority.

Surajit Mandol
Sr GM (CA & ERP)


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