rt PCR Test for COVID 19 : Clarification by CGHS


rt PCR Test for COVID 19 : Clarification by CGHS

rt PCR Test for COVID 19 : Clarification by CGHS that test can be done in accordance with ICMR Guidelines and cashless test can be done i.r.o. Pensioners.

Z 15025/1212020/DIR/CGHS
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 10th June, 2020.


Sub: Clarification regarding rt PCR Test for COVID 19


In view of the current Corona Virus Disease(COVID-19) Pandemic , all out efforts are made by the Government to contain its impact by instituting measures at community as well as at individual level.

2. In this regard CGHS beneficiaries are advised to download `Aarogya Setu’ App on their mobile Phones and self-assess themselves by uploading their health status on the mobile application. If the CGHS beneficiary is unwell or shows any symptoms of COVID-19 – i.e., Fever, Cough or, Breathlessness, etc., – he/she may contact any Government Hospital/Centre / Medical Officer of CGHS/ Private empanelled hospital and if advised rt PCR test for COVID 19 as per the prevalent ICMR protocols, the same may be undertaken from any Government /approved Centre empanelled under CGHS.

View: Extension of Validity of CGHS Card till 31st July 2020 in view of Corona Virus Infection

3. CGHS empanelled centres shall perform the test on Cashless basis in respect of pensioners, etc., and submit the bills to CGHS through UTI-ITSL. The reimbursement for the cost of expenditure on the test at approved rate shall be reimbursed by concerned Ministry / Department / Organization in respect of serving employees and beneficiaries of Autonomous Bodies.

(Dr. Sanjay Jain )
Director, CGHS

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