Dental Care at ECHS Polyclinics: COVID-19 Pandemic

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Dental Care at ECHS Polyclinics: COVID-19 Pandemic

Dental Care at ECHS Polyclinics: COVID-19 Pandemic

Central Organisations, ECHS
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Adjutant General’s Branch
Thimayya Marg,
Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt-110010


Dated : 30 Jul 2020

IHQ of MoD (Navy/Dir ECH (N)
DAV Subroto Park
All HQ Command (A/ECHS)
AMA ECHS, Embassy of India, Nepal
All Regional Centres


1. Refer our letter No B/49773/AG/ECHS/Dental/Policy dated 20 Mar 2020 and MoH&FW guidelines for dental professionals in Covid-19 Pandemic situation issued on 19 May 2020 (Copy encl).

2. In ref to the letter quoted above ECHS Polyclinic, with a functional dental clinic, providing dental care to ECHS beneficiaries are to follow the guidelines issued vide the a/m letters, while providing dental treatment and while referring patients for further treatment to service hospitals/emp facilities.

3. Urgent procedures are to be under taken only after taking tele consultation, tele triage, consent and treatment through prefixed appointment only after following necessary protocol of patient handling in the clinic area.

View: Guidelines and rates for treatment/ investigation at private HCOs empanelled under ECHS in view of COVID-19 Pendamic

4. All patients visiting the clinic for dental treatment are to be treated with due precautions so as to avoid cross infections as dental officers, para dental staff, as well as patients undergoing dental treatment are at a higher risk of cross infection.

5. The guidelines issued by MoH&FW (dated 19 May 2020) is to be followed for providing dental treatment at ECHS PC’s. However modification may be made based on necessity as per instructions issued by local authorities without compromising the safety of health care personnel and patients. For any technical guidance SEDO’s can be approached at local level wherever needed .

6. This may be disseminated to all ECHS PCs under your AOR and for your further necessary action.

(Anupam N Adhaulia)
Dir (Med)


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