Review of procedure of Compassionate Appointment: BPMS writes to MoD for clarification


Review of procedure of Compassionate Appointment: BPMS writes to MoD for clarification

Review of procedure of Compassionate Appointment: BPMS writes to MoD for clarification

Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh


Dated: 09.08.2020

REF: BPMS/ MoD/ CGA/ 219 (8/3/L)


The Secretary
Govt of India,
Ministry of Defence
South Block, DHQ PO New Delhi- 110011

Subject: Review of procedure of Compassionate Appointment.

Respected Sir,

With due regards, it 1s submitted that Consolidated Instruction on Compassionate Appointment were promulgated vide DoP&T F.No. 14014/02/2012- Estt (D) dated 16th Jan 2013 wherein it was mentioned that while considering requests for compassionate appointment, a balanced and objective assessment of financial condition of the families of the applicants has to be made taking into account the assets and liabilities and other relevant factors. Accordingly, vide MoD I.D No. 19(2)/2017-D(Lab) dated 09.01.2018, Ministry of Defence issued a 100-point weightage system containing various parameters/ attributes to decide the most deserving cases amongst the large number of applicants.

The above instructions/ letters are silent on the process of evaluation of movable/ immovable properties of Applicants and other parameters of weightage system. Departments have adopted the method of evaluating the properties and other parameters through district authorities. The claims of Applicants regarding their movable/ immovable properties and other parameters of weightage system have to be gone through a scrutiny process under District Administration. Being a transparent and impartial approach, it 1s a very correct practice as mentioned above.

It is worth to mention here that as per High Court order, cases of Compassionate Appointments cannot be lapsed and whenever an aspirant applies for the compassionate appointment his case would be re-considered by the Board of Officer. All the cases on compassionate appointment have to go through same scrutiny process under district authorities of concerned state administration for evaluation of various parameters like annual income from movable/immovable property, annual income earned by other members, latest market value of movable/ immovable property etc on each time/ a fixed interval as decided by concerned authorities.

The worst and unpleasant part of above process is that Board of Officers evaluates each and every time movable/ immovable properties and other parameters etc through the District Authorities.

The method of evaluation on every time not only wastes valuable time of Govt as well as applicants but hampers the working of state administration in performing the same job time and again also. Besides above, Applicants have to suffer the same exploitation on each time of evaluation of different financial parameters. It is, now, required that the above rules should be examined with a view to simplify them in favour of applicants.

It is suggested that all the parameters including movable/immovable properties should be evaluated on the first time of application by the aspirants and for the subsequent Boards, affidavits from the applicants should be sought whereby they should be required to submit all the details regarding their movable/ immovable properties and other parameters and in case of finalization of their appointment, these details may be checked through competent authorities/ District Administration after granting provisional appointments to them. If the details of affidavits are found incorrect, appropriate action may be taken.

You are request to go through the whole matter and issue necessary instructions on the matter so that applicant may not suffer exploitation on each time of evaluation.

Thanking you

Sincerely Yours

General Secretary/
BPMS & Member JCM II Level Council (MoD)

review of procedure of compassionate appointment bpms writes to mod for clarification

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