Interim Procedure Order on regularization of absence during COVID- 19 epidemic lockdown period: Railway Board Order Dt. 03 Sept 2020


Interim Procedure Order on regularization of absence during COVID- 19 epidemic lockdown period: Railway Board Order Dt. 03 Sept 2020

Interim Procedure Order on regularization of absence during COVID- 19 epidemic lockdown period: Railway Board Order Dt. 03 Sept 2020

COVID-19 महामारी के कारण Lockdown/Corantaine होने के कारण अनुपस्थित रहने वाले रेलवे कर्मचारियों के लिए रेलवे बोर्ड का महत्ववपूर्ण आदेश


No. E(G) 2020/LE 2/1

New Delhi dated 03.09.2020

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways & Production Units,
GMs/NF Railway(Cons)
CORE/Allahabad/Metro Railway, Kolkata.

Sub: Interim Procedure Order on regularization of absence during COVID – 19 epidemic lockdown period.

DOP&T has issued a clarification vide their letter No.14029/5/2019-Estt (L)(Pt.2) dated 28/07/2020 on regularization of absence during COVTD-19 epidemic lockdown period for Central Government employees who proceeded on leave with station leave permission but could not report for duty due to non-availability of public transport/flights and restrictions on inter/intra state movement of persons as per Ministry of Home Affairs’ Orders from time to time, to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country. A copy of this letter has been circulated to Zonal Railways for compliance vide Board’s letter No. E(G) 2020/LE/2/1 dated 06/08/2020 (Copy enclosed).

It has been noticed that different Zonal Railways are following/adopting different procedure for regularization of absence of Railway employees during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown. In view of this, it has been decided to adopt a uniform interim procedure order over Indian Railways with a view to maintain and update leave records as per extant procedure. Therefore, it has been decided to regularize the absence during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown period as per following measures for only those situations which have not been covered w1der the above mentioned DOP&T’s letter dated 28/07/2020 as an interim relief/measure till further clarification is received from DOP&T.

Sl. No.


The period of absence to be treated as


An employee remained in HQ but could not attend office due to lockdown, disruption of public transport or being m containment zone.


An employee was asked to remain in quarantine on return from outstation duty

Special Casual leave (SCL).

An employee remained in quarantine due to Central/State Govt. instructions

Special Casual leave (SCL).

An  employee  was  advised  by Railway Medical Authority  to remain in quarantine.

Special  Casual    leave   (SCL).
5 An employee who   chose to remain in quarantine as a precaution. Special   Casual   leave   (SCL).

An employee  who  worked   from home due to co-morbidity or underlying  medical   conditions   as per Central/State Govt. instructions.

Duty only  after  pemission  of cadre controlling  authority Otherwise leave as per normal rule.


An employee who was in   HQ but did not turn up for duty on being called.

Absent,    the    period & pay may be decided as per normal rules.


An employee has left the headquarters without  pe1mission and later informed the office  that he/she is not able to reach back to office due to lockdown

Special Casual Leave.

An employee stayed at home as a precautionary measure and later found to be COVID-19 positive

Special Casual Leave.

An employee, who has refused to attend office and insisted on working from home, despite his/her name is figuring m the roster and  no underlying medical conditions.

Duty only after   permission of cadre controlling authority. Otherwise treat     the period   as   absent/   Leave    as   per normal rules.

Regularization of the above mentioned leave will require the counter signature of atleast JAG level officer. The ceiling of maximum Special Casual Leave may be limited to 30 days.

This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Railway Board.

DA: As above.

(Anita Gautam)
Director Estt. (G)
Railway Board


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