Extra-Ordinary Leave (EOL) to Probationers:  ADMO recruited in IRHS through CMSE – Joining NAIR due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Railway Board Order


Extra-Ordinary Leave (EOL) to Probationers:  ADMO recruited in IRHS through CMSE – Joining NAIR due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Railway Board Order

Extra-Ordinary Leave (EOL) to Probationers:  ADMO recruited in IRHS through CMSE – Joining NAIR due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Railway Board Order

रेलवे बोर्ड (RAILWAY BOARD)

No.2020 / E(GR)II/ 16/ 1

New Delhi, dated 12.11.2020

The Director General,
National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)
Lalbaug, Vadodara,
Gujarat-390 004

Kind Attn. Mr. Anurag Meshram, Prof. Relation Management (Email id: [email protected])

Sub: Extra-Ordinary Leave (EOL) to ADMO Probationers recruited in Indian Railways Health Service (IRHS) through Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) – Joining NAIR due to COVID-19 Pandemic – regarding

Ref:- (i) NAIR’s letters No.EP/ NAR/ CTRG/ IRMS/ 2015/ DK dated 17.06.2020
(ii) NAIR’s letters No.EP/ NAR/ CTRG/ IRMS/ 2015/ GY dated 17.06.2020
(iii) NAIR’s letters No.EP/ NAR/ CTRG/ IRMS/ 2015 / SR dated 15.07.2020
(iv) NAIR’s letters No.EG/ NAR/ CTRG/ IRHS/ 2016/ BK dated 22.07.2020
(v) NAIR’s letters No.EP/ NAR/ CTRG/ IRHS/ 2013/ KSR dated 28.08.2020

Please refer to the correspondence resting with NAIR’s letters under reference on the subject mentioned above.

2. The cases referred by NAIR have been examined in consultation with Directorates concerned (Health, E(P&A) and Finance), Railway Board. Instructions regarding handling the exigencies brought to notice already exist. NAIR is, therefore, advised to take further necessary action as deemed fit as per Board’s letters/ authority as indicated in the table below in juxtaposition: –



Issue Authority to deal with such cases Further Action recommended
1 ADMOs (Prob.) of CMSE 2014-2017 exam batch whose sanctioned EOL (for pursuing PG course) has expired recently i.e. during lockdown or is about to expire shortly and who request for extension of EOL for completing their PG exams delayed on account of COVID pandemic. Under the delegated powers contained in Board’s letter No. 2001/ E(GR)II / 7/ 13 dated 26/ 29.03.2004, 2015/ E(GR)II / 7/ 2 dated 03.02.2015 (Copies enclosed), and First Schedule of Chapter 5 of IREC Volume I – Rule 531 ( l)(a) read with Note 3 under Rule 530 of IREC Volume I, which prescribes that, in any case, all kinds of leave taken together shall not exceed 05 years in one spell (copies enclosed) Eligible probationers may be allowed extension of EOL by DG/ NAIR till completion of their PG or upto 31.12.2020, whichever is earlier. Thereafter, these probationers should report to NAIR and should be directed for field training. However, they may be given leave subsequently, in accordance with leave rules, to cover the period of their viva voce / PG practical exams only (if any). This will only be a temporary measure to provide relaxation to ADMO (Prob.} of CMSE 2014-2017 exam batch on EOL (Study Purpose) whose PG exam schedule has been disturbed due to COVID pandemic, thereafter status quo ante will be restored.
2 ADMOs (Prob.) who have passed / completed PG course and whose sanctioned EOL expired during nation-wide lockdown on account of COVID-19 Pandemic and could not join NAIR due to nationwide travel restrictions Regularisation of period of absence during the period of lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic may be dealt with in terms of Board’s letter No, E(G) 2020 / LE 2 / 1 dated 06.08.2020 (copy enclosed) These probationers may be directed to report immediately to NAIR and they should be directed for Field Training/ FC without referring such cases to Board for clarification / relaxation .
3. After expiry of the EOL sanctioned by NAIR, and lapse of sufficient time if any ADMO (Prob.) requests for joining duty (for e.g. after settling Bond obligations with State Govt. etc., other liabilities, if any, in personal capacity or for personal reasons). These cases may be considered in terms of instructions contained in Board’s letter No. E(G) 2007/ LE 2 / 4 dated 03.06.2011 (Para 6 of DoP&T’s OM No. 13026/ 3/ 2010-Estt(Leave) dated 22.06.2010) (copy enclosed)

The period between the expiry of sanctioned EOL and the date on which he / she actually reports back for duty, may be treated as “dies non “ . NAIR may allow such candidate to join subject to the condition that total period of absence (including sanctioned EOL) must not exceed 05 years. (Ref.: Rule 531 ( l)(a) reads with Note 3 under Rule 530 of IREC Vol. I, which prescribes that, in any case, all kinds of leaves together shall not exceed 05 years in one spell.)


1. It may please be noted that extant guidelines contained in Department of Personnel and Training O.M No.28021/ 1/84- Estt.(C) dated 14.11.1984 do not provide transfer of Bonds executed by candidates/ employees working in State Governments/ University / Colleges/ Institutions/ Organizations wholly or partially owned by State Governments, etc.

2. In order to avoid any unwarranted complications in future, a “declaration” may be obtained from such candidates for accepting the condition of ‘dies-non’ and that he/ she will not make any request / claim for regulari­zation of such “dies non” period at any later stage.

3. It has further been decided that Bond period already executed by ADMO Probationers whose joining has been interrupted / delayed on account of COVID-19 Pandemic, no corresponding increase in bond period, already executed, on account of this extension of EOL should be insisted upon them.

4. Attention is also drawn to Board’s letter No. E(P&A)-2013/ CPC/ LE 2 dated 05.02.2016 (copy enclosed) (Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume I, 1985 Edition – Reprint Edition 2008, Chapter V – Leave Rules, Advance Correction Slip 129) wherein Rule 510 has already been substituted that (1) no Railway Servant shall be granted leave of any kind for a continuous period exceeding five years (2) unless the President, in view of the exceptional circumstances of the case determines, a Railway Servant who remains absent from duty for a continuous period exceeding five years other than on foreign service, with or without leave, shall be deemed to have resigned from the Railway Service; Provided that a reasonable opportunity to explain the reasons for such absence shall be given to that Railway Servant before provisions of sub-rule (2) are invoked.

5. NAIR may also decide the cases of EOL granted to ADMO Probationers for appearing in next Combined Medical Services and Civil Services Examinations on similar lines as suggested in para 2 above .

6. Vide Board’s letter No.2015/ E(GR)II / 7/ 4 dated 22.04.2019 (copy enclosed) the scheme of grant of EOL to IRHS/ ADMO Probationers immediately after joining for pursuing Post Graduation Courses has been discontinued w.e.f. CMSE 2018. NAIR may, therefore, list out all such ADMOs Probationers who availed EOL immediately after joining at NAIR for pursuing PG course and remained unauthorised absent after completion of sanctioned EOL. All cases of unauthorised absence (i.e. beyond period of sanctioned EOL without any intimation/ authority) should immediately be dealt with under the existing guidelines contained in Board’s letters 99 / E(GR)II / 7/ 47 dated 26.07.2000 and No. 2018/ E(GR)II / 16/ 3 dated 20.05.2019 (copies enclosed).

7. In case further clarification is required on any • specific item, the same may be obtained from the concerned Directorate of the Railway Board.

8. Necessary action may please be initiated on priority. Further, individual cases should not be referred to Board for clarification / approval.

9. This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance, Ministry of Railways.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(Kamal Kishor)
Deputy Director/ Estt.(Gaz. Rectt.)-II
Railway Board

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  • Railway Board Order No. 2015/E(GR)II/7/2 dated 03.02.2015

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  • Railway Board Order No. E(G) 2020/LE 2/1 dated 06/08/2020

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  • DoPT OM No. 13026/3/2010-Estt.(Leave) dated 22.06.2010

    Consolidated instructions on Regularization of Uauthorized Absence.

  • Railway Board Order No. E(P&A)I-2013/CPC/LE-2 dated 05.02.2016

    Maximum amount of continuous leave to Railways Employees Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment code, Volume I, 1985 Edition (Reprint Edition 2008) Chapter v – Leave Rules. [Click to view]

  • Railway Board Order No. 2015/E(GR)II/7/4 dated 22.04.2019

    Discontinuation of the scheme of Extra Ordinary Leave to IRMS Probationers for pursuing Post Graduation Courses at the time of joining at NAIR

  • Railway Board Order No. 99/E(GR)II(I)47/7  dated 26.07.2000

    Review of the performance of Railway doctors (IRMS) selected through the Union Public Service Commission, during probation.

  • Railway Board Order No. 2018/E(GR)II/16/3 dated 20.05.2019

    Unauthorized absense of ADMO Probationers


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