Terms and Conditions for candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services (CSE-2019): Railway Board


Terms and Conditions for candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services (CSE-2019): Railway Board

Terms and Conditions for candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services (CSE-2019): Railway Board

Terms and Conditions for candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services (CSE-2019)


Centralised training of Probationers

The probationary training of probationers of different Group ‘A’ services has been centralized with the Centralised Training Institutions as under:

Service   Institution for Centrally Co-ordinating/Monitoring Probationary training
IRSE :: The Director General,
Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN),
11-A, South Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune-411001, Maharashtra,
(website: www.iricen.gov.in)
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Tele: 020-26123680, 26122271, 6123436, Fax. 02026128677
Link of official contacts: · http://www.iricen.gov.in/iricen/iricenHome1.jsp?p= Faculty.jsp
IRSME :: The Director,
Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE),
Jainalpur, Bihar-811214. (Website: www:irimee.indiamailways.gov.in)
Email: [email protected] : 06344-243184 , Fax.06344-243293 .
Link of official contacts: http://www.irimee.indianrailways.gov .in/view section .jsp?lang=O&id=0,294,302
IRSEE The Director General
Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineers (IRIEEN),
Traction Machine Workshop Complex, Eklehar Road, Nasik Road , Maharashtra- 422101 (Website: www.irieen.indianrailways.gov.in) Email: [email protected]
Tele: 0253-2407303, 2462545 & 46, Fax. 0253-2462548
Link of official contacts: http://www.irieen.indianrailways.gov.in/uploads/files/1475321096486-Tele%20List.12.%2008.16.pdf
IRSSE :: The Director General,
Indian Railways Institute of Signal Engineering & Telecommunications, (IRISET),
Tarnaka Road, Secunderabad-500017 , Telengana, (Website: www.iriset.indianrailways.gov.in) Email:[email protected]:gov.in Tele 040 -27820315, Fax. 040-27823922
Link ofofficial contacts: http://www.iriset .indianrailways.gov. i n/view section .jsp ?lang=O&id=0,294,301
  IRAS :: The Director General;
Indian Railways Institute of Financiai Management (IRIFM) Railway Colony, Moula Ali; Seciuiderabad; Telngana 500047 (wbsite:https://irifrn org/) Email: [email protected] Tele.+919741496515
Link of official contacts :https//irifrm.org/page.php:?id=1551070003
IRSS IRPS The Director General,
National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR)
Lalbaug, Vadodara-390004 (Website: wwvv.nair.indianrailways.gov.in)
Email: [email protected].in [email protected] Tele: 0265-2652987, 0265-2651980 Fax: 0265-2638267 · Link of Official contacts:- http//nair.indianrailway.gov.in/viewsection.jsp?lang=O&id=0,1,448
IRTS :: The Director General, Indian Railways Institute of Transpo1i Management (IRITM) Hardoi By-pass Road, P.O. Manak Nagar, Lucknow-226011. Uttar Pradesh (Website: www.iritm.indianrailways .gov.in) Email: [email protected], [email protected] Tele: 0522-2471961, Fax: 0522-2473929 , 2451940 & 41 Link of official contacts : http//www.iritm.indianrailways .gov.in/view section.js(:!?lang=O&id=0,1 ,15
IRPFS :: The Director, Jagjivan Ram Railway Protection Academy (JRRPF) Talkatora Road, Alambagh, P.O. Ma1rnk Nagar, Lucknow-226011 , Uttar Pradesh. Email: [email protected] Tele: 0522-2450341, Fax: 0522-2451730    –

1.2 Ministry of Railways has decided that the probationary training of probationers of Group ‘A’ services of all departments excepting IRHS would be 78 weeks. The period of probation, probation on training against working post would be as under:-

  Service Probation on Training Probation against Working Post Total period of Probation
IRSME, IRSE, IRSSE, IRSEE, IRSS & IRTS 1.5 years   1.5 years 3 years
IRPS 1.5 years 0.5 years 2 years
IRAS – 1.5 years 0.5 years 2 years
IRPFS 1.5 years 0.5 years 2 years

The period of probation may be extended at the discretion of the Government.

2. Training:

  • All the probationers will be required to undergo training for a period of 1.5 years in accordance with the prescribed training syllabus for the particular service/ post at such places and in such manner and pass such examination during this period as the Government may determine from time to time. The probationers will also be required to pass a language examination in Hindi Devnagri script of an approved standard within the period of probation.
  • The performance evaluation of Group ‘A’ probationers during the probationary training will be done by way of award of marks for the various items of probationary training.
  •  No probationer will be allowed to re:..appear m any institutional or departmental examination except for the following reasons:
  1.  If a probationer is prevented from appearing in any examination either because of his/ her sickness or any other reason beyond his/ her control, he/she may be allowed to appear in a special examination within 3 months.
  2. In case a probationer does not pass any Institutional or Departmental examination in the first attempt, he/ she may be allowed to sit for re-examination in the papers in which he/ she has failed. But in that case, the marks awarded to probationer in such re-examination shall not be taken into account for determining the seniority (his/ her score in the original examination only will be counted).

The exemption in (b) above will also apply to the probationers who have been permitted to take special examination in the circumstances mentioned in (a) above. If a Probationer fails to pass second examination (b) above his/ her services are likely to be terminated.

3. Refund of Cost of Training:

If for any reasons which in the opinion of the Government are not beyond the control of the Probationers, a Probationer wishes to withdraw from training or probation he/she shall be liable to refund the any money paid to him, including pay and allowances, traveling expenses to join appointment and all expenses that shall or may have been incurred by the Central Government for the probationary training. For this purpose he/she will execute a bond as in the prescribed proforma. The Probationers permitted to apply for appointment to Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service etc. will not, however, be required to refund the cost of the training.

4. Termination of appointment during probation:

  • The appointment of Probationers can be terminated by three month’s notice in writing on either side during the period of Probation in terms of Rule 301 (3) of the Indian Railway Estt Code Volome-l. Such notice is not however required in cases of dismissal or removal as a disciplinary measure after compliance with the provisions of Clause (2) of A1ticle 311 of the Constitution and compulsory retirement due to mental or physical incapacity.
  • If in the opinion of the Government the work or conduct of a probationer is unsatisfactory or shows that he is unlikely to become efficient, may discharge him forthwith.
  • Failure to pass the Departmental examinations may result in termination of Failure to pass the examination in Hindi of an approved standard within the period of Probation shall involve liability to termination of services.
  • The Government, however, reserve the right to terminate the services forthwith in terms of Rules 301, as amended from time to time.

5. Confirmation

The probationers will be confined in Junior Scale after having successfully passed all the examinations prescribed after completion of institutional training as well as posting examination and confirmation test now being presc1ibed in lieu of Departmental examination at the end of probation against working post.

6. Determination of Seniority of Group ‘A’ Probationers of different services in Junior Scale after their confirmation.

  •  The performance of Group ‘A’ Probationers during the probationary training will be evaluated and marks will be awarded for each item of probationary training.
  • The inter-se seniority of Group ‘A’ CSE probationers of a particular examination batch and of a particular service, on their confirmation to junior scale, will now be decided on the basis of marks obtained by them during the Combined Services Foundation Course (CDFC), the probationary training and tle marks obtained by them in the U.PSC competition. For the purpose of determining seniority in accordance with the revised procedure, Probationers’ merit position would be adjudged on the basis of marks secured by them out of maximum marks – 3300 – the maximum marks of UPSC competition would be 2050 and the maximum marks for performance during probationary period will be 1250 including 10% CSFC weight age.
  • In case of Engineering Services Examination, the maximum marks of UPSC competition are 1200. Therefore, for the purpose of determining seniority on the basis of above norms, the marks obtained by the candidate in the UPSC competition may be nationalized by multiplying by a factor of 2050/1200 = 1.71083.

7. Pay

  • The Probationer will commence drawing pay at the minimum of the Junior Scale pay structure i.e at Rs. 56100/- in Pay Level 10 of the 11 Central Pay Commission (CPC) Civilian Pay Matrix with admissible allowances as notified by the Government from time to time.
  • The Combined Foundation Course for Civil Services is mandatory for Probationers of the Indian Railway Accounts . Services, Indian Railway Traffic Service, Indian Railway Personnel Service and Indian Railway Protection Force The date on which they join the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie or any other institute as decided by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoP&T) will be taken as the date of appointment as Probationers of the Indian Railways.

Grant of Advance Increments to Probationers:

  • Probationers will be entitled to grant of a9vance increments as per the instructions of Ministry of Railways as in force from time to time.
  • A probationer who has done the Combined Services Foundation Course, need not repeat the CSFC, even if his/her service is changed.

8. Provident fund and pension:

The probationers joining the Railway Services on or after 01.01.2004 will be governed by the National Pension System and not by the Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993 and State Railway Provident Fund Rules.

9. Passes and PTOs.

The Probationers will be eligible for free Railway passes and Privilege Ticket Orders in accordance with the rules in force from time to time.

10. Posting

The probationers will be posted to the zonal Railway as will be intimated later. A probationer will ordinarily be employed throughout his service on the Railway to which he/she has been posted. The Ministry of Railways, however, reserve their right to require him/her to serve on any other Railway or Project in or out of India.

11. Declaration about

Under the rules, a person having more than one spouse living or a woman whose marriage is void by reason of her husband having a wife living at the time of such marriage, is not eligible for appointment to the Railway Service. The Government of India, may, however, if satisfied that there are special, grounds for doing so, exempt any person from the operation of this provision. The offer of appointment is, therefore, conditional on the candidate’s signing a declaration in the form enclosed and submitting the same to the General Manager of the Railway to which he/ she has been posted/ posted for training. In case the candidate does not satisfy this condition and wishes to be exempted from the operation of this provision, he/ she shall furnish the full facts of this case to the Ministry of Railways immediately to enable the Government to take decision in the matter.

12. Liability to serve the Defence Service

The Probationer appointed to the Indian Railway Service of Engineers, Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, Indian Railway Service .of Signal Engineers and Indian Railway Stores Services shall, if so required, be liable to serve in any Defence Service or post connected with the Defence of India for a period of not less than 4 years including the period spent on training, if any, provided that such person:

  • shall not be required to serve as aforesaid after the expiry of ten years from the date of appointment; and
  • shall not ordinarily be required to serve as aforesaid after attaining the age of 40 years.

13. The Probationer will be governed in respect of all matters, whether specifically provided for herein or otherwise by the Recruitment Rules for the respective Railway Services and the provisions of the Indian Railway Codes and other extant orders as issued/amended from time to time.

14. Request for extension in joining time would be dealt as per DoP&T OM 35015/2/93- Estt (D) dated 09.08.1995. Relevant extract is reproduced below:-

  “………….. The matter has been examined in consultation with the UPSC and it has been decided to reduce from nine months the maximum time up to ·which an offe1: of appointment can be kept open. In other words, an offer of appointment should clearly specify the period (which shall not normally exceed one or two months) after which the offer would lapse automatically (f the candidate did not join within the specified period. If, however, within the specified period , a request is received from the candidate for extension of time, it may be considered by the Ministries/Departments but extension beyond three months should not be granted liberally and it may be granted only as an exception where facts and circumstances so warrant and in any case only up to a maximum of six months from the date of issue of the original offer of appointment. An offer of appointment would lapse automatically after the expiry of six months from the date of issue of offer of appointment “.

15. Extension in joining time if any shall be granted by Centralized Training Institute concerned only. Only justified cases supported with documentary evidence will be considered for grant of extension in joining time which will be subject to DoP&T’s OM No. 35015/2/93-Estt(D) dated 09.08.1995 and the same will not be granted as a matter of right. In their own interest, the candidates should pursue their case for extension in joining time with Centralized Training Institute concerned. Non-receipt of letter granting extension etc. will not be considered as a reason for not joining and subsequently requesting for revival of offer. No request for extension in joining time will be entertained in Railway Board’s office·.

16. Probationers who wish to appear in subsequent CSE/ESE may apply for one year EoL for appearing in the examination in accordance with the Leave Rules and Radway Board’s letter E(Tra.)/98(19)/2 dated 27.04.2016 (copy available at http://www.indianrailwaly.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/traffic/comm/Comm-Cir2016/Grant%20of%20Extra%20Ordinary%20Leave.PDF Date 08.12.2017 (copy available at http://www.indianrailwaly.gov.in/railwayboard/directorate/training_circulars/MX-M452N_20180117_153954.pdf)

These instructions are subject to the final outcome of the various court cases before the Hon’ble CAT/PB/New Delhi and Hon’ble High Court of Delhi challenging circular E(Trg.)/98 (19)/2 dated 27.04.2016 & 08.12.2017.

17. All candidates in Government service, whether in permanent or in temporary capacity or as work charged employees, other than casual or daily rated employees or those serving under Public Enterprises will be required to submit an undertaking that they have informed in writing, their Head Office/Department that they have applied for the Examination.

17.1. Candidates should note that in case a communication is received from their employer by the Union Public Service Commission withholding permission to the candidates applying for appearing at the examination, their application will be liable to be rejected/candidature will be liable to be cancelled.


To, The President of India

Whereas I*…………………………………………..a Probationer in the**………………………………………………. (hereinafter refer to as “the Probationer)” being entitled subject to compiiance with the** ………. ……………………………….to receive from the President (hereinafter refer to as the Central Government) pay and allowances during the period in which I am training.

   Now we, the Probationer and ***………………………………………………………………………………… (hereinafter referred to as the ‘surety’) jointly and severally, do hereby, in pursuance of the said rules, promise and agree in the event of the failure of the Probationer to complete probation to the satisfaction of the Central Government or on withdrawal from training or probation, to refund to Central Government on demand any moneys paid to him, including the pay and allowances, travelling expenses to join appointment and all expenses that shall or may have been incurred by the Central Government for the probationary training.

The surety hereby agrees that his liability hereunder shall not be affected by the Central Government extending the period of probation or giving the Probationer an extension of time for payment of or compounding the amount payable hereunder.

Stamp duty payable on this bond shall be borne and paid by the Government.

Dated this:…………………………day of 202 .

Signature of Probationer .…..................…….…..........

Signed by the Probationer in the presence of

Name of witness…………….........…..…..……..…....Address.................….…..…….........

................…......Occupation ...…......

Signature of the surety..………………..................................

Signed by the surety in the presence of…………………………………

Name of witness.........…...……............….........

Occupation .….......….......…..........…..,

* The full name and address of the probationer should be inserted.

** The reference of Recruitment Rules concerned.

** The surety is requested to insert his full name and address and occupation.

I* ……………………………………………………………………………whose signature is appended to the above agreement as surety, do hereby declare that I am

** (a) in the permanent service of the Government of India


** (b) ordinarily resident in India and that I posses means which will enable me to repay to the Central Government the sums of money referred to in the event of my being called upon to do in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Signature of the surety

Signed by the surety in the presence

Name of witness


The surety is requested to insert his full name

One of these should be struck out.


I, Shri/ Shrimati/ Kumari …………………………………………………………………….declare as under : –

*** (i) that I am unmarried/ a widow/ a widower

*** (ii) that I am married and have one spouse living

*** (iii) that I have entered into or contracted a marriage with a person having a spouse living. Application for grant of exemption is enclosed.

*** (iv) that I have entered into or contracted a marriage with another person during lifetime of my spouse. Application for grant of exemption is enclosed.

I solemnly affirm that the above declaration is true and I understand that in the event of the declaration being found to be incorrect after my appointment, I shall be liable to be dismissed from service.

Dated: ……………………….

Place :…………………………..


*** Note:- Please delete Clause/ Clauses which are not applicable.

Guidelines for filling up Attestation forms

Kindly submit duly filled SEVEN COPIES OF ATTESTATION FORMS to the Centralised Training Institute at the time of joining. Please read the following instructions carefully before filling ATIESTATION FORMS:

  1. Please ensure that your attestation forms are filled legibly with full addresses and are complete in all respects.
  2.  Also kindly ensure the following:
  • Your Roll Number, Rank and Discipline are written in the left upper corner of the first page of the attestation forms.
  • Your duly signed photograph is pasted in each Attestation Form.
  • You are to fill Col. 2 for your present and Col. 3 for permanent address only with complete address including Post Office, Police Thank, Town, Lane, District etc.
  • Col. 4 must be filled with complete residential address including the name of landlord, House Number, Street Number etc. during the prescribed period of stay (during the past 5 years ) as per specimen (Page 10) attached. in a separate sheet. The period of stay in the various places in Col.4 must coincide with that in Col.11 – the period for which any appointment has been held by you. In case you have not stayed at a place for more than a year but for short spells in 2 or more places for training under an organization, you may indicate the details of the same in a separate sheet duly signed by you and affixed to the attestation forms.
  • In 13 the names of two responsible persons of your locality to whom you are known must be given along with their addresses.
  •  Each Attestation Form has to be signed by you and attested SEPARATELY.
  •  No abbreviations are used in filling the Attestation Form.

3. Attestation Fornis can be downloaded form the following link:­ http://www.upsc.gov.in/sites/default/flles/Rectt Attestation Form New0.pdf


4. Particulars of places (with pe1iods of residences) where you have resided for more than one year at a time during the preceding five In case of stay abroad (including Pakistan) particulars of all places where you have resided for more than oi1e year after attaining the age of 21 years should be given.


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