Duty lists of the Conveners and Nodal Officers for Implementation of e-office: Railway Board CIRCULAR


Duty lists of the Conveners and Nodal Officers for Implementation of e-office: Railway Board CIRCULAR

Duty lists of the Conveners and Nodal Officers for Implementation of e-office in an effective manner: Railway Board CIRCULAR

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
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Sub: Duty lists of the Conveners and Nodal Officers for Implementation of e-office in an effective manner.

Implementation of e-office has commenced in Board’s office from 2017 as part of governance initiative of Government of India. To implement e-Office in a large and complex establishment like Board ‘s office in an effective manner, all directorates have been made as independent “Global Organisation Unit (GOU)”. All the Executive Directors/ Joint Secretaries of the GOU have been nominated as Conveners for monitoring the implementation of e-Office in their respective GOUs. To manage the employee data of every GOU, Nodal Officers have been nominated by the Conveners. Nodal officer has been assigned the role of acting as a “Local Admin” for a particular GOU. The following are the duty lists of the Conveners and Nodal Officers: –

Duty List of Convener

1. Ensuring nomination of Nodal Officers: In case the Nodal Officer retires or transferred to any other directorate, the Convener should ensure nomination of a new Nodal Officer.

2. In case an employee is transferred and no one is joining on that post, then the Convener should issue official instructions to the Nodal officer concerned to whom the receipts/files pertain to take necessary action to ensure that the receipts/files that are lying in the inbox of the transferred employee no longer remain in his inbox rendering the same inaccessible.

3. Ensuring implementation of e-File module in their respective Directorates: Top to down approach should be adopted and the Conveners should ensure that the employees work in e-File only.

4. E-office instance of Railway Board is interlinked with all its field units w.e.f. 09.11.2020. Therefore, the Conveners should nominate “Role Instance Sender” and “Role Instance Receiver” for their respective Directorate for exchange of files with Railway Units as per Circular No 2020/e-office/JS(M)/l dated 01.10.2020.

Duty List of Nodal Officer

1. Ensuring entry of data of the new employee in e-Office application.

2. Ensuring prompt updating of “Employee Master Detail (EMD) in case of change of post/promotion.

3. Transferring the employee in case of his posting outside existing Directorate.

4. Ensuring transfer of Files/Receipts from the account of relieved employee to successor.

5. Ensuring joining of an employee in case of transfer from other GOU and ensuring at the same time that no new post should be created if the employee is posted against an existing vacancy. New post should be created only in case new post is created.

6. Creating designation, if required, after ensuring that such a designation does not exist already Designations are common like ED, AM, etc. and posts are specific like ED/F(X)-I, ED/F(X)-II, AM/Trafl}c etc.

7. In case of retirement/moving on deputation etc. of an employee, Nodal Officer should ensure deactivation of the employee from the post/his ID and transfer of all receipts/files to another employee account so that other users are not able to send the file/receipts to the account of such employees knowingly or unknowingly leading to pendency.

List of Nodal Officers is available at Home Page of www.reis.railnet.gov.in. Any change/fresh nomination of Nodal Officer/Role_Instance_Receiver and Sender must be communicated to [email protected] from official @[email protected] email ID.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

No. E(O)I-CC/2020/e-office/M/01
Date: 22.12.2020

(D V Rao)
Joint Secretary(M) Railway Board .

All Officers & Branches in Board’s Office at Rail Bhawan and at Dayabasti,


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