Optimization of existing manpower of ECHS: Manning Document for F.Y. 2021-22

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Optimization of existing manpower of ECHS: Manning Document for F.Y. 2021-22

Optimization of existing manpower of ECHS: Manning Document for F.Y. 2021-22

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
IHQ of MoD (Army),
Thimaya Marg, Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt -110010


31 Dec 2020

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/PD ECHS (Navy)
Air HQ (Subarto Park), DAV
All Command HQ


1. ECHS was approved by Government of India on 30 Dec 2002 and became functional on 01 April 2003. As on date 30 Regional Centers (two under raising) and 433 Polyclinics pan India & Nepal are available to provide medical and related service to the beneficiaries.

2. Due to burgeoning strength of beneficiaries, reaching approximately 55 lakhs, authorized trades have been augmented with additional trades like Data Entry Operator, Information Technology Network Technician, Storekeepers, Receptionist & Clerk to address the manpower requirements at Polyclinics.

3. Manning Document 2021-22 has been prepared to optimize the existing manpower after discussion with Command reps via video conference wef 02 to 06 Nov 2020. Attempt has been made to rationalise vacancies of Medical, Para Medical and Non Medical Staff amongst all Polyclinics.

4. The manning norms will be read in conjunction with Central Org ECHS letter No B/49760/ AG/ECHS/ (R)/2017 dt 22 Dec 2017 and its amendments vide Central Org letter No B/49760/ Gen/AG/ ECHS/2020 dt 01 Jan 2020. All efforts will be made to ensure that the vacancies are utilised timely.

5. Salient aspects of the manning norms for Financial Year 2021-22 are as under:-

(a) Optimization of manpower at Polyclinics having less footfall has been done by transferring to Polyclinics having higher footfall. In view of lower footfall due to COVID-19 pandemic Daily, Average Sick Report {(DASR). for 2019-20 has been factored.

(b) Manpower for ECHS Cells at select Service Hospitals (R&R Hospital Delhi, Base Hospital Delhi, Command Hospital Chandimadir, Command Hospital Lucknow, Air Forces Command Hospital Bangalore, INHS Ashwani Mumbai Command Hospital Kolkata, Command Hospital Pune, INHS Sanjeevini Kochi, Command Hospital Udhampur, Military Hospital Jaipur and INHS Kalyani Vishaktapatnam) has been factored to facilitate direct referrals by ECHS Cells est at these major hospital. One contractual Medical Officer & inescapable Para Medical Staff have been planned for these hospitals. The manpower being provided to ensure Veterans and dependent beneficiaries are accorded early referral. Under utilisation of this staff is not desired.

(c) Manpower has been provided for Regional Centres and Central Organisation ECHS for online billing & library management.

(d) Manpower for AHR&R (Dental Centre), MDC (Base Hospital Delhi), and AFC New Delhi has also been planned.

6. Since the data integrity is based on varying inputs related to DASR (medical, dental and physiotherapy), equipment profile (ambulance and light vehicle), AERB status for X-Ray Rooms, and status of Physiotherapy Lab, the following norms will be adhered even if a vacancy has been allowed:-

(a) No Radiologist/Radiographer will be appointed unless serviceable X-Ray equipment and AERB compliant X-Ray Room is available.

(b) Number of Drivers employed will remain limited to No of vehicles serviceable and available and will not exceed allowed vacancy.

(c) Dental staff, even where allowed, will be appointed only when serviceable dental chair is available. Two serviceable chairs are essential when two Dental Officers and two Dental A/T/H are allowed.

(d) Laboratory Technician/Laboratory Assistant will be provided only if there is Laboratory facility available.

(e) Dental hygienist will be employed where no. Dental Offr is allowed. Dental Asst/Dental technician will not be employed in such cases unless Dental hygienist is not available. In case of Dental Officer being allowed, any Dental Trade out of Dental A/T/H can be employed.

(f) Based on representation by certain Service Hospitals, additional manpower has been given to the Service Hospitals. Station, Commander is requested to coordinate the same so that treatment of Veterans and their dependents is not affected adversely.

(g) If no Medical Specialist/Gynecologist becomes available to utilize allowed vacancy, the same be intimated to Central Org ECHS so that the vacancies can be utilized elsewhere. Similarly, if Medical Specialist/Gynecologist is available in a particular station even when a vacancy has not been allowed, the same may be projected to Central Org ECHS for consideration of allocation of vacancy. In case fulltime Specialist is not available, option of hourly employment should be explored.

(h) During selection, computer knowledge, multi tasking ability arr positive orientation be factored.

(j) In case of Type E Polyclinics, when Medical Officer is being provided by Service Hospital, balance staff as allowed can be employed. Driver should be employed only when ambulance is made available through Service funds/full time ambulance from formation resources. Where no Medical Officer is available, balance staff should not be employed.

(k) While the Nos and trade as given in “allowed” vacancy cannot be changed, any vacancy considered extra may not be employed by the formation concerned.

7. Vacancies for Central Org ECHS, AH R&R, AH R&R (Dental), MDC Base Hospital Delhi, AFC and other entities have been tabulated under Polyclinic Base Hospital Delhi Cantt. The following explanatory notes are mentioned below:-

Ser/No Note Explanation
(a) No remarks Vacancies meant for PCs
(b) # Vacancies for online billing & library management for Regional Centres and Central Org ECHS
(c) @ Vacancies for Command Hospital/ Base Hospital/ Selected Hospital

8. In lieu Appointments MD ECHS has been delegated powers to employ persons for five categories (Information Technology Network Technician, Data Entry Operator, Clerk, Receptionist & Storekeeper) as in lieu vacancies. The same has been promulgated vide MoD letter No 22(D) 04/2018/(WE)/D (Res-I) dt 23 Apr 2018. However, these are not additional vacancies and are required to be adjusted against authorised vacancy only.

9. Appointments Under Litigation. Wherever stay order has been passed by the Honorable Court against a particular vacancy/appointment, status quo to be maint for that vacancy/appointment. However, Station HQs are advised to get the stay vacated by close liaison with JAG Br/Government Counsel. In case vacancy is allotted for the subjudice appointment which is under stay order, it will not be utilised as additional vacancy since the appointment would be already subscribed.

10. Waiver Cases– Waiver of experience and upper age will be considered by the MD ECHS on case to case basis. This should be used as an exception. Following aspects will be considered before forwarding the case for waiver:-

(a) Waiver can only be given if no candidates with requisite Qualitative Requirement are available.

(b) If a candidate with requisite Qualitative. Requirement is available and not considered by the BOO being not suitable for the jab, the same is required to be endorsed in Board Proceedings in writing with proper justification.

(c) Case for waiver is to be forwarded by the Station Headquarter through HQs Sub Area / Area equivalent along with following documents :-

(i) Advertisement Copy.
(ii) Approved Board Proceedings.
(iii) Statement of Case in respect of candidate for whom waiver is being sought
(iv) Recommendation of Commanders Chain.

11. Qualification Requirement for all trades including additional in lieu trades will be as given in GoI (MoD) letter No 24(6)/03/US(WE)/D (Res) dt 22 Sep 2003 and this office letter No B/49791/AG/ECHS dt 16 Jun 2014 respectively. Qualitative Requirements for in lieu trades are reiterated below:-

Sr/ No Category Basic Qualification Work Experience Desirable
(a) Clerk Graduate/Class I Clerical Trade (Armed Forces) Minimum 5 Years Computers Qualified, experience of more than 10 years
(b) Data Entry Operator Graduate/Class Clerical Trade (Armed Force) Minimum 5 years Computers Qualified, experience of more than 10 years
(c) Receptionist Graduate/Class I Clerical Trade (Armed Forces) Minimum 5 years Computers Qualified, experience of more than 10 years
(d) Information Technology Network Technician Diploma/Certificate/ Equivalent in IT Networking, Computer application Minimum 02 years Knowledge of IT equipment, software installation and maintenance of computer network

12. Merit list of successful candidates will be prepared. Person first in order of merit will be selected and rest all achieving minimum laid down Qualitative Requirement will be part of reserve list and must be given opportunity in their turn. Results will be duly declassified.

13. Pay Scale for In lieu Vacancies

(a) Information Technology Network Technician will be given pay of Para Medical Staff.

(b) Payment of Receptionist will be as per payment of Non Medical Staff.

(c) Payment for Data Entry Operator and Clerk will be as per the category against which it is allowed.

14. Duration of Employment Duration of employment for allowed vacancies over and above those authorised to Polyclinics will be for the Financial Year 2024-22 ie till 31 Mar 2022 only, irrespective of contract date. For example, if a contract is signed in the month of Dec 2022 validity of the contract for allowed vacancies will be till 31 Mar 2022 and not up to Nov 2022.

15. Conditions of Ineligibility

(a) All those including contractual employees who have worked in an ECHS establishment, will have clear gap of one year between the last ECHS appointment held and when the appointment is taken in any Empanelled Hospitals. The clause of cooling off period’ will not be applicable for individuals employed in ECHS establishment and applying for employment in ECHS Polyclinics.

(b) Those who have worked in any Empanelled Hospital will also have clear gap of one year from the date when appointment is relinquished in an Empanelled Hospital and the date when they join any ECHS establishment.

(c) Any one not meeting these norms will be given mandatary notice of 30 days for termination of contractual employment.

16. Merger of Polyclinics The case for merger of 20 Polyclinics with co-loc Service Hospitals in Ph-1 is still under consideration through at.an advanced stage. When the polyclinics are subsequently merged, the manpower likely to be retained as per Appx ‘A’. The balance of the manpower will be terminated by issuing one month notice, whenever the case for merger is approved.

17. All appointments at Polyclinics will be in accordance with the Manning Document of respective Polyclinics wef 01 Apr 2021. In case of those categories where vacancy has not been allowed, mandatory notice of 30 days will be given to-terminate the appointment and it will not be carried beyond 01 Apr 2021.

18. The advertisement published should be as per promulgated Qualitative Requirements for the vacancy being publicized.

19. Maximum persons be maintained in Waiting Roster so that they can be employed without delay as and when vacancy arises. Once selection for vacancies for 01 Apr 21- 31 Mar 22 has been done, waiting list will be non operational wef 31 Mar 22 and fresh selection will be held for vacancies for next financial year.

20. Vacancies, if required, apart from allowed in Manning document for Financial Year 21-22 may be projected to CO ECHS through Command channel for allotment of CTS fund for employment of staff at ECHS Polyclinics.

21. Manning Document has been compiled Regional Center wise. While necessary diligence has been ensured to compile the data, inaccuracies, if any, be brought to the notice of this HQ with respect to authorisation & other details through HQs Comd /PD Navy /DAV AF only. No other HQ will make any representation for modification of manning data.

22. For information and implementation.

(Sushila Patilal)
Jt Dir (Pers)

Optimization of existing manpower of ECHS-Manning Document for F.Y. 2021-22

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