System Improvement in Contractual Work of Rewiring of Railway Quarters

System Improvement in Contractual Work of Rewiring of Railway Quarters


No. 2006/Elect(G)/150/9/Pt.I/Loose

New Delhi, dt: 11.01.2021

General Managers
All Zonal Railways & PUs
Director General, RDSO

Sub: System Improvement in Contractual Work of Rewiring of Railway Quarters.

A reference has been received in Board’s office regarding some irregularities observed in contractual work of rewiring of various type of Railway staff Quarters.

2. The matter was taken up by the Vigilance Directorate and also examined by Central Vigilance Commission. It was felt that there Is a need for systemic improvements to prevent such incidents in future.

3. Accordingly, following systemic improvements are suggested to be strictly followed over IR

(i) Only occupied/allotted quarters to be rewired.

(ii) Area of quarters to be verified and certified by supervisor-in-charge.

(iii) Occupant’s counter signature to be taken on the register.

(iv) Division should maintain complete record of wiring done/condition of wiring for all types of railway quarters in their jurisdiction.

(v) Codal life of wiring should also be taken in to account before planning of rewiring.

(vi) Keeping above points in mind, rewiring work should be planned and accordingly estimate should be processed.

(vii) Proper record keeping should be maintained on the daily work done. The same should be verified by concerned officer before processing for increase in quantities, if required as per site conditions, along with forwarding of bills.

(viii) All electrical points to be provided during rewiring as per existing guidelines of Railway Board.

(ix) Multi-stranded copper wires of appropriate size to be used as per relevant Indian Standards (IS).

4. Further, Railway Board vide letter no 2018/CE-I/CT/30 dated 21.04.2020 have implemented IR – Works Contract Management System (IR-WCMS) in all 68 Divisions of IR. IR-WCMS application covers all the activities associated with contract management, which includes submission of Performance Guarantee, preparation and signing of contract agreement, e-measurement book, billing and payment, correspondence between railways and contractor etc. This will help in bringing more transparency in works contracts and will be fruitful in addressing issues noted in the case.

5. It is requested that system improvements as mentioned in para 3 above may be implemented expeditiously. Besides, it is also advised to implement IR-WCMS scrupulously in works relating to rewiring of railway quarters.

This issues with the approval of Board (Chairman & CEO and M/TRS).

(Manish Gupta)
Executive Director (EEM)
Railway Board
Tele.: 011-47845415

Copy to:- PCEEs — All Zonal Railways & PUs.


Source: https://indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/ele_engg/compandium/Compandium_IV/Loose-110121.pdf