Thrust areas for the year 2021 to eliminate scope for corruption and improve the system: Railway Board


Thrust areas for the year 2021 to eliminate scope for corruption and improve the system: Railway Board

Thrust areas for the year 2021 to eliminate scope for corruption and improve the system: Railway Board


No. 2019/V1/Thrust Area/1/1

New Delhi, Date: 21.01.2021

All Zonal Railways/Pus

The CVOs All PSUs .

Metro/Kolkata, DG RDSO/LKO


Sub.: Thrust areas for the year 2021

The areas of preventive checks are identified in chapter IV of IRVM-2018 and Railways/PUs have been advised to conduct checks accordingly. In continuation the following Thrust areas for conducting preventive checks are hereby approved by PED(Vigilance), Railway Board for the year 2021 so as to eliminate scope for corruption and improve the system.

1) Scrutiny of expenditure contracts covering all Departments viz. Engineering, Electrical, S&T and Mechanical for each of the following categories:-

a) Quality check of safety items on coaches, locos & wagons.

b) Irregularities in Eligibility criterion-Special condition restrictive in nature

c) Duplicacy /Unrealistic assessment of work in Estimates and Tender schedule.

d) Outsourced maintenance of Electric Locomotive parts such as Auxiliary Motors etc.

e) Quality check of supply of OHE materials.

f) Quality check of Signaling/Power Cable.

g) Quality check of Consignee Inspected Telecom materials.

h) Monitoring compliance to Instructions on Minimum Wage Act in execution of contracts including updating in Shramik Kalyan Portal (SKP).

i) Emphasis on logical conclusion of contract with complaints on old and expired contract including review of contracts pending for closure.

j) Focus on Non fare Revenue from Land resources especially realization of outstanding dues against way leave facilities, leasing/licensing case etc.

k) Scrutiny of manpower based contracts in Train Escorting, wiring of coaches,TSS & comparison of yardsticks.

l) Scrutiny of Contracts where variation is over and above 25%

m) Scrutiny of tenders decided beyond 30 days of original validity

n) Online finalization of Tenders/Issuance of Letters of Acceptance(LoA) in IREPS

o) Scrutiny of manpower in service contracts and their deployment Use of IRWCMS for Works/Service contracts

2) In order to cover large value works/Machinery & Plants/procurement, the following Plan Heads have been identified for conducting preventive checks, including proper accountal of stores:-

a) Action on cartelisation relevant for Stores as well as Engg. Departments in procurement of material and following two aspects to be covered:-

(i) Testing of material supplied in all such cases

(ii) Action initiated by the Executive Deptt to break the cartel

b) Irregularities in Inspection of Materials by consignee, RITES and ROSO.

c) Scrutiny of both Stock and Non-Stock Procurement cases in Division/Workshop

(i) PC of Purchase cases>10 lakhs in divisions and workshops.
(ii) PC of Purchase cases(Direct Acceptance Case)> 10 lakhs

d) Scrutiny of lodging & handling of warranty claims against material fitted on Rolling Stock

e) Scrutiny of procurement of items having three or less vendors in the approved list of RDSO/PUs.

f) Verification of Import documents in cases of procurement through Imports

g) Routine check of delivery of scrap

h) Vendor approval system to be routinely checked at ROSO and PUs especially in those cases where Vendors are less than 03 and application for fresh registration are not being processed in time

i) Genuineness of OEM’s and their local vendors.

3) Other Checks:-

a) Claim settlement cases especially death cases under section 124-A. Ensure claims are genuine to prevent misuse by unscrupulous elements.

b) Monitor coverage and usage of CCTVs and other Surveillance mechanisms at various critical infrastructure of Railways where misuse is rampant.

c) Scrutiny of Commercial Contracts -Parking, OBHS, Mechanised Contract Cleaning, Housekeeping/Cleaning etc.

d) Checks on travelling authority and personal cash carried by on-board staff.

4) Mass Contact area:-

a) Checks on non issued and special cancellation in PRS and UTS

b) Checks on reservation done on zero value/pre-bought tickets and misuse of special/complimentary passes

c) Checks on overloading of VPs/SLRs and record keeping of overloading instances by the checking/ contracting division and action taken thereof.

d) Duty Roster of TTEs & rotation of TTEs

e) EFT and station cash remittance and submission of periodical returns.

f) Review of staff posted at Goods Sheds to ensure rotation.

5) Maintenance and upkeep of in-motion weighbridges

6) Accounts Department:

a) Failed NEFT transactions and bankers cheques

b) CPC arrears and allowances

c) Memorandum of differences for salary payment

d) Partial withdrawal for NPS

e) Bill passing of contracts-entries of MB

f) Reconciliation of payment of Deposit works.

g) Internal-check machinery in bill passing of contractors and suppliers claims.

h) Reconciliation of receipts through electronic mode.

i) Report of pending RRs, deduction of surcharge and deposit of BG.

j) Check vendor/Party Master in IPAS to weed out fake entities & expired contracts

7) Personnel Department

a) Verification of documents in case of interest bearing advance

b) Maintenance of leave records.

c) Verification of various certificates of the candidate recruited through compassionate grounds, sports quota & cultural quota etc.

d) Recording of entries of punishment in service records.

e) Scrutiny of long absentee employee, verification of employee data in IPAS with muster roll/ attendance and service records.

f) Scrutiny of compassionate appointment cases & role of Welfare Inspectors

g) Scrutiny of Departmental exams

8) Medical Department

a) Initial Medical Exam/PME of candidates/employees-medical decategorization.

b) Referral Hospital case-option given by the employee.

c) Local purchase of medicines

d) Issue, accountal and quality of medicine.

e) Enlistment of Private Hospitals for referral of patients and procedure to refer the patients to private hospitals approved by Zonal Railways.

9) Apart from above thrust areas, SDGMs/CVOs are also advised to monitor:-

a) Use of online finalization of tender through IREPS in timely finalization of tenders (Works, Stores & Commercial)

b) Monitoring timely completion of DAR enquiries resulting out of vigilance investigations.

c) Timely and prompt updation of IRVINS.

Successful steps taken in this regard are to be documented for sharing of best practices and a quarterly report is to be sent to the Board’s Office highlighting achievements under these heads, linking them to better governance and growth of Indian Railways.

(Gaurav Sharma)
Director Vigilance (Mech)
Railway Board


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