Railway Minister English Essay Competition 2020-2021


Railway Minister English Essay Competition 2020-2021

Railway Minister English Essay Competition 2020-2021.  Railway Board orders with full details like eligibility, last date of submission, amount of prize etc.

Government of India/भारतीय सरकार
Ministry of Railways/ रेल मंत्रालय
Railway Board / रेलवे बोर्ड


Rail Bhawan, New Delhi-110001, date. 10.03.2021

The General Managers/OSDs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units,
RDSO/Lucknow, CORE/ Allahabad,
Metro Rly./ Kolkata etc.(As per standard Mailing List) es

Sub: Railway Minister’s English Essay Competition 2020-2021.

Railway Minister’s English Essay Competition’ is conducted every year and the following Prizes are awarded along with a certificate:-

  Category 1st Prize 2nd Prize
i) Gazetted Rs.6000/- Rs.4000/-
ii) Non-Gazetted Rs.6000/- Rs.4000/-

2. The essays are required to be written (preferably typed) in English only in double space and on one side of the paper. The essays should be restricted to a word limit of 2000 failing which an entry shall be disqualified. Every Railway employee whether permanent or temporary, who has a put in a minimum of three month’s service is eligible to submit only one essay on any one of the Topics given below. The prizes are distributed during the Annual Railway Award Function held

3. For the purpose of this Competition, Railway Units are required to invite essays from the Officers and Staff and select best 10 percent of the essays, for forwarding to the Board’s Office. The essays are then examined by a Special Committee appointed by the Board.

4. Winners of 1st Prize of English Essay Competition (Gazetted/Non Gazetted) in the last a three years i.e 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20 are not eligible.

5. It has been observed that in the Competition held last year, some of the Railways had not a sent any entries. Accordingly, it is requested that due publicity may be given for inviting is entries for the year 2020-2021 from the Railway employees. The ‘selected essays (in triplicate) duly signed and also mentioning on the cover of the Essay – the name, designation, Railway, category (gazetted/non-gazetted), office address and telephone number may be forwarded to the Ministry of Railways, latest by 31st March, 2021, so that assessment of the essays and further necessary action in relation to the prize-winning essays may be completed well in time. In case no essay has been/is selected by your Railway/Office, a ‘NIL’ statement may please be sent.

(Anita Gautam)
Room No.303

Railway Minister English Essay Competition 2020-2021


Source: Indian Railways