Transfer of officers/officials working in Vigilance Unit of the organization- Circular No. 03/04/21


Transfer of officers/officials working in Vigilance Unit of the organization- Circular No. 03/04/21

Transfer of officers/officials working in Vigilance Unit of the organization- Circular No. 03/04/21

Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex, Block A,
INA, New Delhi 110023

Circular No. 03/04/21

Dated 05:04:2021

Subject:- Transfer of officers/officials working in Vigilance Unit of the organization­ reg.

Ref: (i) Commission ‘s Circular No. 98/VGL/60- dated 15.04.1999
(ii) Commission’s Circular No. 98/VGL/60 – dated 02.11.2001
(i ii) Commission ‘s Circular No. 17/4/08 – dated 01.05.2008
(iv) Commission ‘s Circular No. 02/01/12 – dated 04.01.2012
(v) Commission ‘s Circular No . 03/09/13 – dated 11.09.2013

Central Vigilance Commission, as part of its function of exercising supervision over vigilance administration of the organizations under its advisory jurisdiction, has issued guidelines, as referred to above, relating to transfer of officials working in Vigilance Units of the organizations. The Commission has already identified posting in Vigilance Units/departments as ‘sensitive posting. lt has been observed that undue long stay of an official in such a sensitive post at one place, has the potential of developing vested interests, apart from giving rise to unnecessary complaints/allegations etc. In order to emphasize on the importance of the issue and to ensure transparency, objectivity, and uniformity in approach, the Commission has decided to modify its earlier guidelines. The Commission would now direct as under:-

(i) The tenure of personnel in vigilance unit at one place including PS/PA and lower level functionaries, should be limited to ‘three years’ only. Such personnel who have completed three years in Vigilance Units can be given another tenure of three years in vigilance unit, in continuation of earlier tenure, but at a different place of posting. It would mean that the personnel can have two continuous postings in Vigilance Units, at two different places of posting, each running in to a maximum of three years.

(ii) In case of personnel presently working in Vigilance Units of the organizations concerned, who have worked for more than three years, the exercise of transferring them out of the present place of posting may be started in phases, with priority to be given to shift/transfer personnel who have served for the maximum period in Vigilance Unit. The personnel, who have completed more than five years in Vigilance Units at same place, should be shifted on top priority basis. In first phase, atleast 10% of the persons (minimum of one person), who have worked beyond three years, should be shifted in sequential order, without exception, i.e., on the basis of first come first go principle. An illustrative example of the manner in which the exercise is to be conducted is given below: –

Name of the organization- ‘X’

1 2 3 4 5
No. of officials posted in Vigilance Units

No. of officials working for>3 years

No. of officials to be posted out in first phase

Out of column (3),  no. of officials working for>5 years

No. of officials working between four and half years to five years

86 41

4    (10%    of column 2)

3 (to be posted out 111  first phase) 1 (to be posted out m first phase)

(iii) In case, a personnel has served at one place in Vigilance Unit for more than three years, his tenure at the next place (if posted in Vigilance Unit) may be curtailed to ensure that the combined tenure at two places is limited to six years only.

(iv) After transfer from Vigilance Unit, a compulsory cooling off period of three years should be observed before a person can be considered again for posting in Vigilance Unit of the organization concerned.

(v) A person,  after  completion  of  three  years  in  Vigilance  Unit   of  an organization may be considered for transfer on  deputation  basis,  in  the Vigilance Unit of another organization, subject to the policy of the organizations and/or authorities concerned, on the subject.

(vi) In case of transfer on deputation basis and/or transfer to another unit in the same organization, priority/preference should be given to those personnel who have sought transfer or applied for deputation on the basis of posting of their spouse.

(vii) Induction training of preferably seven days should be given to the personnel, at the time of their posting in Vigilance Unit and further training at regular interval may be given, so as to enable them to function smoothly and efficiently. A hybrid model for the training may be developed, which may include online training.

2. The first phase of transfer/posting of  minimum  of  10%  of  the  personnel  [as indicated in para I (ii) above] may be completed by 05.2021. Further, it may be ensured that the exercise of transferring all the personnel who have worked for more than 3 years at one place is completed by 30.06.2022.

सरकारी कार्मिकों की सेवानिवृत्ति आयु 60 वर्ष अथवा 33 वर्ष की सेवा करने संबंधी अधिकारिक सूचना

3. In the organizations where there is a vigilance cadre, the vigilance personnel may be transferred to other place/station in Vigilance unit after completion of tenure of three years at one place/station in the vigilance unit of the organisation concerned.

4. The details regarding transfer of personnel to and from Vigilance Units should be provided to the Commission by the CVOs concerned in para 9 of the Quarterly Performance Report being submitted by them to the Commission.

5. The guidelines for transfers/postings in view of COVID-19 pandemic to be kept in view while effecting transfers/posting.

6. The above instructions may be noted for strict compliance.

(Rajiv Varma)
Officer on Special Duty


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