Timely processing of Superannuation pension cases as per the procedure and time frame: DoT


Timely processing of Superannuation pension cases as per the procedure and time frame: DoT

Timely processing of Superannuation pension cases as per the procedure and time frame: DoT issues Order dated 01.06.2021

No. 36-03/2019-Pen(T) (ii)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications
(Pension Section)

516, Sanchar Bhawan
20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi
Dated: 01th June 2021


Subject: Timely processing of Superannuation pension cases as per the procedure and time frame provided by CCS (Pension) Rules 1972-reg

Pension Section, DoT, has already issued instructions regarding the procedure for timely settlement of superannuation pension cases as per CCS Pension Rules 1972, vide OM No.40-19/2019-Pen(T) dated 29th September 2020.

2. However, it has been observed that timelines as Stipulated in CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 are not being followed by various staff/Admn. Section of DoT and other offices, who are maintaining Service Books of the officers/officials due for retirement on superannuation, resulting in delay in settlement of pension cases in violation of the provisions of Pension Rules. It is also seen that the Pension papers in respect of retiring employees are also being received very late.

3. Therefore, following instructions are reiterated as per Rule 56 to 59 of CCS Pension Rules 1972:

  1. Process regarding scrutiny of Service Books, checking of service verification entries and determination of qualifying service & average emoluments to be initiated one year before the date of retirement. The HOO of staff/Admn. Branches should take necessary action accordingly. Service Books must be forwarded to the concerned Pension Section one year before the date of retirement.
  2. Concerned Staff/Admn. Branches must complete necessary action to make good omissions/imperfections/deficiencies in Service Books 08 months prior to the date of retirement.
  3. Officers/officials due for retirement should submit their pension papers 6 months prior to retirement.
  4. The above time limits should be adhered to so that Form 7 , Form-8 and Pension papers could be forwarded to concerned Accounts branch 04 months before the date of retirement for further processing and releasing of pensionary benefits on retirement without delay.

4. In case, submission of Service Books or Pension papers get delayed due to reasons of corona pandemic, same may be informed to concerned Pension Sections for taking necessary action in terms of DoP&PW OM No. 12/9/2020-6450-P&PW(C) dated 17” July 2020 as circulated vide this Section’s OM of even number dated 29th Sept 2020.

5. The above instructions are brought to the notice of all concerned for compliance.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Neha Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Ph. 011 2303 6213

1. DDG(A/cs), DDG(C&A), DDG(Pers.), DDG(E&T), DoT, HQ
2. Dir(Accounts-l), Dir(Accounts-Il), Dir(Staff), Dir(SEA), Dir(Civil), Dir(Arch.), Dir(Elect.), DS(Admn.!), DS(Admn.!I), DoT, HQ.
3. US(Admn.l), US(Admn.II), US(Admn.II!), US(SGT), US(SNG), ADG(SEA-1), ADG(SEA-II), DoT
4. Sr. DDG(TEC), Khurshid Lal Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi, WMO/NCCS
5. All the office of Pr. CCAs/ CCAs/LSAs/Heads of BSNL circles.
6. ADG(E&C), DoT for uploading this OM on DoT website.
7. All concerned employees through DoT wesite.

Copy, in respect of DoT employees working on deputation, to:
9. Registrar, TDSAT, Secretary TRAI, Chairman C.DoT

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