Launch of new CGHS Mobile Application for Android based devices “myCGHS”


Launch of new CGHS Mobile Application for Android based devices “myCGHS”

Launch of new CGHS Mobile Application for Android based devices “myCGHS”

F No . 44/49/MCTC/CGHS2021 /DIR/CGHS/
Government of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the February , 2022.


SUBJECT: Launch of new CGHS Mobile Application for Android based devices.


With reference to the above mentioned subject and in alignment with its vision of being the first choice in providing quality healthcare services and ensuring holistic well- being across clients’ entire life span, Central Government Health Scheme has found it imperative to adopt new technology and innovations in the delivery of quality healthcare.

In this regard, CGHS has launched a new mobile application for Android based platforms, named ‘myCGHS’. The launch of the mobile app is an important and timely step towards catering to India’s increasing digital penetration. ‘myCGHS’ application shall provide the beneficiaries, CGHS services and updates without venturing out, from the comfort of their homes.

The ‘myCGHS’ mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android based smartphones by following the below mentioned steps.

Open the Google Play Store on Android device

Search ‘myCGHS’ on the search bar of Play Store

Select ‘myCGHS’ application icon

Click on ‘Install’ button to install the application on your mobile device

Requisite permissions should be allowed to access all the services of the application

Log-In using beneficiary ID and mobile number and create an mPIN for added security


Click on image to download

Once installed, CGHS beneficiaries can use ‘myCGHS’ mobile application to access the following services :

i) Appointment Services:

  • Book appointment: CGHS beneficiaries can book online appointments using the ‘Book Appointment’ tab at the Home Page of the application.
  • Cancel appointment: CGHS beneficiaries can cancel an already booked appointment by clicking on the ‘Cancel appointment’ tab.
  • My Appointments: details of all the previous appointments, booked appointments and cancelled appointments can be viewed by clicking the ‘My appointments’ tab.

ii) Medical History:

  • Medications: Beneficiaries can access the medication history, with details such as Name of the medicine, Dosages, Relevant advise of the doctor, Source of the prescribed medicine and Prescription date.
  • Referrals: Beneficiaries can also retrieve the history of all the issued referrals, Date of the referral, Referral ID, and Name of the issuing wellness centre

iii) Card details:

  • Beneficiary Cards: Beneficiaries can access the e-CGHS card and Index card from within the application itself. This card can be used at- par with the original CGHS card for availing services at the wellness centres and empanelled HCOs.
  • Family details: Beneficiaries can view details of the dependent beneficiaries, book their online appointments.

iv) Medical Reimbursement Claim status:

  • Beneficiaries can get to know about the status of their Medical Reimbursement Claims pending with the CGHS as well.

v) Other services that can be accessed even without login are as follows:

  • FAQs : Beneficiaries can also view Frequently Asked Questions about CGHS and access News and Highlights for latest CGHS OMs and Updates.
  • Details of Empaneled centre, Wellness Centres and CGHS Offices: Beneficiaries can get information about details and location of Empaneled HCOs, Wellness Centres and Offices of the CGHS establishment.
  • Nearby Wellness Centres: Beneficiaries can also access the addresses and maps of the CGHS wellness centres, closest to the location of the beneficiary.

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