Pre-intimation towards Offer of possession in Greater Noida (Phase I) Housing Scheme


Pre-intimation towards Offer of possession in Greater Noida (Phase I) Housing Scheme

Pre-intimation towards Offer of possession in Greater Noida (Phase I) Housing Scheme


{An autonomous body under M/o Housing & Urban Affairs}
Head Office : 6th Floor, ‘A’ Wing Janpath Bhawan New Delhi-110 001


Date: 03-02-2022


The beneficiaries of Greater Noida (Phase-I) Housing Scheme.

Subject : Pre-intimation towards Offer of possession in Greater Noida  (Phase I) Housing Scheme : reg.

Dear Beneficiary,

This is in continuation to CGEWHO’s letter of even reference dated 22nd June 2021, through which intimation of specific flat/floor allotment was forwarded to all beneficiaries. The allotment was made through a draw of lots held on 12-14th March 2021 near Project Site by the Draw Committee in the presence of large number of beneficiaries who were invited to participate and witness the draw in person or through his/her representative vide an intimation-cum-invitation letter. Subsequently, the result of draw was web published in

2. CGEWHO has already applied for ‘Occupancy Certificate’ to Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) after completing the works as required by the statutory However, the handing over peaceful physical possession of the flat(s) shall be initiated only after receiving ‘Occupancy Certificate’ from the GNIDA and registration of the sub-lease deed of the apartment which is mandatory as per the Uttar Pradesh Apartment (Promotion of Construction, Ownership and Maintenance) Act 2010.(1) This communication is being issued to all the beneficiaries; so that they can plan/mobilize for interior works, perform house warming ceremonies and other activities in their respective Dwelling Unit(s).

3. The process of energization of transformer is likely to be finished soon for connecting the required common area(s) of Kendriya Vihar Complex; Greater Moreover, Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) will seek a copy of sub- lease deed in favour of owner(s) before installation of individual Electric Meter for electricity connection.

4. CGEWHO has worked out a pre-final costing of the DU(s) based upon the actual expenditure incurred as well as provision made for future expenditure up to the closure of the The following sale proceeds have been credited to the project while calculating pre-final cost subject to realization of payments:

a) The sales proceeds of 23 Shops, Nursery School, Nursing Home and the anticipated value of 25 unsold shops amounting to 35.05 crore has been credited to the project.

b) Rs.12.75 crore has been credited to project against anticipated sale of 425 parking(s).

It is relevant to mention that in case of any shortfall in realization of revenue receipt as mentioned in para-3(a) & 3(b) the cost of project shall also vary to that extant and the variation of the cost will be demanded from the beneficiaries in due course.

Keeping in view the above mentioned facts and additional cost on account of statutory levies, GST & escalation, 7.39% increase (as shown in the table below) has been worked out in the project cost besides Apartment Owner’s Association charges will be one & half percent as per CGEWHO Rule.


Type of Dwelling Unit Super built-up area (in sft.) as mentioned in Announced Cost @3719 per sft.
(in Rs.)
Adjusted Cost @3719 per sft.
(in Rs.)
6th & Final Instalment @275 per sft.
(in Rs.)
Pre-Final Cost @3994 per sft.
(in Rs.)
AOA Charges @ 1.5%
(in Rs.)
Amount Demanded
(in Rs.)
Scheme Brochure Technical Brochure Differ-ence
A(1BHK) 682 674 12 2536360 2506606 185350 2691956 40379 195975
B(2BHK) 1120 1123 3 4165280 4176437 308825 4485262 67279 387261
C(3BHK) 1470 1481 11 5466930 5507839 407275 5915114 88727 536911
D(4BHK) 2100 2100 7809900 7809900 577500 8387400 125811 703311
N.B.So increase works out to be Rs.3994- Rs.3719 = Rs.275 i.e. 7.39%

2. It is also stated that the beneficiaries of this scheme were updated and kept informed about the status and progress of the project regularly through various letters/website up-dation(s) etc. As per CGEWHO’s letter dated 30, July 2014, allottee(s) who opted to continue with the scheme will be credited with interest @6.5% p.a. on deposited amount.

3. Further, a Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) was constituted to monitor the progress of works at the project on 14/06/2017. Meetings of the PMC members; elected and formed from amongst the beneficiaries; were held about the progress & related issue(s) on 20/06/2017, 23/02/2018, 24/08/2018, 15/03/2019, 06/11/2019 & 13/02/2021 and Minutes of the Meeting were put on official website of cgewho i.e. for information of all beneficiaries.

4. The beneficiaries who will make full payments shall be entitled to take peaceful physical possession of the DUs, albeit after CGEWHO obtains occupation certificate and after registration of sub-lease deed of apartment. Detailed procedure for taking over possession is explained in subsequent para(s).

5. Those who have availed two loans i) HBA from Govt. Deptt. & ii) housing loan from any other financial institution (against second mortgage), are required to mortgage the property in favour of the President of India, first; then respective Govt. Deptt. will forward the Sub-lease Deed to the concerned financial institution, if applicable.

In case of beneficiaries who have availed housing loan only from financial institution, CGEWHO will forward the Sub-lease deed directly to the concerned financial institution; endorsing a copy to the individual beneficiary. In order to meet this requirement, beneficiaries are requested to give details of the loan(s) availed by them in the enclosed Annexure-I so that necessary action can be taken at our end.

9. Procedure for taking over physical possession by beneficiaries :

(a) Make payment of outstanding dues including Equalization Charges @10% pa as being communicated separately by Finance Directorate.

(b) Submit the following documents :

    1. Proforma of ‘No Objection’ for obtaining ‘Occupancy Certificate’ from GNIDA to be signed by individual beneficiary/allottee. [Proforma enclosed as Ann exu re”A” ].
    2. Undertaking regarding the cost & loan(s) availed from the Financial Institution/HBA in Annexure-I. { or May refer to Annexure-XVII in the Scheme brochure.}.
    3. Application for membership of Apartment Owners’ Association/Society as per Annexure-II. { or May refer to Annexure-XVI in the Scheme brochure.}.
    4. An Acceptance & Undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- as per format of Annexure-III, duly attested by Notary Public or 1st class Magistrate { or May refer to Annexure-XV in the Scheme brochure.}.
    5. Special Power of Attorney (applicable when beneficiary wishes to authorize someone else to take over possession of the DU, on his/her behalf), duly registered/ notarized to be submitted in original. {May refer to Annexure-XII in the Scheme brochure.}

(c) Registration of Tripartite Sub-lease Deed of respective flat after paying applicable stamp duty and registration fees with the local Sub-Registrar’s Office. Draft Sub-lease deed in under process of vetting and approval by GNIDA. The detailed registration process will be web-published; once it is finalized & got approved.

10. After payment of the due amount and completing the procedure as mentioned at Para-9 above, a `Possession Letter’ will be issued in due course, with a copy to General/Project Manager, Greater Noida. This possession letter will entitle the beneficiary to take possession of the flat from our General/Project Manager after signing the requisite Handing/Taking Over Certificate; enclosed with the Possession Letter; showing proof of identification.
In case, a beneficiary has authorized someone else to take possession on his/her behalf, the authorized person should carry a copy of the `Special Power of Attorney’ {refer to para-9(b)(v) above} submitted for the purpose and any proof of his identification.

11. It may be noted that Possession Letter will be issued only after receipt of the full payment, documents, as mentioned in para-9 above. Further, possession letter will not be issued, even if full payment has been received, but the required documents have not been submitted. Thus, it is in the interest of the beneficiary to forward the required documents prior to or along with final payment. CGEWHO’s General/Project Manager at Greater Noida can be contacted at the under mentioned address:

Shri Raj Kumar Bhatia, General Manager Gr. Noida (Ph-I) Housing Project Kendriya Vihar, Greater Noida, U.P. 70422 80555 – Mobile

80760 05656 – Whatspp Mail Id: rjkmrbhatia[at]

Md Irfan, Project Manager, Greater Noida 70429 06558
Sh V K Birah, Project Manager Gr. Noida 92383 61355

12. After taking physical possession, beneficiary will have to make an application directly to NPCL for individual electricity connection and meter for their respective dwelling unit, enclosing a copy of Sub-lease deed (2) entered with GNIDA/CGEWHO, as per the Rules & regulations of the NPCL. Application Form and Procedure to be followed for individual Power connection can be downloaded from NPCL’s website or

Yours faithfully,

M K Maity
Deputy Director (Administration)
for Chief Executive Officer


Annexure – “ A”


[to be signed by individual beneficiary/allottee of CGEWHO’s GREATER NOIDA [PHASE-I] PROJECT]



I / We, Shri/Smt. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. Son/Daughter of …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. …….. ……..  allottee of the unit No. …….. …….. …….. …….. in Block …….. …….. …….. …….. on …….. …….. …….. …….. Floor under CGEWHO’s Greater Noida (Phase-I) Housing Scheme at Sector:P-4 (Phi-2), Plot No. 7 Builders Area, P.O. Gurjinder Vihar, Greater Noida (U.P) Pin-201315, confirm that I have no objection(s) in the matter of Occupancy/ Completion Certificate to be issued to Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organization [CGEWHO] by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA).

Signature of Allottee/Beneficiary : Regn.No. :
Name :
Phone No./Mobile No.: E-mail :
Address :