Issue of medicine for veterans going abroad: ECHS Order 26.04.2022


Issue of medicine for veterans going abroad: ECHS Order 26.04.2022

Issue of medicine for veterans going abroad: ECHS Order 26.04.2022 in continuation of order regarding issue of Medicines for longer duration for 90 days.

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant Generals Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg
Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt -11001 0


26 Apr 2022

All RCs


1. Refer to letter B/49761/AG/ECHS/2021 dated 23 Dec 2021 (copy att).

2. According to Para 2(i) of the above letter ECHS beneficiary proceeding to a foreign country for 3 months or more from the date of leaving India will be entitled to receive medicines for the duration of his stay In the foreign country upto a max of six months or less. Veterans are finding it difficult to get the required quantity of medicines due to non-availability in the polyclinic.

3. In order to maintain continuity in treatment and avoid any difficulties to the beneficiaries in a foreign country, it is necessary that proper procedure Is put in place to facilitate the veteran to get his quota of medicine prescribed by the treating physician.

4. To provide adequate time to the polyclinics to make the required quantity of medicines available, the beneficiaries are requested to intimate the polyclinic about their impending visit and the duration of stay well in advance. Following documents will be attached to an application as proof of his movement to a foreign country :-

(a) Documentary evidence of visit to a foreign country i.e.copy of Passport, Visa and copy of the tickets.

(b) Copy of the ECHS Card.

(c) Valid prescription of the treating physician for issue of medicines for the duration of the visit.

(d) Next due date for review should be clearly mentioned in the documents.

5. The required type and quantity of medicines for the duration will be dispensed from the parent polyclinics. Adequate time should be given to the OIC Polyclinic to procure the medicines ¢ it is NA or short supply in the parent polyclinic. Efforts will be made to procure the same through SEMO when adequate time is available or from the ALC when NA in the polyclinic.

6. If the procurement of medicines is not successful before the departure of the beneficiary, the veteran may be given NA certificate for the required medicines for the duration. Based on the NA certificate the beneficiary will be allowed to purchase the NA medicines from the market and obtain reimbursement.

7. It is mandatory for the beneficiary to be reviewed by his treating physician for regulation of dose and other medical parameters immediately on return from the foreign visit.

8. This has the approval of MD ECHS.

9. The contents of this letter may be disseminated to all PCs under your AOR

(AC Nishil)

Encls:- Issue of Medicines for longer duration for 90 days – Amendment in SOP on Medicine management: ECHS

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