New development in Pension Module for PAOs in PFMS Portal – Important instructions by CGA, FinMin

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New development in Pension Module for PAOs in PFMS Portal – Important instructions by CGA, FinMin

New development in Pension Module for PAOs in PFMS Portal – Important instructions by CGA, FinMin

No. 1-95/4/2020-1TD-CGA (I: 2554)/88-91
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
PFMS Division (GIFMIS)

Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
GPO Complex, INA. New Delhi
Dated: 06.06.2023


Subject: Important instructions with regard to new development in Pension Module for PAOs in PFMS Portal.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that Pension Module under PFMS is being continuously upgraded with new developments and enhancements in the existing functionalities in view of Office Memorandum/Office Order/Gazette Notification etc. issued by Government of India from time to time. The instructions are communicated from time to time and reference is invited to this office OM of even numbers dated 14.01.2020 and 08.12.2021 (copies enclosed) may please be referred to and the same are also available on CGA’s website. Copy of circular dated 21.04.2022 for change in grant, recovery head in gratuity recovery head at all login IDs of PAO users in Pension Module is also attached.

2. To overcome routine issues in Pension Module, following new functionalities have been developed and being deployed live with effect from 06.06.2023: – . _

I. New menu of Pension Module
II. JAVA Based DSC (Existing system of PPO allotment and DSC of ePPO)
III. Browser Neutral DSC in Pension Module ,

(a) Allotment of PPO number, Generate and regenerate PDF of ePPO
(b) ePPO DSC (Browser Neutral)

IV. ePPO verification and.submission to CPAO
V. ePPO DSC revert at PAO login
VI. ePPO re-upload at PAO login
VII. Shifting of DDO code within PAO Code in Pension Module — initiation at DH level
VII. Capturing of two bank accounts details in Nepal Pension case for Nepal citizens where
pension is opted from Embassy of India, Nepal (incorporation at Bhavishya level)

3, Presently, pension cases are being forwarded by Head of Office (HOO) through Bhavishya to PFMS Pension Module which lands at DH level for checking in “Pension >> Manage Pensioner” menu. After passing the pension cases at all levels 1.e. DH, AAO and PAO, PAO has to allot PPO number. This office has now provided facilities for allotment of PPO number in two sub menu options in Pension Module 1.e. JAVA based DSC or Browser neutral DSC either of both may be used by PAO in their Login. After implementation of new developments, PAO has to verify and submit the digitally signs ePPO and the same will be available in new sub menu option.

It may please be noted that authorities and sanctions will only be available at PAO login after ePPO is verified and submitted to CPAO. DSC reversion at PAO login prior to submission to CPAO has also been provided in PAO login, if PAO finds any error in ePPO at the time of verification of ePPO.

4. In addition to above, a new sub menu “ePP?O reupload” under menu of ¢P.PO has also been provided at PAO login wherein ePPO may be rceuploaded to CPAO website by PAO wherein request has been received from CPAO. Further, a new sub menu lor shifting of pending sanction of any individual from inactive DDO code to active DDO code within PAO Code has also been provided in all levels ie. DH, AAO and PAO where iniliation is required to be done at DE Icvel and verification at AAO level and approval at PAO Login. After approval at PAO login. PAO has to submit or re-push the pending sanction to new DDO Code.

5. Bhavishya has provided facility for providing two bank accounts wherein employee/pensioner has opted to draw his/her pension from Embassy of India at Nepal and gratuity and commutation payments are required to be paid in Indian bank account. The same is also available in Pension Module and PAO users have to verify both the bank details available in Bank Details page in Pension. PAO has to submit sanctions for gratuity and commutation to DDO for preparation of bills.

6. It may please be noted that following types of pension cases may not be processed through Pension Module: –

a) Arrears of pension required to be paid by PAO/paid by PAO
b) Provisional Pension/provisional gratuity paid by PAO
c) Category II pension cases
d) Dual family pension cases
e) Family pension cases where spouse in not alive and have eligible son/daughter
f) NPS superannuation/VRS/compulsory pension cases where pension is required to be paid by fund manager 1.c. NSDL
g) Family pension cases where co-authorization for disabled child is required
h) EOP/EoFP cases

7. User Manuals for aforementioned developments are attached for information and strict adherence please.

(Hemant Gupta)
Asstt. Controller of Accounts (GIFMIS)


1. All Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs (with independent charge) with a request to kindly circulate these instructions to Pension processing PAOs under their control.

2. Principal PAO, AG, Audit with a request to circulate these instructions to all the pension processing PAOs under your control,

3. Principal PAO, Department of Space with a request to circulate these instructions to all the pension processing PAOs under your control.
Copy to:
1, Sr.AO (GIFMIS) for uploading on website.

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